Louis S. Diggs was born in Baltimore, Maryland on April 13, 1932 to George and
Agrada Diggs. Though he was born on Dewey Avenue in Hoes Heights, he spent
most of his young life on Stricker Street in the Sandtown area. Louis attended Douglass High School, quitting school in 1950 to join the all-Black Maryland National Guard (726th Transportation Truck Company of the 231st Transportation Truck Battalion) when they were federalized to support the Korean War. He saw action in the Korean War from 1950 until 1952.

Louis decided during the Korean War to make the military a career; staying the US Army until 1970 when he retired with more that twenty years of service. He made several trips to Korea, two trips to Germany, and one trip to Japan. His most notable assignment was his appointment at Sergeant Major of the ROTC Detachment at the then Morgan State College where he was assigned from early 1957 to late 1964. His family joined him in Stuttgart, Germany where they resided from 1964 to 1967. His fourth son, Fredric Quentin Diggs was born in Germany.

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