The cover of the book represents the past and the present of Piney Grove in Boring, Maryland and Bond Avenue in Reisterstown, Maryland, two historic Black communities in Baltimore County, Maryland, located about five or six miles apart.

In the foreground, the center photograph is of Mrs. Inez Lee, a 90+ year old lifetime resident of Bond Avenue. She represents the past of Bond Avenue. The young man in the upper left corner of the photograph is young Braxton Diggs, grandson of the author, Louis S. Diggs, and son of the creator of the cover, Blair Alexander Diggs. Braxton represents the future of Piney Grove in that today there are no Blacks residing in that community. The background is a photograph of Piney Grove United Methodist Church on the right, and the little one-room Black school house that currently serves as the community hall of Piney Grove United Methodist Church, on the left.

The title of the book, "Holding On To Their Heritage" comes from the current status of Piney Grove and Bond Avenue; Piney Grove had for two hundred years or more Black families residing there - farmers, laborers, land owners, and church goers. The focal point of the Black community has always been the little Black church named Piney Grove United Methodist Church. Records show that this little church, school and cemetery has been there since the slavery area. Unfortunately, today only Piney Grove United Methodist Church stands as a reminder that this was a Black community. Today there are no Black families residing in the community. There are Blacks that own property there (an example is the Fry family who still owns 55 acres of land on Fry Road, land that the Fry's have owned since slavery).The church, with its handfull of members under the leadership of its dynamic young pastor, Reverend Reginald Ward who became the pastor at a time when the church was on the verge of closing, is struggling hard to hold on to its heritage. Today the church is experiencing growth in its membership, and thanks to the efforts of CARE-MORE, the future outlook for the church and the Black community looks promising. CARE-MORE Cooperative Parish concept stands for Carroll and Baltimore counties and suggests that the people involved in the community of churches desire to "care more"; the book is full of examples of how this little Black church is being improved both physically and spiritually by the efforts of the kindness of the White parishioners of the CARE-MORE churches and members of Piney Grove Church,

Bond Avenue, on the other hand has not lost the many Black families that has lived in the community since slavery; however, like many historic Black communities, since integration of the 1970s, Blacks desiring to reside in suburban areas like Bond Avenue no longer have to look only at Bond Avenue and the few surrounding Black areas for home ownership; they now look at the newer homes in the previous all-White areas of Reisterstown. Bond Avenue, in their way, continues to hold on to their heritage.


The cover of the book was created by the son of the author, Blair Alexander Diggs. Blair also created the cover of the author's first book, "It All Started On Winters Lane".Blair, a graduate in the field Art from Towson State University is currently employed as a graphics illustrator, and has rendered invaluable assistance to his father in the creation of both of his books, not just the covers, but helped in the placements and creation of all graphics illustrated in his books, as well as training his father in the use of PageMaker6 (Desktop Publishing) in generating the text and format used in putting the books together.

Blair is married to Mamie Jones; they have two children: Braxton (featured on the cover of the book) and Alanna (the only granddaughter of the author). A photograph of Blair appears below:



The author is unable to generate enough words to thank his youngest son, Fredric Quentin Diggs, for putting together this web page for his book, "Holding On To Their Heritage." Fredric is an Electrical Engineer at TTC, which is located in the Washington D.C. area. He has been training his father in putting together web pages for his two books using HTML.

Fredric, born in Stuttgart, Germany, the youngest of four son's of the author, he has always exhibited a knack for computer-related subjects, thanks to the continued training from his brothers, Louis "Bunky" Diggs, Blair Diggs, and Terrance Diggs. All during his public school years, his brothers pushed, urged and proded him to learn to be all that he can, and in his young adult life he is proving that these efforts worked well.

Fredric is married to Janel Ballard Diggs, and is the father of Brennan Fredric Diggs. Fredric and Janel are expected to be parents again shortly after this web page has been launched into cyberspace