Piney Grove is situated about five miles North of Reisterstown, just up Old Hanover Road. It is approximately 10 miles or so North of Baltimore, Maryland

The book notes that since at least the 1700s there were numerous Blacks residing in the area; not able to locate slaves there. There were definately slaves located all around Piney Grove, but not within Piney Grove itself. At a book signing activity at Piney Grove Church, a very elderly White lady whose ancestors go back to the 1700s in the Piney Grove area, indicated that he mother and grandmother were Germans, and they never believed in slavery; she recalls them saying that the Blacks in the area were always free and that many owned their own farms.

The most significant point of the book is that though there were many Black families residing in Piney Grove as far back as the 1700s, and that many Black families owned their own homes and farms, yet today there is not one single Black family now residing there - this is the primary reason for the title of my book, "Holding On To Their Heritage." Blacks still own property there, but none reside there.

The book records the families and ancestors of several families, and contain interviews of many of the Blacks that were born in the area. It records the history of Piney Grove United Methodist Church, with its one-room Black school house and cemetery. The book notes how this little Black church served as the one solid rock place that held this little community together. It contains a survey of the cemetery, which incidently, was done by the author of the book, and lists the many, many names of Blacks from the Piney Grove and Bond Avenue areas that were buried by the Eline Funeral Homes, a White funeral establishment in the Reisterstown area. Another tremendous genealogist resource tool for those searching for their roots.

The book contains about 150 photographs of the many Black families, church life, social life, etc., from the Piney Grove area from the 1800s on.