“Since The Beginning” documents the history of the three historic African American communities that circles the Baltimore County seat in Towson, Maryland: East Towson, Schwartz Avenue, Lutherville, plus the book resurrects the history of an older African American community in Towson just off of York Road that was called Sandy Bottom. This community was demolished when commercialism grew in Towson, especially along York Road. The only reminder of Sandy Bottom is the African American church on the corner of York Road and Bosley Avenue called Mount Olive Baptist Church, with it’s cemetery, Pleasant Rest located directly behind it.

This book will explain the role that Governor Ridgley’s Hampton Mansion in Towson played in the origination of East Towson, plus the three other smaller African American communities in the Towson area, especially how a former slave from Hampton Mansion, when freed from slavery around 1830 remained in the Towson area and eventually began what is now the historic African American community of East Towson. It will detail the history of the second oldest church in all of Towson, St. James A.U.M.P. Church (African Union Methodist Protestant Church), the history of one of the three original high schools opened for African American students in 1939, plus much more history of all four of these African American communities, history that has never been documented previously.

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