Since full retirement in 1989, Louis found his nitch in retirement life by researching his family roots and researching and writing local African American history. He also spent numerous years being a substitute teacher at Catonsville High School where all four of his sons graduated from. It was the students at Catonsville High School that encouraged Louis to research and write about the history of the historic African American community of Winters Lane in Catonsville. In 1995, Louis published his first book, “It All Started on Winters Lane.”

So successful was his first book, that Louis decided to continue his research of other historic African American communities in Baltimore County. In 1997, he published his second book, “Holding On To Their Heritage,” a book that documented the history of two other historic African American Communities in Baltimore County, MD: Bond Avenue in Reisterstown and Piney Grove in Boring.

Both of his book proved not only to be of historic value to society, but a wonderful research tools for African Americans searching for their roots, as both books are full of data on families, and other members of the communities in churches, schools, social and fraternal organizations, etc.
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