The following are the names of African Americans who were
residing in Baltimore, Maryland for the year ending 1864.
The list comes from the book, “Woods' Baltimore City
Directory", printed and published by John W. Woods, date
unknown. The book listed the "Colored Persons" in a separate
section. It listed persons by name, occupation, and home
address. This section contains about 50 pages, with about
150 names on each page:

Ackwood, Wm., whitewasher, 200 Marion
Ackwood, Wm., whitewasher, alley rear of 171 Preston
Ackermy, Henry, laborer, 22 Wagon al
Adams, Alexander, laborer, 209 Raborg
Adams, Alfred, laborer, 4 Abraham
Adams, Anne, cook, 58 n Front
Adams, Catherine, laundress, 15 Water row
Adams, Dennis, coachman, 11 Temple
Adams, Elizabeth, laundress, 64 Lerew al
Adams, Floyd, laborer, 55 China
Adams, Frances, laundress, 53 Burgundy al
Adams, Hester, laundress, 46 L. Monument
Adams, James H., porter, 139 North
Adams, James P., barber, 2 Harrison, dw 65 Davis
Adams, James H., porter, 100 Orchard
Adams, John, porter, 69 Orchard
Adams, John, porter, 175 Henrietta
Adams, Joseph, cook, 3 Cross al
Adams, Martha, laundress, 7 Salisbury al
Adams, Mary, laundress, rear of 33 King
Adams, Mary, laundress, 55 China
Adams, Mrs. Matilda, laundress, 12 Leadenhall
Adams, Robert, porter, 44 Eislein
Adams, Washington, shoemaker, 77 East
Addison, Dennis, drayman, 140 Dallas
Addison, Joseph, shoemaker, 215 Vine
Addison, Mary, laundress, 337 n Howard
Addison, Wm., laborer, 108 Sarah Ann
Adkisson, Thomas, brickmaker, 224 s Bethel
African Free School, rear of Sharpt st Church
African Methodist Church, Sharp near Pratt
African Methodist Church, Orchard nr Ross
Aiken, John, laborer, 311 S Eutaw
Alcom, Perry, laborer, 61 Dover
Aldridge, Wm. T., coachman, 55 L. Monument
Alexander, Charles, laborer, 6 Shad al
Alexander, Harriet, washerw'n, 45 Tyson al
Alexander, Lydia, 25 Harmony la
All, Samuel, laborer, 585 Penna av
Allen, Alexander, wood sawyer, 174 s Bethel
Allen, Benjamin, porter, 56 Vine
Allen, Enos, sawyer, 102 Dover
Allen, Harriet, 71 s Spring
Allen, Hester, laundress, 148 Chestnut
Allen, John, mariner, al rear of 59 s Bethel
Allen, Margaret, laundress, 57 Plum
Allen, Mary A., washerwoman, read 17 Marion
Allen, Sarah, cook, 53 State
Allen, Sarah, 148 Chestnut
Allensworth, Robert, mariner, 50 East
Allice, Richard, caulker, 63 Williamson al
Allman, Louis, huckster, 53 Chestnut
Allsop, John, oyster shucker, 283 Cross
Allsop, Nancy, laundress, 285 Cross
Allsop, Sarah, nurse, 285 Cross
Allsop, Thomas, oyster shucker, 285 Cross
Allnut, Wm. H., grain runner, 1 Spring Garden av
Almstead, James, laborer, 306 Raborg
Alsop, Robert, butcher, 56 Camel al
Alto, Catherine, cook, 84 Jasper
Alverde, Alice, nurse, 35 Williamson al
Ambrosa, Alex, sawyer, 251 L. Hughes
Ambrose, George, brickmaker, 22 Bankert al
Amos, George, porter, 7 Kimmel al
Amos, Maria, laundress, 3 Grove
Anderson, Mrs. Ann, laundress, 256 Raborg
Anderson, Arthur, butcher, 4 Forrest
Anderson, Arthur, butcher, 14 Jefferson st. ct
Anderson, Mrs. Amelia, laundress, 265 Raborg
Anderson, Augustus, mariner, 210 s Caroline
Anderson, Charles, porter, 20 Biddle al
Anderson, Christopher, 23 Garden
Anderson, Eliza, laundress, 63 Union
Anderson, Elizabeth, laundress, rear of 466 Harford av
Anderson, Emily, laundress, 36 Raborg
Anderson, George D., brickmaker, 25 Jenkins alley
Anderson, Henry, wood sawyer, 4 Fife al
Anderson, Henrietta, laundress, 4 Butler al
Anderson, Isaiah, lumber piler, 6 Welsh al
Anderson, Jacob,m laborer, 50 Hampstead
Anderson, James, carter, 5 Douglass
Anderson, Joseph, hostler, 29 French
Anderson, John, mariner, 102 s Bethel
Anderson, John H., brickmaker, 216 Hamburg
Anderson, John H., porter, 70 Pierce
Anderson, John H., coachman, 72 Davis
Anderson, John, laborer, 37 Moore al
Anderson, John, laborer, 83 Stirling
Anderson, Josiah, drayman, 297 s Eutaw
Anderson, Louisa, 84 Stiles
Anderson, Maria, 91 Moore al
Anderson, Mary E., laundress, 9 Chestnut al
Anderson, Mary Ann, cook, 15 Inloes al
Anderson, Rachel, cook, 3 Inloes al
Anderson, Richard, drayman, 69 Welcome al
Anderson, Robert, 152 n Dallas
Anderson, Samuel, caulker, 7 Guilford al
Anderson, Robert, laborer, 60 Carlton
Anderson, Stephen, laborer, 32 Edward
Anderson, Susan, seamstress, 3 Water's row
Anderson, Thomas, porter, 3 Water's row
Anderson, Thos., porter, cor Biddle and Walsh
Anderson, Virginia, laundress, 74 Holiday
Anthony, Daniel, drayman, 3 s Durham
Anthony, George, drayman, 6 Forrest
Anthony, John, teamster, 111 Chestnut
Anthony, Levi, hackman, 64 Orchard
Anthony, Solomon, laborer, 64 Orchard
Anthony, Samuel, laborer, 64 Orchard
Appleby, Emanuel, brickmaker, 207 Hamburg
Arkama, Charles, mariner, 37 China
Armistead, Joseph, cook, steamer Georgeanna, 141 Chestnut
Armstead, Lewis, laborer, 27 Forrest
Armstrong, Alfred, brickmaker, 4 Herring's court
Armstrong, Ellen, cook, 28 Raborg
Armstrong, John H., sailor, 98 Wecome al
Arthur, Henry, caulker, 107 s Spring
Arthur, Solomon, brickmaker, 1 Tyson
Asbury M.E. Church, (African) East near Douglas
Ash, Thoms, drayman, 9 Raborg
Ash, Vincent, porter, 78 L. McElderry
Ashton, John, drayman, 143 n Caroline
Ashton, Robert H., porter, 143 n Caroline
Askins, Henry, waiter, 155 York
Askins, Henry, waiter, 96 Jasper
Askins, John, huckster, 58 Lewis
Askins, Joesph, drayman, 4 Durham
Askins, James, 39 Lewis
Askins, Levin, hostler, 130 Chestnut
Askins, Mary, cook, 236 L. Hughes
Askins, Thomas, caulker, 101 s Bethel
Asmond, Jesse, waiter, 4 Temple
Astor, Jacob, mariner, 120 Orchard
Atkinson, Abraham, brickmaker, 18 Wayne
Atkinson, Abraham, W., porter, 18 Wayne
Atkinson, Charles, laborer, 18 Wayne
Atkinson, John C., porter, 18 Wayne
Atkinson, Mary, 67 L. Church
Atkinson, Robert, laborer, 24 East
Atkinson, Thomas, brickmaker, 224 e Bethel
Atkinson, Wm., stevadore, 141 s Dallas
Augusta, Mary A., laundress, 78 Richmond
Augusta, Vincent, caulker, 135 s Bethel
Augusta, Abraham, oyster shucker, 135 n Dallas
Augusta, Ann, laundress, 72 St. Mary's
Augusta, David, waiter, 94 Cider al
Augusta, Daniel, whitewasher, 91 L. Church
Augusta, Esau, wagoner, 28 Vine
Augusta, Henry, waiter, 5 Tyson al
Augusta, John, pedler, 64 Burgandy al
Augusta, John, pedler, 54 Burgandy al
Augusta, Victorine, waiter, 5 Tyson al
Ayers, Dennis, waiter, 100 Chestnut al
Ayers, Catharine, 88 Chestnut al
Ayers, Henrietta, cook, 7 Tyson al
Ayers, Harriet, laundress, 108 s Bethel
Ayers, Henrietta, laundress, 56 Short
Ayers, James H., USN, Central av cor Allen al
Ayers, James, laborer, 44 n Sharpe
Ayers, John, waiter, 339 s Howard
Ayers, Lewis, drayman, 172 York
Ayers, Mason, hod carrier, 13 Inloes al
Ayers, Margaret, laundress, 107 Elbow la
Ayers, Rebecca,, laundress, 125 York
Ayers, Wm. B., waiter, 53 L. Pleasant
Bacon, Harriet, laundress, 33 East
Bacon, John, brickmaker, 72 Burgundy al
Bacon, Philip, laborer, 26 Boyd
Bacon, Rachel, A., 83 L. Church
Bacon, Samuel, laborer, 70 Burgundy al
Badger, Elisha, laborer, 164 Henrietta
Badger, Jarret, drayman, 156 York
Badger, Jarrett, drayman, 134 s Eutaw
Badger, Samuel, porter, 37 Tessier
Bailey, Alexander, brickmaker, 228 L. Hughes
Bailey, Alfred, tavern, 23 Foundry
Bailey, Asbury, whitewasher, 136 Hill
Bailey, Anthony, porter, 42 L. McElderry
Bailey, Elenora, laundress, 36 Carlton
Bailey, Elizabeth, 7 Mechanics' ct
Bailey, Ephraim, tavern, 23 Foundry
Bailey, Francis, steward, 9 Short
Bailey, Francis, laborer, 156 York
Bailey, George, caulker, 147 s Bethel
Bailey, Henry, sawyer, 26 s Dallas
Bailey, Isaiah, laborer, 228 L. Hughes
Bailey, James H., laborer, 213 Raborg
Bailey, Jenkins, waiter, 118 n Central av
Bailey, John, 43 Edward
Bailey, Levin, sailor, 106 s Spring
Bailey, Mary Ann, laundress, 234 s Durham
Bailey, Mary, cook, 138 Orchard
Bailey, Phyllis, laundress, 1 Tyson
Bailey, Perry, hackman, 111 s Bethel
Bailey, Rebecca, l43 s Durham
Bailey, Robert, laborer, 155 Henrietta
Bailey, Susan A., laundress, 74 Chestnut al
Bailey, Samuel, caulker, 160 s Bethel
Bailey, Susan, rear of 81 Watson
Bailey, Thomas H., painter, 7 Mechanic's ct
Bailey, Wm., brickmaker, 276 China
Bailey, Wm., waiter, 25 Hull la
Baker, Isaac, porter, 7 Kimmel al
Baker, Joshua, sawyer, 21 Chestnut al
Baker, Joseph P., gardner, 5 Waters row
Ballard, Caleb, grain measurer, 92 L. Church
Ballard, Churchville, brickmaker, 12 Cecil
Ballard, Georgianna, laundress, 2 Leadenhall
Ballard, James, oyster shucker, 60 Burgundy al
Ballard, Wm. H., brickmaker, 6 Burgundy al
Ballet, George, stevedore, 16 Herrin's ct
Baldwin, Emily, laundress, 44 King
Baldwin, Mrs. Sarah, laundress, 6 Lester ct
Banes, George, laborer, 44 Jefferson
Bank, Richard, painter, Necessity al nr. Exeter
Banks, Burrell, produce, 136 n Charles, dw 38 Richmond
Banks, John, caulker, 7 High al
Banks, John, gardner, 630 Penna. av
Banks, Peter, grain measurer, 10 Edward
Banks, Samuel, laborer, 35 Chestnut
Banks, Wm., waiter, 66 Elbow lane
Banks, Wesley, 136 Central av
Bankhead, Theophilus, teamster, 34 L. Monument
Banning, Jacob, laborer, Tyson nr. Richmond
Banning, Charles, laborer, 86 Plum al
Bantum, Ennals, scraper, 201 Eastern av
Bantum, Horace, laborer, rear of 149 York
Bantum, Sarah, 52 Camel al
Bardley, Jerry, hod carrier, 81 Orchard
Barker, Ann, laundress, 156 Sarah Ann
Barker, Thomas, laborer, Leadenhall nr Hamburg
Barnes, Abraham, wagoner, 203 Mullikin
Barnes, Benjamin, coachman, 55 Josephine
Barnes, Daniel, sawyer, 30 Hill
Barnes, Ellen, laundress, 121 Low
Barnes, Francis, brickmaker, 86 s Dallas
Barnes, Henry, laborer, 190 s Durham
Barnes, John, drayman, 63 Union
Barnes, John, brickmaker, 86 s Dallas
Barnes, John, baggageman, 145 Chestnut
Barnes, John, laborer, 55 Josephine
Barnes, John, farm hand, 17 Union
Barnes, Joseph, drayman, 181 Mullikin
Barnes, Amelia, seamstress, 94 Chestnut
Barnes, James, laborer, 31 Regester
Barnes, John, laborer, 10 Salisbury al
Barnes, Levin, mariner, 211 L. Hughes
Barnes, Nancy, cook, 4 Cohen al
Barnes, Peter, porter, 67 s Dallas
Barnes, Robert, drayman, 5 Short
Barnes, Samuel, waiter, 205 Hamburg
Barnes, Wm. S., porter, 94 Chestnut
Barnes, Wm., caulker, 112 Castle al
Barnet, Elizabeth, 169 s Washington, F.P.
Barnet, Walter, waiter, 90 Central av
Barnett, Oakley, laborer, 30 Forrest
Barnett, Stephen, sailor, 16 Philpot
Barney, Elizabeth, grocery, 75 s Dallas
Barney, George, laborer, 23 Hampstead
Barney, James, laborer, 75 Welcome al
Barney, James, mariner, 56 L. Church
Barney, James, laborer, 16 French
Barney, Lyman, laborer, 53 China
Barney, Robert W., cook, 104 s Dallas
Barney, Wm., confectioner, 102 Henrietta
Barret, Geo., waiter, 71 Somerset
Barret, James, 71 Somerset
Barrett, Wm., drayman, 65 Orchard
Barrick, Thomas, laborer, 13 Mechanics' ct
Barrick, Wm., laborer, 15 Mechanics' ct
Bartney, David, laborer, 212 Dover
Barton, George, waiter, rear of 264 w Baltimore
Barton, Nathaniel, brickmaker, 229 Dover
Barton, Nathaniel, whip sawyer, 218 s Castle al
Barton, Wm., confectioner, 79 Castle al
Base, Washington, laborer, 30 s Bethel
Bask, Joseph, porter, 34 Perry
Bateman, Richard, drayman, 6 Eden ct
Bauno, Henry, whitewasher, 23 Moore al
Bayley, Peter, laborer, 6 Plum al
Baylor, Fielding, mariner, 18 Lester ct
Baynard, Asbury, waiter, 62 Pierce
Beads, Jesse, Windsor mill road nr. Fremont
Beams, Francis, soldier, 48 Pierce
Bean, Dallas, mariner, 135 Hill
Bean, Franklin, 23 Rose
Beard, Ann, laundress, 14 Mott
Beard, Lewis, laborer, 14 Mott
Beard, Joshua, waiter, 14 Mott
Becker, Matilda, laundress, 1 Short
Beckett, Eliza, laundress, 112 Welcome al
Beckett, John, laborer, 135 York
Beckett, Wm., mariner, 280 Montgomery
Beckwith, Lorenzo, fireman, 12 X al
Bell, George W., porter, 207 Hamburg
Bell, Eanson, waiter, 45 State
Bell, Jane, laundress, Stone al near Biddle
Bell, John, carter, 3 White al
Bell, John W., drayman, 90 Burgandy al
Bell, John, brickmaker, 87 n Dallas
Bell, John, laborer, 27 State
Bell, John, porter, 20 Elbow la
Bell, Julia, cook, 27 State
Bell, Mary Ann, laundress, 103 Chestnut
Bell, Rev. Richard P., porter, n w cor Lombard and Sharp
Bell, Solomon, wagoner, 40 East
Bell, Wm. H., brickmaker, 87 n Dallas
Benjamin, Virginia, variety store, 62 Bank
Bennan, Phoeb, 192 Henrietta
Bennen, Charles, gardener, 114 Chestnut
Bennen, James, carpenter, 45 Elbow la
Bennen, John, laborer, 11 Madison al
Bennet, George, laborer, rear of 265 L. Hughes
Bennet, Charlotte, laundress, 36 Welcome al
Bennet, Livus, tanner, 50 s Dallas
Bennet, Joshua V., whitewasher, 81 s Wolfe
Benson, Grafton, baker, 39 Douglass
Bentley, George, porter, 16 Sarah Ann
Bentley, Mary, laundress, 2 Abraham
Bentley, Richard, hostler, 31 Short
Benton, Aaron, laborer, 184 s Howard
Benton, Sarah A., cook, 107 North
Beo, Asbury, drayman, 33 Raborg
Beo, Suney, laundress, 33 Raborg
Berry, Abraham, porter, 9 Raborg
Berry, Abraham, Jr., wagoner, 9 Raborg
Berry, Amelia A., nurse, 80 St. Mary
Berry, Amemus, porter, 25 Arch
Berry, Ellen, laundress, 25 Arch
Berry, George, drayman, 158 East
Berry, George, drayman, 26 Moore al
Berry, Henrietta, laundress, 67 Leadenhall
Berry, James, woodsawyer, 280 s Howard
Berry, Jane, 62 Tyson
Berry, John, porter, 114 Orchard
Berry, John, drayman, 23 Union
Berry, John, fruiterer, 97 Chestnut
Berry, John T., waiter, 9 Raborg
Berry, Matilda, 106 Jasper
Berryman, John caulker, 160 s Bethel
Bethel Church (African) 10 Saratoga
Betts, Mary, 3 Bounty la
Bevans, Isaac, laborer, 170 York
Bevans, George H., mariner, 73 Leadenhall
Bevans, Littlejohn, varnisher, 5 X al
Bevans, Mrs. Lucy, laundress, 73 Leadenhall
Bevans, Mary Ann, laundress, 5 X al
Bevans, Raymond, sawyer, 73 Leadenhall
Bevans, Wm. H., mariner, 73 Leadenhall
Bias, John, brickmaker, 200 s Bethel
Bias, Robert, waiter, 57 Raborg
Bias, Sandy, coachman, 4 Richmond
Bias, Thomas, baker, 178 Mullikin
Biall, Edward, laborer, Russell near Cross
Bibbins, S., laborer, 6 Plum al
Biddle Alley African School, 52 Biddle al
Biddle, George W., brickmaker, 235 Dover
Biddle, Wm., laborer, 235 Dover
Bird, Reuben, laborer, 10 Chestnut
Bishop, Jacob C., waiter, 36 Richmond
Bishop, Manuel, mariner, 123 s Spring
Bishop, Wm. H., barber, 198 w Pratt, dw 19 Hamilton
Bishop, John, laborer, 386 Cross
Black, Cato, straw cutter, 48 Rock
Black, Garrison, laborer, 65 s Dallas
Black, Henry, waiter, 52 Tyson
Black, Willis, boatman, 66 L. Church
Black, John, sawyer, 4 State
Blackison, Millie, 6 Hagers ct
Blacksin, Amelia, seamstress, 85 French
Blackston, Augustus, porter, 26 State
Blackston, Benj., laborer, 176 Mullikin
Blackston, James, blacksmith, 19 China al
Blackston, Neil, oysters, 44 s Dallas
Blackston, Robert, wood saweyer, 37 Park
Blackston, Thomas, fireman, 8 Ivy al
Blackston, Wesley, waiter, 71 Davis
Blackston, Wm., barkeeper, 27 State
Blackston, Wm., laborer, 51 Jefferson
Blake, Dennis, laborer, 32 Shakespear
Blake, James, sawyer, 81 East
Blake, James, mariner, 2 Monmonier's ct
Blake, James, mariner, 276 s Durham
Blake, James, waiter, 2 Monmonier's ct
Blake, James, drayman, 193 s Sharp
Blake, James, sawyer, 81 Fleet
Blake, Jerry, whitewasher, 99 Sarah Ann
Blake, John, whitewasher, 90 Stiles
Blake, John W., engineer, 21 Tyson al
Blake, John, drayman, 38 Short
Blake, Josiah, laborer, 282 Cross
Blake, Julia A., washerwoman, 68 Welcome al
Blake, Margary A., cook, 168 n Howard
Blake, Martha, 13 Cecil
Blake, Matilda, 2 n Dallas
Blake, Peter, brickmaker, 118 Welcome al
Blake, Sarah, laundress, 5 Saratoga ct
Blake, Solomon, sailor, 196 s Howard
Blake, Susan, 3 Forrest
Blake, Thomas, laborer, 5 Monmonier's ct
Blondin, Samuel, waiter, 1 Ivy al
Blunden, James, porter, 108 Welcome al
Boardley, Wm., musician, 54 St. Mary
Bodeley, Deborah, cook, 37 Tyson
Boggs, Jane, 119 Welcome al
Bohern, George, sailor, 46 n Dallas
Boltely, Joseph, waiter, 68 Burgundy al
Boley, Catherine, laundress, rear of 12 State
Boley, John, laborer, rear of 12 State
Bond, Ann, 111 s Chapel
Bond, Andrew, laborer, 49 Jefferson
Bond, Edward, mariner, 160 s Durham
Bond, Edward, waiter, 6 Jew al
Bond, Emory, barber, 81 Cider al
Bond, Francis, carpenter, 171 Tyson
Bond, Francis A., waiter, 91 Hargrove al
Bond, Freeborn, farmer, 94 Orchard
Bond, Geo., soldier, 2 Bether
Bond, Harriet, laundress, 59 Jasper
Bond, Isaac, laborer, 46 Hampstead
Bond, Isabella, milliner, 35 State
Bond, Isabella, 93 Stirling
Bond, James, mariner, 48 Low
Bond, James, barkeeper, 61 Jasper
Bond, James, cook, 170 s Dallas
Bond, Matilda, cook, rear of 265 L. Hughes
Bond, Miranda, chambermaid, 38 Park
Bond, Nathan, waiter, 63 Marion
Bond, Rachael A., 56 Pierce
Bond, Samuel, porter, 33 Forrest
Bond, Susan, confectionery, s w cor Saratoga and Davis, dw
21 Hamilton
Bond, Thos., laborer, 112 n Dallas
Boon, Tower, sawyer, 266 Raborg
Boon, Wm. L., porter, 35 State
Boon, Mrs. Delia, laundress, 84 Dover
Boon, Edward, sawyer, 40 Tyson
Boon, Edward, barber, 9 Gillingham al
Boon, Harriet, 114 s Dallas
Boon, Jacob, wagoner, 104 Welcome al
Boon, Resin, blacksmith, 24 Short
Boon, Joshua, mariner, 52 n Dallas
Boon, Sampson, laborer, 292 s Howard
Boon, Sophia, laundress, 142 Hill
Boon, Thos., laborer, 109 Sarah Ann
Boon, Thos., sawyer, 72 L. Church
Boon, Washington, 102 Tyson
Boone, Dennis, drayman, 2 Peach al
Boone, James, carter, 60 Burgundy al
Boone, Joseph, porter, 2 Peach al
Boone, Perry, porter, 2 Peach al
Boone, Shadrack, huckster, 122 Orchard
Boone, Washington, oyster shucker, 12 State
Booth, Daniel, whitewasher, 70 Lerew al
Booth, Jonathan, porter, 81 Arch
Booth, Wm. H., drayman, 1 Walter row
Booze, James, soldier, 11 Short al
Booze, Thos., laborer, 79 Jasper
Booze, Wm. H., brickmaker, 55 Wayne
Borden, Jackson, laborer, 30 Moore al
Bordley, Geo., laborer, 2 Bell al
Bordley, James, laborer, 66 Wayne
Bordley, Sarah A., 71 Wayne
Bordley, Thos., fireman, 43 China
Bordley, Wm., laborer, 96 Henrietta
Bordley, Wm., brickmaker, 85 Burgundy al
Bordley, Wm. H., oyster shucker, 4 Spring Garden av
Borke, Joe., hod carrier, 37 Biddle
Bose, Louis, waiter, 49 Tyson al
Bosley, Henry, laborer, 36 Lewis
Boston, Abram, baker, 49 King
Boston, Albert, laborer, 30 Wayne
Boston, Anne, cook, 243 Dover
Boston, Ann, 8 Cohen al
Boston, Chas., porter, 217 s Charles
Boston, Daniel,mariner, rear of 81 Watson
Boston, Eliza A., 17 State
Boston, Geo., drayman, 171 York
Boston, Hester, laundress, 15 Eutaw ct
Boston, James, porter, 93 Sarah Ann
Boston, John, hod carrier, 169 Dover
Boston, John, carter, 81 Orchard
Boston, John, carter, 197 s Dallas
Boston, Jos., laborer, 241 Dover
Boston, Nelson, engineer, 243 Dover
Boston, Richard, 51 s Dallas
Boston, Richard, laborer, 41 China
Boston, Robt., laborer, 228 L. Hughes
Boston, Thos., hackman, 64 Davis
Boston, Thos., hackman, 29 Jenkins al
Boston, Wm., sawyer, 48 L. Church
Boston, Edward, carter, 25 Morris al
Boulden, Harriet, laundress, 58 Chestnut
Boulden, James, drayman, 17 Mechanics ct
Boulden, Richard, laborer, 98 Chestnut
Boulden, Spencer, 11 Asquith ct
Boulden, _____, 3 Aisquith ct
Bouldin, Spencer, farmer, 27 Walnut al
Bouldin, Spencer, Jr., soldier, 23 Walnut al
Bouyer, John, waiter, 4 Bethel row
Bowdle, James, drayman, 52 s Dallas
Bowen, Chas., hostler, 48 Burgundy al
Bowen, E., washerwoman, 14 Dawson al
Bowen, Grafton, waiter, 20 Boyd
Bowen, Jane, laundress, 37 State
Bowen, Jos., waiter, 384 Cross
Bowen, Jos., laborer, 261 Raborg
Bowen, Mary, stewardess, 76 East
Bowen, Richard, butcher, 38 East
Bowen, Thos., laborer, 14 Dawson al
Bowers, Chlora A., 32 Pierce
Bowers, Drucilla, 168 Henrietta
Bowers, Francis J., porter, 217 s Howard
Bowers, Isaiah, waiter, 42 China
Bowers, James, laborer, 229 Henrietta
Bowers, Mary A., laundress, 229 Henrietta
Bowers, Nathaniel, carter, 116 Cider al
Bowers, Wm., laborer, 229 Henrietta
Bowie, Ann M., laundress, 192 West
Bowie, Caroline, laundress, 10 Eutaw ct
Bowie, John, caulker, 237 L. Hughes
Bowie, Solomon, porter, 192 West
Bowie, Wm., shoemaker, rear of 211 Raborg
Bowie, Wm., herb doctor, 5 Guilford al
Bowley, Gabriel, laborer, 273 Montgomery
Bowly, George H., oyster shucker, 261 L. Hughes
Bowly, Henry, blacksmith, 261 L. Hughes
Bowly, Priscilla, seamstress, 168 Henrietta
Bowman, Flora, Chapel nr Pratt
Bowman, Jane, laundress, 116 n Dallas
Bowman, Jarrett, porter, Moore al
Bowser, Henry, soldier, 6 McChellan al
Bowser, Henry, waiter, 104 Chestnut al
Bowser, Jacob, drayman, 68 Morris al
Bowser, James, waiter, 12 State
Bowser, Jos., laborer, 24 Douglass
Bowser, Lydia, 6 McClellan al
Bowser, Martha, 4 Mince al
Bowyer, Benj., drayman, Leadenhall nr Hamburg
Bowyer, Benj., fireman, 249 s Eutaw
Bowyer, Emily, laundress, 55 Ross
Bowyer, Geo., drayman, 135 Hill
Bowyer, John, drayman, 81 Orchard
Bowyer, John W., laborer, 167 York
Bowyer, John W., waiter, 4 Bell al
Bowyer, Perry, stevedore, 56 China
Bowyer, Philip, porter, 109 King
Boyd, Chas., mariner, 181 York
Boyer, Chas. F., barber, basement of Miller's hotel, s w cor
Paca and German, dw 124 Jasper
Boyer, Dorus, laborer, 178 n Central av
Boyer, Mrs. Ellen, 74 L. Church
Boyer, John T., porter, Elbow ln nr Warner
Boyer, Richard F., oyster shucker, 74 L. Church
Boyer, Thos., teamster, 129 Dover
Boyer, Tracey A., laundress, 74 L. Church
Boyce, Ellen, 74 L. Church
Boyce, Lewis, porter, 15 Raborg
Braddicks, Henry, coachm,an, 36 Clay
Bradford, Alexander, mariner, 154 s Dallas
Bradford, Hester, 19 State
Bradford, Isaac, sawyer, 68 Chestnut
Bradford, Jacob, hod carrier, 134 Hill
Bradford, Jos., laborer, 87 s Dallas
Bradford, Mary laundress, 55 Burgundy al
Bradford, Thos., waiter, 28 Wayne
Bradley, Saml, porter, 5 Union
Bradley, Saml. J., porter, 76 Chestnut al
Brady, Chas., laborer, 1 Herring ct
Brady, Isaac, oyster shucker, 241 Dover
Brand, Wm., steward, 99 s Bethel
Brannick, Francis, mariner, 18 Edward
Brannick, Jos., mariner, 9 Edward
Brannick, Rachel, laundress, 84 Plum al
Branson, Stephen, laborer, 210 s Caroline
Brashears, Alex., barber, 63 Arch
Brashears, John, laborer, 320 Hamburg
Brashears, Wm., Alex., barber, 4 Tyson al
Braxton, Judith, seamstress, 64 Pierce
Braywood, Danl., laborer, 178 s Dallas
Brent, Emma M., 5 Binney
Brent, Nicholas, porter, 94 Vine
Brewer, Chas. A., 37 Chestnut al
Brewer, Frances, laundress, 29 Chestnut al
Brewer, Perry, porter, 192 Raborg
Brewer, Sarah, 5 Water ct
Brian, Saml., porter, 152 Tyson
Brice, Abram, fireman, 9 X al
Brice, Alfred, laborer, 3 X al
Brice, James, pressman, 115 Low
Brice, James, steward, 5 Mott
Brice, John, laborer, 31 Guilford al
Brice, John, laborer, 11 Marion
Brice, Richard, laborer, 98 Stirling
Bridge, John A., laborer, 4 Webster al
Bright, Isreal, porter, 44 Orchard
Bright, Thos., laborer, 5 Hull la
Bright, Walter, wagoner, 10 s Spring
Bright, Wm., laborer, 12 Salisbury al
Bright, Wm., H., porter, 44 Orchard
Brightman, George, porter, 48 Vine
Brightman, George H., porter, 71 Union
Brightman, Rebecca, laundress, 48 Vine
Brines, Levin, boatman, 46 L. Church
Briscoe, Gabriel, barber, 134 n Howard
BRISCOE, LEWIS, hair dressing saloon, 134 n Howard
Britton, Catherine S., laundress, 25 Bankert al
Britton, Mary J., washerwoman, 150 n Dallas
Brock, Peter, waiter, 9 Mechanics' ct
Brocton, Charles, 71 Union
Broden, Isaac, hackman, 20 Cider al
Brogden, Matilda, cook, 56 Hargrove al
Brogden, Wm. H., shoemaker, 168 Henrietta
Brooks, Alexander, waiter, 86 Chestnut
Brooks, Agnes S., confectionery, n e cor Calvert and
Saratoga, dw 38 Clas
Brooks, Alexander, hod carrier, 32 s Bethel
Brooks, Ann, laundressm 127 Sarah Ann
Brooks, Augustus, drayman, 81 Orchard
Brooks, Ambrose, laborer, 109 Elbow la
Brooks, Charles, laborer, 45 Mullikin
Brooks, Charles, laborer, 38 King
Brooks, David, laborer, 57 Burgundy al
Brooks, Edward, mariner, 2 Painters ct
Brooks, Ellen, laundress, 216 L. Hughes
Brooks, George H., brickmaker, 229 Dover
Brooks, George, waiter, 62 Orchard
Brooks, Harrison, laborer, 105 n Dallas
Brooks, James, drayman, 132 s Eutaw
Brooks, James, stevedore, 2 Painters ct
Brooks, John, carpenter, 105 Hill
Brooks, Martha, laundress, 32 Hill
Brooks, Rachel, 30 State
Brooks, Richard, laborer, 77 L. Church
Brooks, Richard, carpenter, 105 Hill
Brooks, Samuel, drayman, 107 King
Brooks, Samuel, mariner, 83 Watson
Brooks, Stephen, farmer, 113 King
Brooks, Stephen, laborer, 67 Burgundy al
Brooks, Wm., porter, 38 King
Broom, Mager, butcher, 71 Wayne
Brotton, Samuel, hostler, 25 Chestnut al
Broughton, Dennis, porter, 23 Arch
Broughton, Julia A., 22 State
Broughton, Lucy, washerwoman, 231 Dover
Broughton, Louisa, wqasherwoman, 231 Dover
Brown, Alexander, drayman, 69 Leadenhall
Brown, Alexander, laborer, 13 Cecil
Brown, Anna, cook, 2 Arcade al
Brown, Mrs., laundress, 47 Biddle al
Brown, Annie, midwife, 166 n Front
Brown, Anna M.,. laundress, s Spring
Brown, Ann M., laundress, 104 Jasper
Brown, Anna, washerwoman, 99 Sarah Ann
Brown, Ann E., laundress, 74 Chestnut al
Brown, Benj., brickmaker, 188 Montgomery
Brown, Benjamin, teacher, 282 s Howard
Brown, Baptist L., stevedore, 124 s Bethel
Brown, Benjamin, laborer, 20 Tessier
Brown, Charles, waiter, 50 Tyson
Brown, Charles, waiter, 213 s Howard
Brown, Charles, laborer, 104 Jasper
Brown, Charity, laundress, 6 Clarkson al
Brown, Daniel, oyster shucker, 33 Raborg
Brown, David, brickmaker, 8 Wagon al
Brown, David W., waiter, 9 Raborg al
Brown, David, wagoner, 27 Raborg
Brown, Diana, cook, 23 State
Brown, Edward, coachman, 170 Tyson
Brown, Edward, wagoner, 154 n Eden
Brown, Edwin, carter, 296 s Howard
Brown, Elijah, porter, 89 Gravel al
Brown, Elisha, woodsawyer, 3 Stockton al
Brown, Eliza, cook, 6 Clarkston al
Brown, Eliza, huckstress, 80 East
Brown, Eliza, laundress, 53 Chestnut al
Brown, Eliza, laundress, 11 Jasper
Brown, Eliza, laundress, 138 York
Brown, Elizabeth, 70 Elbow al
Brown, Elizabeth, 104 Jasper
Brown, Elizabeth, pedler, 148 Cathedral
Brown, Ellen, laundress, 54 Chestnut
Brown, Ezekiel, whip sawyer, 242 Durham
Brown, Francis, drayman, 36 Moore al
Brown, George, carman, 14 Chestnut al
Brown, George, porter, 14 Short
Brown, George, waiter, 92 n Spring
Brown, Geo. W., grain measurer, 200 Hamburg
Brown, George, laborer, 172 Dover
Brown, Gustus, hod carrier, 1 Wagon al
Brown, Harriet, 7 Gillingham al
Brown, Harriet, washerwoman, 140 Tyson
Brown, Henry, laborer, 113 Bethel
Brown, Hezekiah, laborer, 75 Johnson
Brown, Isaac, waiter, 9 Tyson al
Brown, Isabella, 54 Vine
Brown, Jacob, 494 Saratoga
Brown, Jacob, carter, 179 York
Brown, Jacob, brickmaker, 188 Montgomery
Brown, Jacob, drayman, 422 s Charles
Brown, Jacob, 22 Marion
Brown, Jacob, laborer, 64 Welcome al
Brown, James, mineral water, Shad al near Grene
Brown, James, laborer, 182 Stirling
Brown, James, drayman, 22 Leadenhall
Brown, James, porter, 121 Hill
Brown, Jeremiah, barber, 4 Light
Brown, Rev. John M., 64 Henrietta
Brown, John T., laborer, 5 Mechanics' ct
Brown, John, laborer, 58 Dover
Brown, John, waiter, 32 Dover
BROWN, Prof. JOHN F., practical phrenologist, botanic leech
artist, and surgeon chiropadist, 176 s Howard
Brown, John H., waiter, 7 Eutaw ct
Brown, John H., porter, Boyd near Perkins
Brown, John, brickmaker, 145 Low
Brown, John, pedler, 119 Short
Brown, John H., porter, 79 Arch
Brown, John, oyster shucker, 103 Welcome al
Brown, John H., drayman, 18 Boyd
Brown, Joseph, wagoner, 3 House ct
Brown, Joseph, saweyer, 11 Chestnut al
Brown, Jacob, mariner, 23 s Bethel
Brown, Joseph, porter, 57 Mulberry
Brown, Joshua, mariner, 11 Jew al
Brown, Joshua, coffee roaster, 48 King
Brown, Joshua, waiter, 62 Josephine
Brown, Kinsey, grain runner, 38 Plum al
Brown, Kinzie, mariner, rear of 40 Hill
Brown, Lizzie, laundress, 27 Durham
Brown, Lewis, M., barber, 36 Stirling
Brown, Lewis, 134 Orchard
Brown, Louisa, laundress, Shad al near Greene
Brown, Louisa, 16 s Bethel
Brown, Louisa, laundress, 223 Dover
Brown, Margaret, 31 Booth
Brown, Maria, waiter, 121 Hill
Brown, Mary, washerwoman, 58 Louis
Brown, Marym washerwoman, 163 s Durham
Brown, Mary Ann, washerwoman, 122 n Spring
Brown, Mrs. Mary, 17 Haw
Brown, Mary J, laundress, 35 Burgundy al
Brown, Mary, cook, 7 Gillignham al
Brown, Mary, cook, 7 Tyson
Brown, Mary, laundress, 4 King
Brown, Nathaniel, sawyer, 153 Hill
Brown, Nicholas, al rear of 171 Preston
Brown, Perry, laborer, 245 Orleans
Brown, Perry, drayman, 4 Boyd
Brown, Phenix, grain runner, 3 Plover al
Brown, Philip, cook, 438 Stirling
Brown, Rachel, 2 Ivy al
Brown, Rachel, cook, 54 Lewis
Brown, Richard, fisherman, 28 Slemmer al
Brown, Richard, grain measurer, 1054 Chestnut
Brown, Robert, laborer, rear of 78 Watson
Brown, Robt. H., stevedore, 16 s Durham
Brown, Robt. H., brickmaker, 48 Davis
Brown, Rosetta, washerwoman, 188 Montgomery
Brown, Ruth, washerwoman, 27 Elbow la
Brown, Samuel, porter, 94 Orchard
Brown, Samuel, waiter, 9 Hamilton
Brown, Sarah, 11 Forresy
Brown, Simon, waiter, 63 Gravel al
Brown, Solomon, laborer, 193 Sarah Ann
Brown, Statia, laundress, 30 State
Brown, Stephen, brickmaker, 46 Wayne
Brown, Susan, 4 Dallas
Brown, Theresa, seamstress, 1398 York
Brown, Stephen F., sawyer, 23 s Dallas
Brown, Thomas, porter, 88 Holiday
Brown, Thomas H., porter, 240 L. Hughes
Brown, Thomas, wood sawyer, 215 s Wolfe
Brown, Thomas, laborer, 6 Chestnut
Brown, Thomas, caulker, 64 Bank
Brown, Titus, laborer, 95 Moore al
Brown, Mrs. Wiley, laundress, 5 Dawson
Brown, Wm., mariner, 4 Inloes al
Brown, Wm., laborer, 151 Durham
Brown, Wm., laborer, 61 s Howard
Brown, Wm. H., waiter, 136 Orchard
Brown, Wm., baker, 112 Central av
Brown, Wm. G., brickmaker, 219 Hamburg
Brown, Wm. H., laborer, 87 L. Church
Brummen, Sarah, 18 Tyson
Bryan, Isaac, farmer, 24 Edward
Bryan, Lewis, oysterman, 55 s Dallas
Bryan, Mary, washerwoman, 68 Elbow la
Bryan, Nathan, drayman, 6 s Bethel
Bryan, Thomas, caulker, 64 Bank
Bryan, Wesley, laborer, 15 Wayne
Buchanan, Daniel, mariner, 211 L. Hughes
Buchanan, James, soldier, 46 Moore al
Buchanan, Samuel, laborer, 93 Gravel al
Buchanan, Thomas, waiter, 13 Temple
Buck, Lizzie, laundress, 59 L. Church
Buck, John, drayman, 76 S Spring
Buckhannan, Thomas, drayman, 167 Jasper
Budd, William, laborer, rear of 78 Watson
Bullette, Heloise, midwife, 101 East
Bundy, Wm., hay presser, 180 York
Burdell, Richard, porter, 11 Lerew al
Burge, Solomon, laborer, 59 Carlton
Burgess, Albert, 23 Morris al
Burgess, Asbury, waiter, 23 Morris al
Burgess, Greenbury, laborer, 35 State
Burgess, John, whitewasher, 18 Foundry
Burgess, Nathaniel, 23 Morris al
Burgess, Nelson, stevedore, 316 Montgomery
Burgess, Robert, porter, 184 Tyson
Burgess, Susan, laundress, 184 Tyson
Burk, Jas., mariner, Ridgaway ct, nr Howard
Burk, Michael, fireman, 43 East
Burk, Phillis, 14 Biddle al
Burk, Wm., caulker, 200 s Dallas
Burke, George, porter, 8 Durham
Burke, George, porter, 22 Pierce
Burke, Harriet, laundress, 48 Diamond al
Burke, James, mariner, 162 York
Burke, Rachel A., 71 s Spring
Burke, Samuel, carter, 6 n Spring
Burke, Samuel, caulker, 215 s Durham
Burke, Thomas, caulker, 71 s Wolfe
Burke, Wm., laborer, 309 s Eutaw
Burley, Benjamin, porter, 20 Elbow la
Burley, Isaac, huckster, 40 Forrest
Burley, George, waiter, 340 n Howard
BURLEY, OSBORNE, provision store, 138 s Charles, dw 63
Burnes, James, mariner, 198 s Dallas
Burns, Benjamin F., farmer, 20 Boyd
Burns, Edward W., laborer, 20 Boyd
Burns, Lewis, soldier, 10 Boyd
Burr, Aaron, Windsor Mill road nr Fremont
Burr, Elias, waiter, 28 State
Burr, Henry, laborer, 631 Penna. av
Burr, Henry, laborer, Marion ct
Burr, Wm. E,m Chappell nr Fremont
Burris, Henry, 87 Orchard
Burris, John, mariner, 217 L. Hughes
Burrows, Mary, laundress, 49 s Bethel
Bush, John, laborer, 69 Orchard
Buch, Richard, laborer, 38 Jefferson
Butler, Abraham, cooper, rear of 136 German
Butler, Alfred, laborer, 18 Raborg
Butler, Ann, laundress, 97 Gravel al
Butler, Caroline, laundress, 78 Orchard
Butler, Charles, sawyer, 5 Madison al
Butler, Charles, waiter, 44 Vine
Butler, Cornelius, waiter, 26 Tyson
Butler, Edward B., mariner, 40 Raborg
Caday, Alfred, fireman, 19 Hull's la
Cager, James, huckster, 19 s Wolfe
Cager, John, woodsawyer, 171 Mullikin
Cager, Geo. W., huckster, 79 s Wolfe
Cagey, Dennis, wagoner, 6 Forrest
Cakel, Mary E., laundress, 3 Peach al
Caldwell, Charles, stevedore, 155 s Regester
Caldwell, James, driver, 155 s Regester
Caldwell, John J., cook, 9 s Dallas
Caldwell, John, hackman, 6 Wayne
Caldwell, Mary E., seamstress, 254 L. Hughes
Caldwell, Wm., laborer, 5 Monmonier's ct
Caldwell, Wm., nurse, 5 Aisquith ct
Caleb, John, grainrunner, 81 Moore al
Calhoun, Charles, blacksmith, 54 Sarah Ann
Calhoun, Elizabeth, laundress, 75 St. Mary's
Calhoun, James, barber, 15 Walnut al
Caliman, Thomas, waiter, 71 Dover
Calk, Joseph, laborer, 90 Leadenhall
Calvert, Wm., cooper, 70 St. Mary's
Camby, John, stevedore, 115 s Dallas
Campbell, Andres, laborer, 7 Bethel row
Campbell, Harriet, laundress, 81 Moore al
Campbell, James E., mariner, 2 College al
Campbell, John, laborer, 13 Eutaw ct
Campbell, Moses, stevedore, 135 Hill
Campbell, Nathan, porter, 96 St. Paul
Camper, Henrietta, laundress, 210 L. Hughes
Camper, Henry, waiter, 89 Thames
Camper, John, cook, 104 s Spring
Camper, Jonathan, sawyer, 210 L. Hughes
Camper, Lara, 79 s Spring
Camper, Levin, whitewasher, 68 L. Montgomery
Camper, Peter, laborer, 65 n Dallas
Camphor, Allen, carter, 232 L. Hughes
Camphor, Caroline, laundress, 11 Vine
Camphor, John, laborer, 326 Hamburg
Camphor, John, caulker, 188 s Howard
Camphor, Mary, cook, 139 Hill
Camphor, Moses, sawyer, 144 York
Camphor, Stephen, sexton, 37 East
Camphor, Wm., brickmaker, 37 East
Cannaday, Hen, waiter, 295 Hamburg
Cannis, Ann E., laundress, 102 Harford av
Carey, Alfred, fireman, 19 Hull's la
Carey, George, laborer, 152 s Durham
Carmack, Lewis, hack driver, 12 Short al
Carmichael, James, laborer, 64 Union
Carpenter, Alex, drayman, 4 Plum al
Carpenter, Carlos, mariner, 63 China al
Carpenter, Eli, laborer, 132 Cider al
Carpenter, George, laborer, 3 Penn al
Carpenter, John, porter, 65 Arch
Carpenter, Nathan, laborer, 29 Forrest
Carr, Daniel, groom, 58 Welcome al
Carr, Frederick, grain measurer, 274 Montgomery
Carr, James, laborer, 3 Biddle ct
Carr, John, brickmaker, 195 s Dallas
Carr, Mrs. Maria, laundress, 18 Elbow la
Carr, Wm., brickmaker, 21 Haw
Carrington, Wm., laborer, 99 Low
Carroll, Charles, porter, 66 Dover
Carroll, James, steward, 7 Mott
Carroll, Henry, drayman, 303 s Eutaw
Carroll, Julia, laundress, 12 Tyson
Carroll, Philip, brickmaker, 100 Dover
Carroll, Samuel, laborer, 133 Hill
Carroll, Samuel B., waiter, 133 Hill
Carroll, Wm., cakes, &c., 6 McClellan al
Carson, Benj., porter, 203 Ensor
Carson, Elias, whitewasher, 213 w Biddle
Carter, Adam, carter, 93 Dover
Carter, Cyrus, laborer, 81 Bethel Row
Carter, Eleanora, laundress, 1 South la
Carter, Mrs. Eliza, 3 House ct
Carter, Harriet, laundress, 9 Saratoga ct
Carter, Jacob, laborer, 27 Chestnut al
Carter, John, whitewasher, 85 Gravel al
Carter, John, barber, 4 Bank la
Carter, John, laborer, 295 s Eutaw
Carter, John, laborer, 20 Greenwillow
Carter, Joseph, waiter, 836 w Baltimore
Carter, Lloyd W., laborer, 31 Guilford al
Carter, Matilda, cook, 121 Hill
Carter, Sarah, 465 Saratoga
Carter, Rachel, laundress, 193 Saratoga
Cassell, Christopher, oyster shucker, 212 Hamburg
Cassell, Evelina, washerwoman, 50 Vine
Cassell, Isaac, drayman, 19 Walnut al
Cassell, Perry, drayman, 16 Warner
Caspar, Robert, mariner, 24 Wayne
Castle, Mary, 29 Jenkins al
Castor, Mrs. Catherine, 68 Burgundy al
Castor, James, express driver, 138 Hill
Castor, John, laborer, 138 Hill
Castor, Walter, drayman, 38 China al
Caston, Charles, whitewasher, 140 Low
Caston, John H., whitewasher. 63 Davis
Caston, Maria, laundress, 63 Davis
Caston, Mary, 6 Bell al
Cator, Rebecca, laundress, 86 Cider al
Caudry, Matilda, 163 s Bethel
Cavender, Catherine, laundress, 132 Cider al
Cephas, Betsey, 51 Short
Cephas, John, whipsawyer, 27 Chestnut
Cephas, John W., waiter, 192 Stirling
Cephas, John, porter, 101 Sarah Ann
Chalk, Mordecai, steward, 134 n Caroline
Chambers, Alfred, barber, basement, 21 n Calvert, dw, 39 n
Chambers, Mrs. Ann, laundress, 43 L. Plesant
Chambers, Charles, mariner, 22 Leadenhall
Chambers, David, laborer, 15 Salisbury al
Chambers, Edward, laborer, 246 L. Hughes
Chambers, Edward, mariner, 126 Jasper
Chambers, Edward, brickmaker, 128 Hill
Chambers, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 235 Dover
Chambers, Mrs. Emily, laundress, 2 College al
Chambers, Mrs. Jane, cook, 43 L. Pleasant
Chambers, Horace, 9 Philpot
Chambers, John, barber, 291 Saratoga
Chambers, John W., barber, n w cor Saratoga and Chatsworth,
dw 45 n Sharp
Chambers, Perry, drayman, 45 Penn
Chambers, Sarah, stewardess, 84 Dover
Chambers, Samuel, hod carrier, 98 n Spring
Chambers, Sophia, laundress, 32 Haw
Chaney, James, laborer, 9 Tripolet al
Chaney, Thomas, drayman, 7 Short
Channel, Sarah, doctress, 25 Union
Chaplin, David, laborer, 402 s Charles
Chaplin, Joseph, driver, 143 s Dallas
Chaplin, Wilson, eating house, 12 Water
Chapman, Anderson, hostler, 80 Stiles
Chapman, Daniel, waiter, 11 Arch
Chapman, Perry, drayman, 80 w Centre
Chapman, Sarah, laundress, 43 Park
Chapman, Thomas, waiter, 1 Plover al
Chappel, Annie, laundress, Point lane
Chappel, Jacob, butcher, Point la, near Greenmount cemetery
Chappel, John, laborer, Point la, near Greenmount cemetery
Charles, Elizabeth, nurse, 18 Preston
Charles, Theodore, rope maker, 70 East
Charms, Joseph, carter, 28 Union
Charms, John, mariner, 38 Orchard
Chase, Absalom, laborer, 2 Jew alley
Chase, Allen, laborer, 70 s Dallas
Chase, Benjamin, porter, 37 Raborg
Chase, Catherine, laundress, 7 Biddle
Chase, D.E. at sun office, dw 31 Edward
Chase, Elizabeth, confectionery, 84 Centre
Chase, Elizabeth, laundress, 37 Raborg
Chase, Franklin, laborer, 18 Forrest
Chase, Henry, sawyer, 33 Burgundy al
Chase, Henry, laborer, 210 s Dallas
Chase, James, laborer, 210 s Dallas
Chase, James, mariner, 218 Hanover
Chester, Jeremiah, caulker, 173 s Dallas
Chester, Posey, caulker, 12 Herring's ct
Chase, Joseph, grain measurer, 13 Jew al
Chase, Josephine, dressmaker, 12 Temple
Chase, Josiah, laborer, 66 Welcome al
Chase, Levin, drayman, 11 Hull's la
Chase, Nathaniel, mariner, 210 s Caroline
Chase, Robert, fireman, 11 s Bethel
Chase, Samuel, laborer, 201 Hamburg
Chase, Samuel, carter, 210 s Dallas
Chase, Samuel W., cabinet maker, 180 s Howard
Chase, Samuel, drayman, 222 s Howard
Chase, Rev. Samuel, cor Leadenhall and Hamburg
Chase, Susan, cook, 103 Orchard
Chase, Wm., whipsawyer, 66 Welcome al
Chester, Wm., caulker, 147 s Dallas
Chew, Alexander, whitewasher, 9 Raborg
Chew, Charles, laborer, rear of 47 King
Chew, Benj. A., laborer, 33 King
Chew, Henrietta, washerwoman, 7 X al
Chew, John H., brickmaker, 78 Welcome al
Chew, Josias, soldier, 7 X al
Chew, Perry, cook, 292 s Howard
Chew, Sarah C., 292 s Howard
Chew, Stephen, brickmaker, 78 Welcome al
Chew, Sutton, sailor, 90 Stiles
Cherry, Robert, drayman, 70 Welcome al
Chinn, Addison, laborer, 164 York
Chinn, Henry, laborer, 284 Johnson
Chistler, Eliza, cook, 12 Tyson al
Chubbs, Susannah, washerwoman, 45 n Sharp
Church, John, mariner, 114 s Dallas
Christman, James, caulker, 33 Edward
Christman, Rosette, laundress, 35 Williamson al
Ciphus, Elisha, waiter, 8 Cohen al
Ciphus, Harriet A., laundress, 8 Cohen al
Cisley, Dinah, laundress, 27 L. Monument
Clark, Angenetta, seamstress, 48 Forrest
Clark, Charles, barber, n w cor Pleasant and Holiday
Clark, Daniel, laborer, 224 Chestnut al
Clark, Edward, butcher, 13 Stockton al
Clark, Elizabeth, cook, 98 Henrietta
Clark, Elizabeth, 53 Burgundy al
Clark, Henrietta, cook, 8 Clarkston al
Clark, Hester, laundress, 29 Tyson al
Clark, Lear, laundress, 143 Chestnut
Clark, Lewis, music teacher, 12 Park
Clark, Lloyd, waiter, 2 Pierce
Clark, Perry, laborer, 4 Union al
Clark, Rachel, 45 Carlton
CLARK, ROBERT R, restaurant, n e cor North and Bath
Clark, Robinson, huckster, 48 1/2 Forrest
Clark, Samuel, carter, 9 St. Jame
Clark, William, laborer, 53 Burgundy al
Clark, Wilton F., porter, 17 Raborg
Clayton, John, porter, 4 Vine
Clayton, Levi, laborer, 100 Welcome al
Clemments, Benjamin, laborer, 4 Cohen al
Clements, John, drayman, 16 Morris al
Clinton, David, oysterman, 144 s Regester
Coats, Augustus, waiter, 27 State
Coates, Emanuel, hod carrier, 27 Arch
Coates, Leonard, porter, 87 Orchard
Coates, Simon, laborer, 52 Wayne
Cockey, Joshua, laborer, 25 Canton av
Coffer, John, waiter, 97 Orchard
Coale, Augusta, laundress, 36 Lewis
Coale, John, mariner, 21 Chestnut
Colbert, James, hostler, 30 L. McElderry
Cole, Abraham, boatman, 61 Raborg
Cole, Brnjemin, city boundary, Greenmount Cemetery
Cole, Eliza, huckstress, 166 n Front
Cole, Elizabeth A., laundress, 47 s Bethel
Cole, George, blacksmith, 6 Welch al
Cole, James, hod carrier, 1 Cross al
Cole, John, Windsor Mill road near Fremont
Cole, Lewis, porter, 23 Vine
Cole, Matilda, laundress, 36 Vine
Cole, Moses, porter, 1 Sarah Ann
Coleman, John, caulker, 178 s Dallas
Coleman, John H., grain runner, 143 Hill
Coleman, Mary, laundress, 5 Inloes al
Coleman, Wm., brickmaker, 139 Douglass
Collins, Aidlet, laborer, 5 s Durham
Collins, Geo., butcher, 61 Orleans
Collins, Harrison, 90 Central av
Collins, James, laborer, 8 Hammond al
Collins, John, carter, 83 Jefferson
Collins, John laborer, 83 Jefferson
Collins, Lidonia, laundress, 61 Orleans
Collins, Mary, laundress, 55 Orleans
Collins, Martha, 208 Vine
Collins, Noah, waiter, 29 Edwards
Collins, Purnell, sawyer, 13 s Durham
Collins, Robert, oyster shucker, 28 Spring
Colson, Wm. H., porter, 73 Johnson
Colvin, Matthew, porter, 117 Chestnut
Colvin, Ann, laundress, 26 Welcome al
Colwell, Enneris, steamboatman, 125 s Bethel
Colyer, Grace, feed store, 106 Low
Colyer, Henry, huckster, 100 Low
Commeger, Abraham, porter, 204 Hamburg
Commodore, Ann, 23 Chestnut al
Commodore, George, 23 Chestnut al
Commodore, James, hod carrier, 23 Chestnut al
Commons, Harrison, brickmaker, 105 s Bethel
Conaway, John S., porter, 158 s Bether
Coney, Ann M., cook, 24 Wayne
Coney, Lloyd, drayman, 34 Wayne
Conick, Mary J., laundress, 138 Tyson
Conklin, John O., cigar maker, 17 Waters row
Conklin, Wm. J., barber, 14 s Howard
Conway, Samuel, seamen;s boarding, 162 Eastern av
Conway, Wm., porter, over 71 s Second
Conner, Mrs. Ann, corner Leadenhall and Hamburg
Connor, Charlotte, 4 Leadenhall
Connor, Rebecca, laundress, 4 Leadenhall
Contee, Lucinda, laundress, 62 Wayne
Conyer, Betsy, laundress, 7 Tyson
Cook, Anna E., laundress, 218 L. Hughes
Cook, Catherine, seamstress, 7 Edward
Cook, Charles H., laborer, 44 n Dallas
Cook, Clinton, porter, 62 Wayne
Cook, Columbus, brickmaker, 75 Watson
Cook, Cornelius, wagoner, 67 Union
Cook, Edward, drayman, 54 St. Mary
Cook, Henry, carpenter, 14 York
Cook, Henrietta, laundress, 179 Henrietta
Cook, Jane, 19 Philpot
Cook, John Jr., cooper, 72 Vine
Cook, John, fireman, 19 Chestnut al
Cook, John, cooper, 25 McCellan al, dw 72 Vine
Cook, John, laborer, 95 L. Church
Cook, Louisa, laundress, 17 Booith
Cook, Lawrence, laborer, 38 East
Cook, Mary E., laundress, 29 Raborg
Cook, Margaret, 7 Edward
Cook, Margaret, laundress, 24 Wayne
Cook, Thos., barber, 49 French
Cook, Wm., oyster shucker, 16 Vine
Cook, Wm., cooper, 29 Raborg
Cook, Wm. W., cooper, 27 McCellan al, dw 29 Raborg
Cook, Wm. T., porter, 18 Haw
Cooke, James E., barber, 29 Holiday
Cooper, Aaron, caulker, 166 s Bethel
Cooper, Asbury, brickmaker, 148 s Durham
Cooper, Edward, waiter, 38 Vine
Cooper, Edwin, porter, 61 Orchard
Cooper, Elizabeth, teacher, 190 s Durham
Cooper, George, laborer, rear of 81 Watson
Cooper, Hannah, 27 Foundry
Cooper, Harriet, laundress, 8 n Spring
Cooper, Harriet, laundress, 34 Richmond
Cooper, Henry H., laborer, 233 s Durham
Cooper, Horace, stevedore, rear of 52 Forrest
Cooper, James, steward, 90 L. Church
Cooper, James, caulker, 187 s Durham
Cooper, John, grain measurer, 14 Jordan al
Cooper, John, stevedore, 46 East
Cooper, Joseph, caulker, 10 s Dallas
Cooper, Joseph, caulker, 193 s Durham
Cooper, Julia, laundress, 257 Montgomery
Cooper, Mary, laundress, 185 s Durham
Cooper, Mary, laundress, 42 East
Cooper, Moses, mariner, 46 Davis
Cooper, Oliver, baker, 11 Jefferson
Cooper, Peter, laborer, 34 Short
Cooper, Robert, caulker, 169 s Washington, F.P.
Cooper, Cooper, Sally, laundress, 2 Jew al
Cooper, Thomas J., porter, 40 Park
Cooper, Thomas, caulker, 174 s Dallas
Cooper, Margaret, 98 St. Mary
Cooper, Wm., caulker, 116 s Bethel
Copper, Abraham, laborer, 325 Hamburg
Copper, Emily, cook, 261 Montgomery
Corner, Mary A., 12 Salisbury
Cornish, Charles, wheelwright, 11 Leadenhall
Cornish, Eliza, 308 Raborg
Cornish, Frank, waiter, 124 w Baltimore
Cornish, George, bar tender, 84 Chestnut al
Cornish, George, laborer, 8 Lloyd
Cornish, Hannah A., laundress, 90 Welcome al
Cornish, Henry, waiter, 10 Pierce
Cornish, Henry, laborer, 209 Hamburg
Cornish, Jacob, sawyer, 219 Hamburg
Cornish, James H., mariner, 16 State
Cornish, James H., laborer, 8 Salisbury al
Cornish, Joseph, whitewasher, 39 Chestnut al
Cornish, Kenney, laundress, 62 L. Church
Cornish, Levina, 16 Jasper
Cornish, Liberia, caulker, 239 Dover
Cornish, Priscilla, laundress, 71 Welcome al
Cornish, Samuel, grain measurer, 98 Dover
Cornish, Samuel, laborer, 56 s Dallas
Cornish, Thomas, porter, 65 Leadenhall
Cornish, Thomas, grain measurer, 32 Haw
Cornish, Wm., hay presser, 158 York
Corsey, Michael D., brickmaker, 145 Bank
Corsey, Wm., laborer, 33 Plum al
Cosley, Samuel, drayman, rear of 46 Orchard
Cotanch, George, porter, 83 Pearl
Cotank, Charles, drayman, 14 Haw
Cotes, Samuel, porter, Shad al near Greene
Cotman, Alexander, waiter, 45 n Sharp
Cotman, Maria, laundress, 71 L. Hughes
Cotton, Henry H., waiter, 10 State
Cotton, John H., barber, 1 s Eutaw
Cotton, Martha, laundress, 211 Hamburg
Courcey, John, whitewasher, 21 Jefferson
Coursey, Wm., hod carrier, 133 Camden
Covington, Joseph, cook, 75 Chestnut
Covington, Rachel, 60 s Dallas
Cowley, Mrs. Prody, nurse, 71 n Spring
Cox, John, grain measurer, 152 York
Cox, Wm., waiter, 35 Raborg
Crawford, Alex., hackman, 60 Tyson al
Crawford, Alex., grain measurer, 28 Vine
Crawford, Henry, hackman, 11 Moore al
Crawford, Isaiah, drayman, 12 Elder al
Coulter, David, grain runner, 32 King
Coulter, Moses, laborer, 32 King
Crawford, Wm. J., cigar maker, 3 Hammond al
Creek, Eliza, hucktress, 9 Eutaw ct
Creek, James, sawyer, 6 Chestnut
Creek, Dr. John W., 99 North
Creek, Rebecca, laundress, 1 Bethel al
Credit, Bushrod, drayman, 110 Scott
Creighton, Wm., laborer, 168 s Caroline
Crew, Asbury, whitewasher, 104 Cider al
Crew, Edward, brickmaker, 318 Montgomery
Crew, Francis A., whitewasher, 6 Ivy
Crew, Josephine, laundress, 13 Cider al
Crew, Richard B., brickmaker, 274 s Howard
Crew, William, laborer, 8 Tripolet al
Cromwell, Alex, waiter, 26 Dover
Cromwell, Eliza A., laundress, 187 William
Cromwell, James, drayman, 125 n Spring
Cromwell, John, carter, 67 Johnson
Cromwell, Laura, laundress, 215 L. Hughes
Cromwell, Lydia, cook, 215 s Howard
Cromwell, Mary J., 14 Eutaw ct
Cromwell, Sarah, cook shop, 37 Commerce
Cromwell, Susan, whitewasher, 244 Raborg
Cross, Henry, waiter, 109 St. Paul
Crossley, Richard, porter, 119 King
Crout, Alfred, caster, 402 s Charles
Crout, Alfred, Jr., laborer, 402 s Charles
Crowley, Eli, mariner, 1 Douglass
Cuff, Thomas, waiter, 68 Pierce
Cummins, Enoch, stevedore, 17 Bethel
Cummins, Horace, laborer, 45 East
Cummins, James H., mariner, 39 Hampstead
Cummins, Julia, 138 s Dallas
Curley, Nelson, laborer, 43 Clay
Curry, Kennel, laborer, 41 Cross
Curtis, Abednigo, drayman, 82 Stirling
Curtis, Abraham, paper dealer, 72 St. Mary
Curtis, Charles, coachman, 209 Dover
Curtis, Geo., cook and steward, 103 Chestnut
Curtis, Richard, laborer, 79 Jasper
Curtis, Robert, huckster, 4 Jefferson st ct
Curtis, Wm., laborer, 6 X al
Cyphus, John, carter, 72 Burgundy
Dairing, Samuel, grain measurer, 108 Tyson
Dall, Joseph, grain measurer, 32 Vine
Dallas-st Methodist Church, Dallas between Eastern and
Canton avs
Dansbury, James, laborer, 184 Mullikin
Dany, David, drayman, 309 s Howard
Daricks, Richard, whitewasher, 17 Raborg
Darkins, Abigail, washerwoman, 39 n Sharp
Darkins, Hester, cook, 94 Henrietta
Darry, James, carter, 88 East
Dashields, Isaac, laborer, rear of 261 L. Hughes
Dashiel, James, drayman, 14 s Dallas
Dask, Rachael A., laundress, 6 Dallas
Dauf, Adam, sawyer, 29 Slemmer al
Davidge, Charles, waiter, 164 Tyson
Davidge, Charles, laborer, 93 Watson
Davidge, Mary, 78 Richmond
Davidge, Thomas, waiter, 15 Stockston al
Davidge, Wm., waiter, 92 Richmond
Davidson, Wm., porter, 62 Josephine
DAVIGE, EMILE, shaving and hair dressing salon, 43 s Paca
Davis, Alex G., barber, 6 n Calvert, dw 7 Etna la
Davis, Ann, washerwoman, 215 Dover
Davis, Benjamin, 16 Temple
Davis, Daniel, hod carrier, 107 Welcome al
Davis, Elijah, tanner, 84 Stirling
Davis, Eliza, 86 Jasper
Davis, Fanny, laundress, 157 York
Davis, Fanny, 97 Chestnut
Davis, Hamilton, porter, 19 Temple
Davis, Hannah, 77 Welcome al
Davis, Henrietta, 1 Painter's ct
Davis, Henry L., drayman, 55 Chestnut al
Davis, Henry, mariner, 58 Lerew al
Davis, Jacob, engineer, 50 Forrest
Davis, James, mariner, 75 Watson
Davis, Jeffrey, oyster shucker, 157 n Dallas
Davis, Joseph, hod carrier, 111 Sarah Ann
Davis, James, laborer, 15 s Regester
Davis, John, engineer, 18 Edward
Davis, John, laborer, 55 Biddle al
Davis, John, drayman, 180 Tyson
Davis, John, laborer, Russel near Cross
Davis, Joseph, drayman, 5 Albert al
Davis, Louisa, laundress, 50 Vine
Davis, Levim waiter, 15 Plover al
Davis, Lizzie, laundress, Half Moon al
Davis, Laura, cook, 30 Raborg
Davis, Louisa, laundress, 30 Raborg
Davis, Maria, laundress, 69 Davis
Davis, Mary Ann, huckster, 136 York
Davis, Noah, shoemaker, 4 and 5 Marion
Davis, Peter, porter, 62 Davis
Davis, Robert, waiter, 78 North
Davis, Reina, Half Moon al
Davis, Susan, laundress, 3 Gillingham al
Davis, Sarah, laundress, 3 Tyson
Davis, Wm., porter, 4 Cecil
Davis, Wm., porter, 8 s Dallas
Dawson, Mary, laundress, 69 Chestnut al
Dawson, Nancy, laundress, 131 Welcome al
Dawson, Philip, steward, 28 McKim
Dawson, Sarah A., laundress, 61 Cross
Dawson, Wm., hostler, 61 Arch
Day, Cato, caulker, 119 s Bethel
Day, Maria, 100 Stirling
Day, Woolford, laborer, 10 Ivy al
Deal, James H., sailor, Pleasant 2d door from Holiday
Deal, John H., oyster shucker, 131 Hill
Dean, Alexander, laborer, 86 Raborg
Deaver, Alexander, laborer, 52 Carlton
Deaver, Charles, butcher, 26 Jefferson
Deaver, Francis, 7 Stirling
Deaver, George, huckster, 7 Stirling
Deaver, James, huckster, 12 Short
Deaver, Smith M., druggist, 38 Clay
Decount, Sarah Ann, 39 Low
DeCoursey, David, coachman, 42 Orchard
DeCoursey, Solomon, cook, 116 Holiday
Deets, Isaac, porter, 22 Biddle al
Deets, Richard, Chapel near n Fremont
Deble, Morris, blacksmith, 95 Watson
Deford, Annie, laundress, 42 East
Deffew, Charles E., fireman, 32 Elbow ln
Deguzee, Carl, sailor, 97 s Bethel
Delaney, Wm., laborer, 376 Cross
Demby, James, drayman, 88 Watson
Demby, Jeremiah, brickmaker, 7 Iron al
Denby, Austin, drayman, 21 Jefferson
Denby. Mary A., laundress, 110 s Bethel
Denby, Mrs., rear of 213 York
Delosher. Frederick, drayman, 22 Wayne
Dennis, Emory, stevedore, 48 Sarah Ann
Dennis, George, shoemaker, 32 Sarah Ann
Dennis, Henry, laborer, 159 York
Dennis, John, laborer, 119 s Durham
Dennis, Maria, laundress, 221 s Durham
Dennis, Robert, waiter, 146 Tyson
Dennis, Wm. H., brickmaker, 120 s Dallas
Dennison, Philip, drayman, 51 Orleans
Denny, John, sailor, 106 Henrietta
Dent, James, laborer, 13 Jasper
Denton, Annie, chambermaid, 41 n Sharp
Derry. Emanuel, waiter, 16 Jordan al
Derry. Matthias, drayman, 89 Hill
Derry, Wm., measurer, 137 n Caroline
Derrickson, Alfred, laborer, 41 Elbow la
Derix, Joshua, laborer, 59 Orchard
Dertier, Alexander, cook, 9 L. Montgomery
Dett, Joshua, laborer, 99 Moore al
Devetere, James, brickmaker, 4 Patapsco av
DeWard, Wm. H., barkeeper, 5 South la
Diamond, Charlotte, 99 s Bethel
Dickenson, Charles, laborer, 48 Low
Dickenson, Elijah, porter, 3 Joy al
Dickerson, Henry, waiter, 83 Burgundy al
Dickerson, Henrietta, 118 Welcome al
Dickerson, James, laborer, 297 s Eutaw
Dickerson, James, waiter, 23 Hull's la
Dickerson, Lewis, driver, 11 Philpot
Dickerson, Marcellus, 4 Lloyd
Dickerson, Richard, mariner, 24 Forrest
Dickson, Eliza, seamstress, 246 L. Hughes
Dickinson, Wm., stevedore, 139 s Caroline
Dickson, Theodore, laborer, 15 Cecil
Diggs, Aaron T., butcher, 4 Peach al
Diggs, Anna, cake shop, 7 Bell al
Diggs, Anne, laundress, 5 Kimmel al
Diggs, Benjamin, laborer, 88 n Dallas
Diggs, Cyrus M., laborer, 13 Neighbor
Diggs, Emeline, laundress, 121 Sarah Ann
Diggs, Hiram, laborer, 25 Harmony al
Diggs, John, waiter, 33 Jasper
Diggs, Lewis, laborer, 196 s Howard
Diggs, Sarah, laundress, 121 Sarah Ann
Dikes, Elizabeth, laundress, 2 Dawson al
Dikes, Jacob, porter, 6 South
Dillard, Wesley, wagoner, 243 Orleans
Dillehay, James, porter, 354 West
Dillehay, Thomas, drayman, 331 s Howard
Diller, John, laborer, 298 s Howard
Diller, Mitchell, cook, 298 s Howard
Discoll, Mary Ann, laundress, 35 Short
Dixon, Alexander, brickmaker, 190 Henrietta
Dixon, Ann, 14 Wagon al
Dixon, Daniel, brickmaker, 10 Hammond al
Dixon, Daniel, laborer, 12 Reese al
Dixon, Eliza, 116 s Washington, F.P.
Dixon, Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress, 42 China
Dixon, Isaac, laborer, 42 Lewis
Dixon, James F., soldier, 108 Cider al
Dixon, James, laborer, 43 n Sharp
Dixon, John, porter, 86 Welcome al
Dixon, James, oyster shucker, 49 L. Church
Dixon, John, mariner, 86 Welcome al
Dixon, Juliana, stewardess, 92 n Dallas
Dixon, Leah, laundress, 59 L. Church
Dixon, Mary, washerwoman, 237 Dover
Dixon, Philip, 73 Chestnut
Dixon, Rayney, laundress, 62 L. Church
Dixon, Richard, mariner, 52 East
Dixon, Robert, 38 s Dallas
Dixon, Wm., laborer, 2 Stockston av
Dobbin, John, brickmaker, 157 West
Dobson, Henry, whitewasher, 60 Union
Dobson, James, laborer, 32 Lewis
Dobson, Perry, stevedore, 38 Lewis
Dobson, Shadrack, fireman, 298 s Howard
Dobson, Wm., laborer, 2 Forrest
Dode, Louis, tailor, 38 w Pratt
Dode, Peter, clothier, 38 w Pratt
Dodson, Peter, confectioner, 146 Hill, dw 144
Dodson, Peter, Jr., 144 Hill
Door, Henrietta, washerwoman, 136 n Caroline
Doran, Frances, cook, 116 Jasper
Dorman, Daniel, grain measurer, 274 Montgomery
Dorman, Wm., brickmaker, 37 Plum al
Dorritee, Jacob, caulker, 162 s Dallas
Dorsey, Abraham, porter, 60 Pierce
Dorsey, Alex, 103 North
Dorsey, Allen, waiter, 90 Cider la
Dorsey, Benjamin, porter, 72 Josephine
Dorsey, Benjamin, mariner, 94 n Dallas
Dorsey, Caroline, laundress, 47 Tyson al
Dorsey, Charity, laundress, 186 Henrietta
Dorsey, Charles, hostler, 59 Raborg
Dorsey, David, carter, 100 Stirling
Dorsey, David, brickmaker, 42 Patapsco av
Dorsey, Edward, huckster, 1 Butler al
Dorsey, Ellen, washerwoman, 1 Cross al
Dorsey, Ellen, laundress, 17 Tyson al
Dorsey, George, engineer, 51 Low
Dorsey, Hanson, lumber wagoner, 134 Orchard
Dorsey, Harry, hod carrier, 97 Sarah Ann
Dorsey, Henry, hod carrier, 40 Hill
Dorsey, Horatio, mariner, 8 Morris al
Dorsey, James, drayman, 304 s Howard
Dorsey, James E., laborer, 16 Pierce
Dorsey, John, porter, 5 Chapel al
Dorsey, John, tanner, 116 n Front
Dorsey, Joseph, laborer, 119 Hill
Dorsey, Julia, laundress, 10 Tyson
Dorsey, Lemuel, drayman, 11 Union al
Dorsey, Levi, oysterman, 24 Tessier
Dorsey, Lewis, laborer, 92 Henrietta
Dorsey, Martha, laundress, 4 Half Moon al
Dorsey, Matthew, pickler, 3 Mechanic's ct
Dorsey, Nathan, drayman, 4 Wayne
Dorsey, Richard, laborer, 161 n Dallas
Dorsey, Richard, laborer, 42 Haw
Dorsey, Samuel, drayman, 42 Union
Dorsey, Sarah A., laundress, 20 Leadenhall
Dorsey, Tracey, laundress, 29 Raborg
Dorsey, Teresa, 50 St. Mary
Dorsey, Wm., grain measurer, 37 Park
Dorsey, Wm., hod carrier, 119 York
Dorsey, Wm., brickmaker, 29 Raborg
Dorsey, Wm., puddler, 174 Dover
Dorsey, Wm., grain runner, 35 Park
Dorson, Thomas, drayman, over 131 Hanover
Dougherty, Louisa, 190 Mullikin
Dougherty, Samuel, caulker, 169 s Bethel
Dougherty, Zachariah, lab'r, 3 Monmonier's ct
Douglass, Amos, porter, 37 n Sharp
Douglass, Benj., sailor, 62 Welcome al
Douglass, George, waiter, 15 Rose
Douglass, John, waiter, 14 L. Monument
Douglass, John H., waiter, 78 Centre
Douglass, Joseph, waiter, 12 Chestnut al
Douglass, Mary, seamstress, 14 L. Monument
Dowden, Abram, laborer, 13 Union
Dowden, Benj., laborer, 60 Richmond
Dowden, Mary, laundress, 6 Raborg
Dowden, Miranda, laundress, 3 Spring Garden av
Dowden, Philip, laborer, 43 Lewis
Downes, Julia A., laundress, 110 s Bethel
Downey, Robert, laborer, 104 Henrietta
Downs, Blake, hod carrier, 30 Carlton
Downs, Dora, laundress, 75 Josephine
Downs, Eliza, laundress, 106 Cider al
Downs, Geo. W., brickmaker, 82 L. Church
Downs, Harrison, caulker, 6 Warren, F.P.
Downs, Geo., blacksmith, Windsor Mill road
Downs, Isaac, laborer, 234 Vine
Downs, Isaac, porter, 73 Sarah Ann
Downs, Isaac, laborer, 17 Douglass
Downs, James, porter, 17 Rose
Downs, Joseph, porter, 4 Wagon al
Downs, Joseph, laborer, 106 Henrietta
Downs, Lucinda, laundress, 6 X al
Downs, Mary E., laundress, 6 X al
Downs, Robert, laborer, 167 York
Downs, Thomas, laborer, 188 s Durham
Downs, Wm., mariner, 4 Clarkson al
Downs, Wm., mariner, 106 Cider al
Doyle, Edward M., drayman, 19 State
Doyle, James, oyster shucker, 11 Biddle
Doyle, James, hackman, 19 State
Doyle, Lucy A., laundress, 9 High al
Doyle, Matilda, 207 Raborg
Doyle, Wm., hackman, 76 North
Draoer, Daniel, barber, 74 East
Draper, Garrison, tobacconist, 162 Forrest
Draper, Henry, caulker, 93 L. Church
Draper, John, musician, 94 East
Drewett, Wm., bruch fiunisher, Chestnut al w of Pearl
Drickus, James, coachman, 51 Park
Driver, Floretta, 18 Rose
Driver, Edward D., carter, 115 York
Driver, Jermiah, brickmaker, 131 York
Driver, Lydia, laundress, 12 X al
Druett, Mary, washerwoman, 132 Tyson
Dubois, Emile Joseph, laborer, 183 Mulberry
Duceaux, Mrs., 41 Park
Duckery, James, carter, 26 Wayne
Duckett, Mary, laundress, 85 Moore al
Dudley, John,. mariner, 13 Philpot
Dudley, Samuel, laborer, 23 Philpot
Duff, Charles, fireman, 36 King
Duffin, Ann M., laundress, 12 Tyson al
Duffin, Thomas, 51 Moore al
Dulaney, Thomas, waiter, 132 s Durham
Dunbar, George, grain measurer, 62 Mulberry
Duncan, Benjamin, farmer, 254 Raborg
Dungee, John, waiter, 19 Hull's la
Dungee, John, carter, 69 East
Dungee, James, drayman, 34 n Front
Dungee, Wm. N., cabin maker, 62 East
Dunkins, Wm., oyster shucker, 8 Cecil
Dunn, John, grain measurer, 141 Hill
Dunson, Ann, house cleaner, 7 Marion
Dunson, Charles H., grain measurer, 112 Henrietta
Dunson, Henry, soldier, 7 Marion
Dunson, Nancy, 218 L. Hughes
Durand, Frances, carter, 172 Tyson
Durand, Nathaniel, waiter, 148 Tyson
Durham, Henry, cooper, 80 Elbow la
Durham, Thos., Windsor mill road nr. Fremont
Durkin, Wm., laborer, 26 Raborg
Durkins, Henry, gardner, 209 Chestnut al
Dutton, Charles, laborer, 137 Chestnut
Dutton, Levi, wagoner, 12 St. James
Dutton, Robert, mariner, 165 n Dallas
Duval, Isaac, sawyer, 15 Arch
Duval, Richard, drayman, 44 Moore al
Duvall, Steven, hod carrier, 60 Josephine
Duvall, Tobias, sawyer, 57 Josephine
Dyer, Joseph, brickmaker, 62 Elbow la
Dyer, Levin, laborer, 34 King
Dyer, L.D., ice cream, 117 Camden
Dyer, Nathan, oyster shucker, 308 s Howard
Dykes, Wm., hod carrier, 165 York
Dyott, John Major, laborer, 114 Welcome al
Dyott, Richard J., grain runner, 114 Welcome al
Dyson, Charles, laborer, 165 Montgomery
Dyson, John, drayman, 99 Dover
Dyson, Chancy, laundress, 165 York
Eady, Rebecca, laundress, 103 Tyson
Eady, Samuel, mariner, 103 Tyson
Earl, Perry, laborer, 44 L. Monument
Earle, Wm., brick moulder, 46 Sarah Ann
Ease, Anna, laundress, 2 Plum al
Ease, John, drayman, 2 Plum al
Eastep, Daniel, 8 Elder al
Easton, Samuel, fireman, 108 Dugan's whf
Ebb, William F., 54 St. Mary
Ebenezer Methodist Church, 247 Montgomery
Edam, Joshua, grain runner, 51 L. Pleasant
Eddicks, Henrietta, laundress, rear of 47 King
Edonson, Martha, laundress, 1 Butler al
Edwards, Abraham, stevedore, 84 L. Church
Edwards, Anna, 120 s Spring
Edwards, Edward, laborer, 130 Dover
Edwards, Joseph, waiter, 5 Jew al
Edwards, Serena, laundress, 5 Jew al
Effert, Thomas, brickmaker, 14 L. Paca
Elbert, Henry, carter, 85 East
Elder, Hester, 21 State
Elias, Daniel, tanner, 113 Moore al
Ellagood, Ann, 58 s Dallas
Elliott, Ann, 202 Vine
Elliott, Isaac, drayman, 28 Arch
Elliott, John, whitewasher, 133 Hill
Elliott, Jane, Marion ct
Elliott, Louisa, cook, 19 Tyson al
Elliott, Maria, dressmaker, 62 Lerew al
Elliott, Robert, drayman, 15 Tyson al
Ellis, George, hod carrier, 146 York
Ellis, John T., laborer, 89 L. Church
Ellis, John, mariner, 1 South la
Ellis, Susan E., laundress, 54 Lewis
Elzey, Snead, laborer, 203 Hamburg
Emmerson, James H., laborer, 43 Clay
Emmerson, Stephen, 85 Orchard
Emory, Charles, waiter, 96 Tyson
Emory, Charles, grain measurer, 278 s Howard
Emory, Charles, drayman, 188 s Howard
Emory, Jacob, porter, 96 Tyson
Ennells, Charles, laborer, 131 York
Ennels, Stephen, wheelman, 222 Hanover
Ennis, John W., brickmaker, Clinton
Ennis, Thomas, mariner, 238 L. Hughes
Evans, Cooper, stevedore, 26 East
Evans, Charles, brickmaker, 11 Bounty la
Evans, Daniel, mariner, 66 Elbow la
Evans, Francis, laborer, 70 St. Mary's
Evans, George, bartender, 98 Tyson
Evans, Maria, laundress, 22 French
Evans, Randall, bartender under Howard house, 98 Tyson
Evans, Thomas, 98 Tyson
Evans, Thornton, caulker, 138 Hill
Eves, John H., grain measurer, 205 Hamburg
Farmer, Squire, laborer, 240 Montgomery
Farrell, Mary A., 10 Jasper
Farris, Leach, laborer, 99 n Dallas
Fax, Hester, laundress, 103 Low
Felton, Rezin, carter, 208 Raborg
Fennel, James, laborer, 79 Moore al
Ferguson, Benjamin F., barber, 1 Cohen al
Ferguson, Benjamin F., barber, 118 Garden
Ferguson, Eliza, 20 s Bethel
Ferguson, Samuel, carter, 1 St. James
Fergusson, Maria, laundress, 35 Plum al
Fernandis, John A., barber, 128 s Broadway
Fickel, Eli, porter, 73 East
Fields, Aaron, wood sawyer, 2 Temple
Fields, Eliza, laundress, 3 Edward
Fields, Martha, laundress, 272 L. Hughes
Fields, Sarah, laundress, 47 Park
Fillmore, Philip, waiter, 2 Jew al
Finlay, Daniel, moulder, 27 Moore al
Fischer, Frederick, laborer, 2 s Dallas
Fisher, Alice, laundress, 48 Wayne
Fisher, Charles O., caulker, 128 s Bethel
Fisher, Esquire, whitewasher, 49 Dover
First Presbyterian (colored) church, Madison, bet Park and
Fisher, Jacob, stevedore, 55 Hampstead
Fisher, Jane, 97 s Bethel
Fisher, John, laborer, 196 n Exeter
Fisher, Margaret A., 195 s Dallas
Fisher, Maria, cook, 6 Butler
Fisher, Nancy Ann, laundress, 5 Collins' ct
Fisher, Samuel T., porter, 256 Raborg
Fisher, Thomas, blacksmith, Dewberry al nr Baltimore
Fisher, Toy, mariner, 222 L. Hughes
Fisher, Wm. J., barber, 39 n Sharp
Fisher, Wm., laborer, 317 s Howard
Fitch, Elizabeth, cook, 216 Hanover
Fleetwood, Ann M., laundress, 48 Tyson
Fleetwood, Charles, waiter, 48 Tyson
Fleetwood, Charles, waiter, 4 Eutaw ct
Fleetwoodm Wm., teacher, 78 Chestnut al
Fletcher, John, laborer, 47 State
Florida, Thomas, musician, 66 Burgundy al
Fokes, Jane, laundress, 16 Eutaw ct
Foote, Margaret, 96 Tyson
Foote, Wm., porter, 98 Raborg
Ford, Elizabeth, seamstress, 6 Raborg
Ford, George J., porter, 219 s Howard
Ford, Hannah, 110 Jasper
Ford, Henry, cap trimmer, 90 St. Mary
Ford, John L., laborer, 6 Chestnut
Ford, Lucinda, confectionery, 86 w Centre
Ford, Mary C., laundress, 257 Montgomery
Ford, Samuel, whitewasher, 187 Dover
Ford, Sarah, 14 Warren, F.P.
Ford, Thomas, barber, 100 Orchard
Foreman, Annie, 4 Short al
Foreman, Andrew, coachman, 40 Clay
Foreman, David, whitewasher, 195 Ensor
Foreman, Francis, 74 Orchard
Foreman, John A., porter, 2 Bethel row
Foreman, John, drayman, 58 Orchard
Foreman, Mary, laundress, 5 Tyson al
Foreman, Maria, laundress, 70 s Howard
Foreman, Richard, 37 Forrest
Foreman, Richard, boatman, 3 Marion ct
Foreman, John, caulker, 6 Salisbury al
Forrester, James, barber, 24 Dover
Forrester, John, porter, 16 Lester ct
Fortie, Charles, barber, 102 Dover
Fortie, George, shoemaker, 6 Elbow la
Fortie, Henry, drayman, 93 East
Fortie, Jacob H., drayman, 79 s Greene
Fortie, Lewis, teacher, 83 East
Fortune, John A., sexton, 29 Rose
Fortune, Julia, 110 Dallas
Fortune, Susan, 16 Spruce al
Foster, Celestia, cook, 215 Hamburg
Foster, Daniel, drayman, 102 s Spring
Foster, Wm., steward, 211 s Bethel
Foster, Wm., hod carrier, 29 Biddle al
Fosset, Lev, sexton, 1st Constitutional Church, 29 Haw
Fountain, Alfred, grain measurer, 228 Montgomery
Fountain, Charles, fireman, 92 n Spring
Fountain, Samuel, porter, 35 Dover
Fowler, Ann M., seamstress, 36 n Spring
Fowler, Isaiah H., barber, 2 s Dallas
Fowler, Isaac H., barber, 199 Lioght
Fowler, James, porter, 104 Sarah Ann
Fowler, Josiah, laborer, 4 X al
Fowler, Leonard, brickmaker, 75 Johnson
Fowler, Lloyd, carter, Windson Mill road
Fowler, Thomas J., brickmaker, 73 Johnson
Fowler, Wm. H., brickmaker, 73 Johnson
Francis, Eliza, laundress, 5 Inloes al
Francis, John, boarding, 184 Eastern av
Francis, John, waiter, 35 Raborg
Francis, John, barber, 8 Chestnut
Francis, Lewis, whitewasher, 33 Chestnut al
Francis, Owen, hod carrier, 17 Harmony la
Franklin, Abraham, 16 Short
Franklin, George, whitewasher, 155 York
Franklin, Jesse, 88 Moore al
Franklin, John E., laborer, 26 Raborg
Franklin, Thomas A., drayman, 378 Cross
Frazier, Basil, cook, 48 Dover
Frazier, Caleb, laborer, 141 Hill
Frazier, Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress, 160 s Eutaw
Frazier, Frances A., washerwoman, 84 n Spring
Freeland, George, grain runner, 128 Dover
Freeland, James, drayman, 128 Dover
Freeman, Francis, cook, 30 York
Freeman, George, 17 Jasper
Freeman, Isaac, porter, 116 Tyson
Freeman, James H., shoemaker, 76 East
Freeman, P., laborer, 55 Forest
Freeman, Samuel, waiter, s e cor Fayette and Harrison
Freeman, Sarah, 14 Herrings ct
Freeman, Wm., laborer, 72 L. McElderry
Freeman, Wm., huckster, 47 Mullikin
Frisby, Ann, laundress, 79 w Fayette
Frisby, Joseph, laborer, 301 s Eutaw
Frisby, John, laborer, 13 Ross
Frisby, Julia, chambermaid, 57 Hargrove al
Frisby, Perry, 6 Short al
Frisby, Richard, porter, 78 s Howard
Frisby, Richard, laborer, 20 Edward
Frisby, Spencer, laborer, 44 Lewis
Fuller, Chase, 249 Orleans
Fuller, George, waiter, 249 Orleans
Fullman, George, waiter, 83 Orchard
Furguson, Sarah, chambermaid, 327 s Eutaw
Gail, George H., 2 L. McElderry
Gains, John, teacher, 6 Peach al
Gains, Levin, porter, 74 Stiles
Gains, Moses, laborer, 6 Peach al
Gaines, John, brickmaker, 240 Montgomery
Gaines, Joseph, whip saweyer, 138 West
Gaines, Noah, whitewasher, 251 s Charles
Gaines, Philip, laborer, 112 n Dallas
Gaines, William R., porter, 49 French
Gaiter, Henry, whitewasher, 2 Jordan al
Gaiter, Rachel, 3 Iron al
Gaither, Richard, laborer, 39 Arch
GAITHER, WASHINGTON, feed store and livery stables, 9
Columbia, dw 2 Elbow la
Galamason, Charles, caulker, 170 s Dallas
Gale, Annie, 116 Orchard
Gale, John, laborer, 87 n Spring
Gale, Robert, whitewasher, 110 Orchard
Gale, Raisin, hod carrier, 84 Jasper
Gales, James, waiter, 17 Union
Galloway, Geo. W., laborer, 129 Welcome al
Galloway, Hiram, grain runner, rear of 47 King
Galloway, Isaac, laborer, Vine al rear of 29 Amity
Galloway, John, grain measurer, rear of 47 King
Galloway, Melinda, washerwoman, rear of 47 King
Galloway, Eliza, cook, 133 Chestnut
Galloway, Wm., waiter, 4 Salisbury al
Gamble, John, mariner, 51 Holiday
Gannon, Peter, laborer, 67 Wayne
Gannon, Nobel, laborer, 49 Low
Gant, Alfred, laborer, 12 Stockton al
Gant, John, farmer, 58 L. Church
Gant, Margaret, laundress, 6 Butler al
Gant, Richard, huckster, 139 Hill
Gant, Samuel, carter, 69 Union
Garber, Ann M., 7 Etna la
Gardner, Elizabeth, boarding, 21l Vine
Gardner, James, cauker, 109 n Dallas
Garner, Elizabeth, 111 North
Garner, Mary, 23 Jenkins la
Garner, William, steward, 78 Cider al
Garrett, Augustus, laborer, 8 Forney al
Garrett, Anne, laundress, 24 Union
Garrett, Edward, 51 Elbow la
Garrett, Julia A., laundress, 24 Union
Garrett, Mrs. Maria, 68 Elbow la
Garrett, Richard, porter, 86 Elbow la
Garrett, Richard S., whitewasher, 13 Pine al
Garrett, Thomas, mariner, 8 Jew al
Garrett, Thomas, laborer, 334 n Howard
Garrett, William, coachman, 8 Jew al
Garrett, William, huckster, 74 Chestnut al
Garretson, Charles, hostler, 8 Madison al
Garrison, James, coachman, 17 Tessier
Garrison, Jeremiah, teamster, 48 Union
Garrison, Jermiah, engineer, 239 L. Hughes
Garrison, John, carter, Patapsco al nr Charles
Garrison,, Isaac, coachman, 105 Chestnut
Garrison, Nathaniel, waiter, 21 Arch
Gassaway, Francis, carter, 76 Moore al
Gassaway, Henry N., coachman, 59 Moore al
Gassaway, Joshua, plasterer, 12 Edward
Gassaway, John, grain runner, 152 York
Gassaway, Nicholas, porter, 111 North
Gaskins, Moses, waiter, 50 n Sharp
Gates, William, brickmaker, 18 Jasper
Gatch, Edward, brickmaker, 14 n Spring
Gayno, Orlando, waiter, 16 Jew al
Generals, Stephen, laborer, 262 Hamburg
Gent, John, porter, Waters ct near Biddle
Gent, Henry, Chapel, near N. Fremont
Gent, John, oyster shucker, 7 Waters ct
Gent, Richard, Chapel, near N. Fremont
George A. Washington, waiter, 19 Warren
Gibbs, Anna, laundress, 3 Water's ct
Gibbs, Charles A., coffee roaster, 42 King
Gibbs, Henry, grain measurer, 92 Leadenhall
Gibbs, Lewis, whitewasher, 40 East
Gibbs, Susan, laundress, 32 Short
Gibson, Andrew, whip sawyer, 169 n Dallas
Gibson, Benjamin, drayman, 133 Aisquith
Gibson, Belinda, laundress, 203 Raborg
Gibson, Clara, laundress, 7 Gillingham al
Gibson, Edward, whip sawyer, 169 n Dallas
Gibson, Emily, 56 s Dallas
Gibson, Ellen, worker, 156 York
Gibson, Garbriel, stevedore, 71 Forrest
Gibson, Garrison, carman, Hog al
Gibson, George, drayman, 16 Pierce
Gibson, George, drayman, 51 Tyson al
Gibson, Henry, stevedore, 36 China
Gibson, Ishmael, barber, 43 s Paca
Gibson, Jacob,m laborer, 36 Perry
Gibson, Lewis, carriage driver, 5 Bethel ct
Gibson, Mary Ann, 4 Arcade al
Gibson, Sarah, washerwoman, 39 n Sharp
Gibson, John, brickmaker, 16 Philpot
Gibson, John H., mariner, 62 Welcome al
Gibson, Malachi, hackman, 233 Montgomery
Gibson, Mary, washerwoman, 23 State
Gibson, Philip, cook, 74 Pierce
Gibson, Perry, laborer, 81 Dallas
Gibson, Lewis, brickmaker, 60 Sarah Ann
Gibson, Mary, laundress, 70 Josephine
Gibson, Nathaniel, hackman, 231 L. Hughes
Gibson, Sarah J., 2 Mince al
Gibson, Sophia, laundress, 32 Short
Gibson, William, sawyer, Hogg al
Gibson, Wm., laborer, Francis nr Madison la
Gibson, Watt, laborer, 85 s Spring
Giddings, Daniel, grain runner, 47 L. Pleasant
Giddings, John, laborer, 106 Ensor
Giddings, Marshall, porter, 51 Chestnut
Giddings, Mack, hostler, 15 State
Gidley, David, barber, 10 Hill
Gidley, David, barber, 101 Hill
Gidley, Perry, blacksmith, 259 L. Hughes
Gilbert, Caroline, laundress, 1 Bell al
Gilbert, Jane, laundress, 108 Cider al
Gilbert, John, laborer, 12 Chestnut
Gilbert, Martin, eating house, 13 L. Paca, dw Elbow la
Gilbert, Matilda, laundress, 2Union al
Gilbert, Paca, whitewasher, 23 Foundry
Gilbert, Sidney, 153 York
Giles, Levi, porter, 7 Stogden al
Giles, Mary, laundress, 5 State
Giles, Nathan, carter, 78 Welcome al
Giles, Urias, wagoner, 237 Orleans
Giles, Wm., laborer, 46 Eislein
Gilley, Wm. W., barber, 1 Forrest
Gilley, Annie M., laundress, Half Moon al
Gilley, Levi, spring maker, 15 Stockton al
Gilliott, Abraham, mariner, 90 Welcome al
Gilliard, Edward, blacksmith, 188 Harford av
Gillard, James, confectionery, 186 Harford av
Gilliard, Julia, 80 L. McElderry
Gilmore, Alexander, hod carrier, 23 Chestnut
Gilmore, Ira, s Dallas
Gilmore, John, waiter, 4 Plover al
Gilyard,,, Charlotte, washerwoman, 73 Davis
Gilyard, George, boatman, 16 n Dallas
Gittings, Elizabeth, laundress, 50 L. Church
Gittings, Isaiah, hostler, 12 Vine
Gittings, Sarah, laundress, 66 Gravel al
Glaxo, Stephen, whitewasher, 271 Orleans
Glascoe, James, waiter, 29 State
Glascoe, Solomon, sawyer, 43 Douglass
Gleaves, Thomas, fireman, 2 Union al
Glees, Charles, laborer, 41 East
Glenn, Samuel, whitewasher, 170 York
Goins, George, hackman, 150 Tyson
Goins, Robert, porter, 181 Henriets
Gioodwin, Joseph, soldier, 32 Hill
Goold, John, brickmaker, 103 s Spring
Golden, Charles, carriage driver, 79 w Fayette
Golden, Joshua, laborer, 33 Park
Golding, Wm., laborer, 155 n Exeter
Goldsberry, Charles, hod carrier, 263 Raborg
Goldman, Jane, 290 e Fayette
Goldsbough, Elizabeth, cook, 101 Hill
Goldsbough, Henry, hod carrier, 1 Tripolet al
Goldsbough, Scipio, waiter, 64 Chatsworth
Goldsbough, Thomas R., barber, 33 Morris al
Goldsbough, Washington, brickmaker, 83 Welcome al
Goldsbough, Wm., carter, 87 Moore al
Goldsbough, Mary A., laundress, 64 Chestnut al
Good, Richard, laborer, 14 Stockton al
Goodwin, Ephraim, porter, 160 Penna av
Goodwin, Eton, porter, 36 Morris al
Goodwin, Charles, mariner, 68 Wayne
Goodwin, Louisa, laundress, 55 Burgundy al
Gooseberry, Thomas, wagoner, 193 s Dallas
Gooseberry, Elizabeth, 63 s Dallas
Gose, Philip T., porter, 79 Burgundy al
Gonnett, Washington, hay measurer, 180 York
Gordon, John, laborer, 32 Morris al
Gough, Mrs. Annie, chamberlmaid, 66 Dover
Gough, Francis A., 118 s Dallas
Gough, Lloyd, laborer, 235 Booth
Gough, Martha, laundress, 15 State
Gould, Daniel, whitewasher, 39 Moore al
Gould, Frances, seamstress, 26 Raborg
Gould, John, laborer, 22 Wayne
Gould, Charles, furniture, 48 Carlton
Gould, John A., drayman, 289 Hamburg
Govans, Charity, 131 Aisquith
Govey, James, driver, 69 Dover
Grabe, James, laborer, Philpot al
Grace, Alexander, caulker, 41 s Bethel
Grace, John, caulker, 41 s Bethel
Grady, John, coachman, 2 Plover al
Graham, Maria, laundress, 114 Sarah Ann
Graham, Maria, 57 Jasper
Grain Carriers' Hall (colored), 45 Commerce
Grandason, Charles, laborer, 43 Douglas
Grandison, Charles, porter, 10 Beaufort
Granger, Wm. A., drayman, rear 98 Chestnut
Grant, Alice, laundress, l Biddle ct
Grant, Charity, 3 College al
Grant, Mark, blacksmith, 133 n Caroline
Grant, Nancy, huckstress, 230 Hanover
Graves, Alewxander, mariner, 104 Orchard
Graves, David, drayman, 64 St. Mary
Graves, George W., laborer, 311 s Howard
Graves, Joseph, grain measurer, 270 s Howard
Graves, Wm. H., laborer, rear of 47 King
Gray, Albert, laborer, 7 Bankers al
Gray, America, farmer, 11 Mechanics' ct
Gray, Cumberland, butcher, 191 Ensor
Gray, David, laborer, 104 Henrietta
Gray, David, drayman, 25 Ross
Gray, Delia, laundress, 166 York
Gray, Emeline, laundress, 72 s Howard
Gray, Ellen, 92 St. Mary
Gray, Frances, 17 Walnut al
Gray, George, carter, 72 Burgundy al
Gray, Horcace, laborer, 105 Welcome al
Gray, James, carter, 151 Low
Gray, James, whitewasher, 17 Jordan al
Gray, James, porter, 3 Salisbury al
Gray, Mary A., laundress, 37 Raborg
Gray, Nelson, porter, 11 Edward
Gray, Rachel, 12 X al
Gray, Richard, laborer, 164 Park
Gray, Richard, carter, 218 Raborg
Gray, Samuel, laborer, 3 Page al
Gray, Shadrach, mariner, 135 Hill
Gray, Silas, laborer, 218 Dover
Gray, Susan, laundress, rear if 98 Chestnut
Gray, Wm., waiter, 6 Richmond
Gray, Wm. J., undertaker, 86 Park
Gray, Wm., waiter, 57 w Centre
Grayson, Eliza, 118 Holiday
Grayson, George, laborer, 314 Montgomery
Grayson, Henry, laborer, 70 Orchard
Grayson, John, laborer, 224 Hanover
Grayson, Mrs. Mary, 225 Dover
Grayson, Nobel, soldier, 17 Booth
Grayson, Sam'l B., whitewasher, 242 Hughes
Greatfield, Eliza, mantuamaker, 38 Clay
Greatfield, Alfred, laborer, 78 Morris al
Green, Alice, laundress, 12 George al
Green, Alfred, laborer, 78 Morris al
Green, Ann M., 45 Tyson al
Green, Benj., vook, 216 Hughes
Green, Catherine, laundress, Spring Garden av
Green, Catherine, laundress, 42 East
Green, Mrs. Caroline, 50 Cross
Green, Charles, herb doctor, 4 Leadenhall
Green, Charles, teacher, 243 s Eutaw
Green, David, caulker, 225 s Durham
Green, David, laborer, 1 Water's ct
Green, Edward, laborer, 54 China
Green, Emory, brickmaker, 88 Elbow la
Green, Emory, laborer, 37 Burgundy al
Green, Empraim, laborer, 59 Josephine
Green, Eli, drayman, 35 Jordan al
Green, Garrison, laborer, 2 Arcade al
Green, George, laborer, 2 Stockton al
Green, George, caulker, 170 s Bethel
Green, George, hostler, 246 Raborg
Green, George, brickmaker, 7 Peach al
Green, George, sawyer, 224 s Durham
Green, George, laborer, 54 Chine
Green, George, waiter, 23 State
Green, Harriet, 127 e Baltimore
Green, Harris, laborer, 47 Carlton
Green, Henry, caulker, 183 s Dallas
Green, Hooper, stevedore, 137 s Dallas
Green, Jacob, china packer, 218 Hughes
Green, James, waiter, rear of 47 King
Green, James, oystershucker, 8 Cecil
Green, James, laborer, 121 s Bethel
Green, James, caulker, 212 s Dallas
Green, Jane A., 14 Hamburg
Green, John, brickmaker, 50 Cross
Green, John E., laborer, 90 St. Mary
Green, John H., waiter, 120 Orchard
Green, John, laborer, 121 s Bethel
Green, Joseph, porter, 18 Sarah Ann
Green, Joseph, express driver, 42 Short
Green, Louis, laborer, 27 s Regester
Green, Martha, seamstress, 33 Tyson al
Green, Mary A., cook, 6 Bethel row
Green, Robert, laborer, 177 s Durham
Green, Robert, drayman, 18 s Bethel
Green, Richard, lumber wagoner, 82 n Spring
Green, Richard, waiter, 83 Gravel al
Green, Richard, laborer, 11 Ross
Green, Samuel, laborer, 94 L. Church
Green, Vincent, mariner, 45 Guilford al
Green, Wm., plasterer, 260 Rabord
Green, Wm., brickmaker, 617 Light
Greenfield, Mary, 9 Walnut al
Greenwood, Perry, porter, 42 Vine
Greenwood, Samuel, porter, 315 s Eutaw
Gregg, John, laborer, 13 Water's row
Grievous, Ida, dressmaker, 110 s Bethel
Griffin, Charlotte, cook, 186 Henrietta
Griffin, Edw., cigar maker, 144 Hill
Griffin, Edward, barber, 155 n Dallas
Griffin, Edward, cigar maker, Montgomery nr Sharp
Griffin, Harriet, washerwoman, 79 Welcome al
Griffin, Henry, wood sawyer, 85 n Spring
Griffin, John T., barber, 188 s Howard
Griffin, John H., grain measurer, 45 Jefferson
Griffin, John T., barber, 71 Montgomery, dw 188 s Howard
Griffin, Levin, mariner, 1 Gillingham al
Griffin, Lemuel, brickmaker, 190 s Howard
Griffin, Mary A., 197 s Durham
Griffin, Matilda, washerwoman, 128 s Dallas
Griffin, Nelson, mariner, 48 Chestnut
Griffin, Perry, laborer, 47 Elbow la
Griffin, Richard, cigar maker, 36 Clay
Griffin, Robert, laborer, 67 Wayne
Griffin, Wm., brickmaker, 130 Hill
Griffin, Wm., porter, 69 Leadenhall
Griffith, Chares, soldier, 142 Sarah Ann
Griffith, Lemuel, brickmaker, 124 Hill
Grififith, Mary E., laundress, 182 West
Grinnage, Levi, laborer, 53 Dover
Grinnage, John, laborer, 53 Dover
Grinnell, James, mariner, 8 Wayne
Grooms, Francis, laborer, 14 Mechanic's ct
Grooms, Nathaniel, barber, Western hotel, dw 66 St. Mary
Grooms, Nelson, butcher, 197 Stirling
Grooms, John E., waiter, 118 Holidal
Grooms, Joseph, barber, 66 St. Mary
Grooms, Othello, drayman, 183 Tyson
Gross, Araminta, laundress, 27 Ross
Gross, Basil, laborer, 318 Hamburg
Gross, Benjamin, drayman, 313 s Howard
Gross, Charles, porter, 55 Raborg
Gross, Charles, driver, 17 Tessier
Gross, Colbert, soldier, 85 Hill
Gross, Daniel, waiter, 12 Jew al
Gross, Deborah, laundress, 37 Raborg
Gross, Dennis, porter, 37 Raborg
Gross, Dinah, laundress, 163 York
Gross, Dinah, laundress, 73 Plum
Gross, Edward, laborer, 319 s Howard
Gross, Mrs. Elizabeth, 182 Henrietta
Gross, Emily, laundress, 55 Raborg
Gross, Francis, laundress, 49 Elbow lane
Gross, Frisby, sailot, 60 Welcome al
Gross, Harriet, laundress, 85 Hill
Gross, Henry, mariner, 56 Orleans
Gross, Henrietta, cook, 91 Moore al
Gross, Rev. Henry, 55 Orleans
Gross, Isaiah, laborer, 318 Hamburg
Gross, Jacob, laborer, 92 Chestnut al
Gross, Jane, laundress, 261 L. Hughes
Gross, Jeremiah, laborer, rear of 147 York
Gross, John L., mariner, 41 Forrest
Gross, John W., laborer, 211 Hamburg
Gross, Josiah, porter, 27 Tyson al
Gross, Joseph, laborer, 167 York
Gross, Kinzie, grain measurer, 106 Henrietta
Gross, Lloyd, laborer, 83 Chestnut
Gross, Lucretia, 90 Tyson
Gross, Mary, laundress
Gross, Mary E., washerwoman, 129 Welcome al
Gross, Philip, rope maker, 35 Edward
Gross, Philip T., porter, 79 Burgundy al
Gross, Prince, laborer, 165 n Dallas
Gross, Richard, drayman, 236 L. Hughes
Gross, Samuel, laborer, 321 s Howard
Gross, Sophia, washerwoman, 165 n Dallas
Gross, Sophia, laundress, 133 Aisquith
Gross, Susan J., laundress, 261 L. Hughes
Gross, Wm., waiter, 12 Jew al
Gross, Wm. H., brickmaker, 329 s Howard
Grosset, Henry, laborer, 50 Lewis
Govins, Charity, laundress, 133 Aisquith
Grove, Henry, rope maker, 247 L. Hughes
Gruner, Robert, hostler, 31 East
Guest, George, caulker, 126 s Bethel
Guy, Ann, 54 East
Guy, Charles, whitewasher, 72 Lerew al
Guy, Henry, brickmaker, 8 Lester st
Guy, William, 54 East
Gwinn, James, laborer, 198 Ensor
Gwinn, Thomas, waiter, 100 Tyson
Gwynn, John, laborer, Necessity al
Harran, George, laborer, 15 Jenkins al
Habury, John, brickmaker, 169 York
Hacket, Charles, cooper, 28 Harford av
Hacket, Rachael An, waiter, 86 Camden
Hacket, Wm, of brick yard, 98 n Dallas
Hackett, Charles, grain measurer, 4 Harnden ct
Hackett, Doras, 54 East
Hackett, George A., coal, 52 Forrest
Hackett, Julia A., laundress, 214 L. Hughes
Hackett, Margaret, cook, 60 L. Church
Hackett, Mary, huckstress, 166 n Front
Hackett, Philip, brickmaker, 60 L. Church
Hagget, Tobias, porter, Franklin house
Haley, Alexander, mariner, 191 s Dallas
Haley, Mrs. Henrietta, laundress, 8 X al
Hall, Ann M., 6 X al
Hall, Mrs. Ann, laundress, 148 s Eutaw
Hall, Andres, laborer, 134 Chestnut
Hall, Abraham, whitewasher, 120 Cider al
Hall, Arthur, oyster shucker, 265 L. Hughes
Hall, Arthur W., furn. carter, 49 East
Hall, Basil, drayman, 50 China al
Hall, Benj., laborer, 100 Lee
Hall, Charles, shoemaker, 63 Williamson al
Hall, Charlotte, laundress, 76 Orchard
Hall, Daniel, hay packer, 8 Boyd
Hall, Edward, waiter, 12 Pierce
Hall, Elias, drayman, 103 Orchard
Hall, Eliza, 91 Moore al
Hall, Elizabeth A., dressmaker, 14 Chestnut
Hall, Elizabeth A., 31 n Sharp
Hall, Freeborn, brickmaker, 66 L. Church
Hall, George, hod carrier, 119 York
Hall, George, porter, 5 Union
Hall, Gracey, 53 s Bethel
Hall, Hannah, cook, 45 Raborg
Hall, Jason, laborer, 46 Eislein
Hall, John, porter, 23 WEelcome al
Hall, John, laborer, 49 King
Hall, John, drayman, 78 St. Mary
Hall, John, confectioner, 14 Chestnut
Hall, John, oyster shucker, 83 Watson
Hall, John, whitewasher, rear 46 St. Mary
Hall, John A., brickmaker, 87 Elbow la
Hall, John D., barber, 116 Ross
Hall, Joseph, laborer, Chapel near n Fremont
Hall, Joseph, hay packer, 8 Boyd
Hall, Joshua, mariner, 43 s Charles
Hall, Kilt, laborer, 105 Low
Hall, Lewis, H.S., brickmaker, 261 Hamburg
Hall, Mary E., huckstress, 90 L. Church
Hall, Mary, 13 s Central av
Hall, Mary, 72 St. Mary
Hall, Mrs., 105 s Durham
Hall, Nathan, hay packer, 8 Boyd
Hall, Pricilla, laundress, 5 Tessier
Hall, Rachel A., boarding, 240 Montgomery
Hall, Sarah, laundress, 78 Chestnut
Hall, Sarah, laundress, 248 Orleans
Hall, Simon, laborer, 211 Raborg
Hall, Solomon, laborer, 21 Raborg
Hall, Thomas, porter, 5 Marion
Hall, Virginia, laundress, 3 Saratoga
Hall, Washington, engineer, 58 Vine
Hall, Wm., huckster, 43 Jordan al
Hall, Wm. H., laborer, 215 s Howard
Hall, Wm., laborer, 42 Union
Hall, Wm., laborer, 62 Wayne
Halley, Isaiah, laborer, 13 Salisbury al
Hambleton, Wm., laborer, 83 Jasper
Hamer, Joseph C., barber, 41 Centre Market space, dw 92 L.
Hamilton, Anne, laundress, 5 Low
Hamilton, Caroline, cookshop, 18 w Lombard, dw 98 East
Hamilton, Ellen, laundress, 25 L. Montgomery
Hamilton, Georgianna, 2 Cohen al
Hamilton, Henry, drayman, 98 East
Hamilton, Mary J., washerwoman, 6 Tyson al
Hamilton, Richard A., drayman, 3 Bethel ct
Hamilton, Ross, drayman, 6 Bethel ct
Hamilton, Wm., laborer, 4 Arcade al
Hammond, Anne, cook, 39 Plum al
Hammond, Ann, 22 Eutaw ct
Hammond, Mrs. Aramenta, 185 Dover
Hammond, James, 60 East
Hammond, John, laborer, 96 s Dallas
Hammond, John, laborer, 22 Wagon al
Hammond, John, barber, 32 Peach al
Hammond, Robert, coachman, 60 Lerew al
Hammond, Rev. Savage L., 46 Diamond al
Hammond, Sophia, cook, 130 n Spring
Handy, Albert, soldier, 38 n Frederick
Handy, Alexander, drayman, 151 s Caroline
Handy, Ann, 38 n Frederick
Handy, Ellen, laundress, 20 Union
Handy, Geo. W., laborer, 143 Low
Handy, Isaac, oyster shucker, 20 Union
Handy, James A., undertaker, 166 s Caroline
Handy, John, sailor, 27 Hull la
Handy, Samuel, waiter, 20 Union
Hanson, Adelaide, 22 Marion
Hanson, Louisa, laundress, 95 Moore al
Hanson, Maria, laundress, 15 Chestnut al
Harden, Edward, whitewasher, 1 Biddle al
Harden, Elizabeth, laundress, 16 Boyd
Harden, George, carter, 82 Elbow la
Harden, James, waiter, 189 Ensor
Harden, James D., tailor, 189 Ensor
Harden, Jane, laundress, 44 Lewis
Harden, Jeremiah, waiter, 189 Stirling
Harden, Joseph, mariner, 68 n Spring
Harden, Matthew, grain measurer, 44 King
Harden, Moses, whitewasher, Harmony la
Harden, Samuel, whitewasher, 67 Arch
Harden, Samuel S., whitewasher, 67 Arch
Harden, Wesley, 6 Harden ct
Hardy, Abby, laundress, 42 Greenwillow
Hardy, Albert, waiter, 294 s Howard
Hardy, Albert, whitewasher, 179 Ross
Hardy, Anthony, sawyer, 316 Raborg
Hardy, Daniel, carter, 294 s Howard
Hardy, Elias, waiter, 32 Wayne
Hardy, H. John, waiter, 133 Chestnut
Hardy, Joseph, brickmaker, 294 s Howard
Hardy, Matthias, waiter, 294 s Howard
Hardy, Samuel, carter, 294 s Howard
Hardy, Susan, laundress, 201 Hamburg
Hardy, Wm., waiter, 112 Welcome al
Hargrave, Stewart, laborer, 28 Short
Harlan, Daniel, drayman, 38 Morris al
Harmac, Margaret, 127 n Caroline
Harman, Henrietta, laundress, 76 East
Harman, Isaac, laborer, rear of 215 L. Hughes
Harman, Maria, laundress, 87 Hill
Harman, Thoroughgood, whipsawyer, 36 Hill
Harmond, Rachel, 133 Stirling
Harney, Mrs. Elizabeth, 61 Arch
Harnday, Catherine, laundress, 39 Plum al
Harney, John, waiter, 17 Tyson al
Harney, Thomas, barber, 223 s Eutaw
Harpin, Zachariah, laborer, 196 Stirling
Harriday, Samuel, oyster shucker, 131 Hill
Harriday, Wm., whitewasher, 106 Orchard
Harris, Alex., plasterer, 17 Leadenhall
Harris, Alfred, waiter, 16 Slemmer al
Harris, Amelia, laundress, 60 Wayne
Harris, Ann, 260 s Ann
Harris, Araminta, 179 Dover
Harris, Caroline, 126 Jasper
Harris, Catherine, 308 s Howard
Harris, Cator, gardner, 11 Waters ct
Harris, Charles, laborer, 69 Easy
Harris, Charles, caulker, 13 s Bethel
Harris, Daniel, bricklayer, 260 s Bond
Harris, Elias, waiter, 9 State
Harris, Eliza, 1 Chapel al
Harris, Eliza, washerwoman, 46 China al
Harris, Eliza, laundress, 24 Marion
Harris, Mrs. Eliza, cook, 34 China
Harris, Frederick, 68 Short
Harris, ,_____, hod carrier, 194 s Howard
Harris, Mrs. Milcah, 170 Dover
Harris, Mary, 16 Slemmer al
Harrod, David, brickmaker, 61 Jasper
Harris, Geo., drayman, 21 High al
Harris, Geo., Windson mill road, nr Fremont
Harris, Henry, porter, 66 Cider al
Harris, Henrietta, laundress, 9 China
Harris, Jacob, whip sawyer, 81 Welcome al
Harris, Jacob, laborer, 262 L. Hughes
Harris, James, laborer, 72 Welcome al
Harris, James A., brickmaker, 46 China
Harris, James H., carter, 46 China
Harris, James, oyster shucker, 17 Leadenhall
Harris, James, boatman, 61 Raborg
Harris, James A., brickmaker, 76 St. Mary
Harris, James, waiter, 11 Water row
Harris, James A., hod carrier, 129 Welcome al
Harris, John, bricklayer, 260 s Bond
Harris, John, sawyer, 59 Cross
Harris, John H., caulker, 41 s Bethel
Harris, John, carter, 148 n Dallas
Harris, John, bricklayer, 10 Warren, F.P.
Harris, John, boatman, 61 Raborg
Harris, John, carter, 106 Burgundy al
Harris, Joseph, musician, 118 Hill
Harris, Lucretia, 11 Tyson al
Harris, Margaret, laundress, 8 Clarkston al
Harris, Maria, laundress, 35 Park
Harris, Mrs. Martha, laundress, 34 China
Harris, Philip, drayman, 214 Hanover
Harris, Philip, drayman, 93 Moore al
Harris, Phoebe, laundress, 84 Jasper
Harris, Richard, laborer, 129 Welcome al
Harris, Richard A, brickmaker, 46 China
Harris, Robert, wheelman, 61 Raborg
Harris, Robert J., waiter, 135 Hill
Harris, Rosetta, 195 Ensor
Harris, Thos. J., barber, 104 s Dallas
Harris, Thos., whitewasher, 22 Short
Harris, Wesley, waiter, 24 Marion
Harris, Wm., laborer, Chapel, nr n Fremont ext
Harris, Wm., butcher, 840 w Baltimore
Harris, Wm. H., porter, 38 Park
Harrison, Andrew, sawyer, 42 Carlton
Harrison, Delia, 52 Davis
Harrison, Daniel, laborer, 65 Welcome al
Harrison, Jesse, fruits and cakes, 19 n Sharp
Harrison, Thomas, wagoner, 52 Camel al
Harrod, David, drayman, Jasper nr Franklin
Harrod, Henrietta, cook, 143 York
Harrod, Major, brickmaker, 3 Peach al
Hartman, Isaac, oyster shucker, rear of 215 L. Hughes
Harvey, Harriet, 33 Williamson al
Harvey, Joshua, laborer, Windson mill road nr n Fremond
Harvey, Thos., barber, 70 1/2 Hanover, dw 223 s Eutaw
Harvey, Volinda, 2 Salisbury al
Haskins, James, drayman, 6 Chestnut
Hatten, Dennis, laborer, 18 Douglass
Hatchinson, Wesley, musician, 19 Walnut al
Hawsey, Hannah, fruiterer, 206 Montgomery
Hawkins, Alex, waiter, 3 Tyson
Hawkins, Catharine, laundress, 49 Jasper
Hawkins, Edward, porter, 39 York
Hawkins, Elmira, laundress, 159 York
Hawkins, Henry, whitewasher, 81 Elbow la
Hawkins, James H., waiter, 32 Tyson
Hawkins, Jane, laundress, 71 Forrest
Hawkins, Jane, laundress, 83 Moore al
Hawkins, Julia, whitewasher, 8 McElderry's ct
Hawkins, Luther, 50 Chestnut al
Hawkins, Mary, 55 Raborg
Hawkins, Mary, 12 Lewis
Hawkins, Mrs. Patience, seamstress, 81 Elbow la
Hayden, Richard, 13 Jefferson
Hay, Geo. W., brickmoulder, 154 York
Hays, Joseph, brickmaker, 157 West
Hays, John H., oystershucker, 209 Hamburg
Hays, Elizabeth, laundress, 209 Hamburg
Hayward, Edwin, porter, 8 Pierce
Hayward, Mahale A., laundress, 7 Tripolet al
Haywood, Henry, laborer, 58 n Dallas
Hazleton, Henrietta, 9 Gillingham al
Hazzard, Rebecca, laundress, 33 Williamson al
Headen, Isaac, mariner, 25 Forrest
Hearse, James, mariner, 194 Henrietta
Heath, Thomas, brickmaker, 47 Leadenhall
Heath, Edward, grain measurer, 90 East
Hebrews, Elijah, laborer, 106 n Spring
Hebron, John B., laborer, 64 Union
Height, James, waiter, 16 Rose
Helmsley, Levi, carter, 169 Sarah Ann
Hemsley, William, 34 Jordan al
Henderson, Catherine, 9 X al
Henderson, Elizabeth, laundress, 26 Raborg
Henderson, John, coachman, 9 Marion
Henry, George W., stevedore, 83 n Dallas
Henry, Hebrew, drayman, 194 s Howard
Henry, Jonas, waiter, 216 Hanover
Henry, John, drayman, 193 s Sharp
Henry, John, drayman, 293 Hamburg
Henry, Levin, laborer, 105 King
Henry, Major, laborer, rear of 55 Forrest
Henry, Maria, laundress, 215 L. Hughes
Henry, Palestine, drayman, 88 Leadenhall
Henry, Phoebe, 42 Greenwillow
Henry, Thaddeus, grain measurer, 231 Orleans
Henry, Theordore, drayman, 88 Leadenhall
Henry, Washington, fireman, 57 Plum
Henry, William, hod carrier, 13 Arch
Henry, Wm., stevedore, 145 s Spring
Henry, William, laborer, 65 Welcome al
Henson, Albert, furniture wagon, 16 Wagon al
Henson, Ames, laborer, 135 s Bethel
Henson, Basil, whitewasher, 4 Inloes al
Henson, Charlotte, laundress, 5 Peach al
Henson, Charlotte, cook, 135 York
Henson, Dawson, caulker, 10 s Bethel
Henson, Eliza, 8 s Bethel
Henson, George, drayman, 102 East
Henson, Hariette, laundress, 27 French
Henson, Henry, brickmaker, 14 Spruce al
Henson, Jacob, laborer, 31 Dover
Henson, Jacob, barber, 122 n High
Henson, James, brickmaker, 14 Spruce al
Henson, James, waiter, 67 Elbow la
Henson, James, brickmaker, 5 Peach al
Henson, James, laborer, 111 s Bethel
Henson, Jeremiah, oyster shucker, 92 Chestnut al
Henson, John, laborer, 64 Sarah Ann
Henson, John H., coachman, 95 Jasper
Henson, Joseph, laborer, 5 Peach al
Henson, Nathaniel, laborer, 122 Jasper
Henson, Peter, hod carrier, 149 Sarah Ann
Henson, Samuel, sawyer, 67 Leadenhall
Henson, Rebecca, huckster, 108 s Bethel
Hrmon, Matilda, 16 Slemmer al
Hicks, Charles, laborer, 69 East
Hicks, Eliza, dressmaker, 105 Orchard
Hicks, Hinson, laborer, 96 Chestnut
Hicks, Horace, coachman, 105 Orchard
Hicks, ____, whitewasher, 95 Gravel al
Hicks, John D., waiter, 220 Hanover
Hicks, Lewis, waiter, 19 Jew al
High, James, carter, 131 n Caroline
Hight, Joseph, steward, 28 s Dallas
Hight, Joseph, mariner, 45 s Dallas
Hitchins, Augustus, barber, 75 Bethel
Hill, Abel, 54 s Dallas
Hill, Charles, hay seller, 5 Chestnut al
Hill, Charles, drayman, 208 Dover
Hill, Charlotte, seamstressm 40 Tyson
Hill, Eben, carter, 64 s Bethel
Hill, Edward, hay dealer, 5 Chestnut al
Hill, Emeline, laundress, 205 Hamburg
Hill, George, coachman, McKim nr Eager
Hill, James H., teacher, 285 Hamburg
Hill, Joseph, mariner, 8 Edward
Hill, Joseph, coachman, 122 Cider al
Hill, Joshua, laborer, 2 Forrest
Hill, London, sawyer, 126 Hill
Hill, Lorenzo, laborer, 239 Orleans
Hill, Maria, cook, 32 Edward
Hill, Mrs. M. J., dressmaker, 47 Raborg
Hill, Richard, steward, 47 Raborg
Hill, Sarah, 57 L. Pleasant
Hill, Susan, 25 Jefferson
Hill, Sylvester, porter, 128 Cider al
Hill, Thomas, carter, 285 Hamburg
Hill, Thomas, waiter, 47 Tyson
Hill, Thomas, steward, 25 Jefferson
Hill, Wm., tanner, 112 Chestnut
Hill, Wm., mariner, 33 Wayne
Hill, Wm., 27 s Regester
Hillen, Joseph, huckster, 139 Low
Hillyard, Hezekiah, porterm 86 n Spring
Hillyard, Robert, drayman, 112 St. Mary
Hiner, Jacob, porter, 24 Jefferson
Hiner, John, laborer, 56 Forrest
Hiner, Sarah, plain sewing, 198 Eden
Hines, Arthur, mariner, 134 n Dallas
Hines, Barney, hod carrier, 134 n Dallas
Hines, Hugh, hod carrier, 134 n Dallas
Hines, Isaac, laborer, 138 Chestnut
Hines, Isaiah, laborer, 134 n Dallas
Hines, Sophia, laundress, 135 Chestnut
Hinesman, James, laborer, 12 Short al, F.H.
Hinson, Caroline, washerwoman, 42 Tyson al
Hinson, Mary, 113 King
Hipkins, John, waiter, 5 St. James
Hirst, John, barber, 116 Central av
Hirst, Margaretm 116 Central av
Hitch, William, laborer, Chestnut al near Pine
Hitchens, Henry W., caulker, 192 s Bond
Hitchens, Samuel, hackman, 294 e Fayette
Hitesman, Jacob, laborer, 106 Central av
Hobbs, Lucinda, laundress, 192 Tyson
Hodges, Abram B,m 63 Chatsworth
Hodges, George, drayman, 83 French
Hodges, Mary J., laundress, 36 Wayne
Hoganm Alexander, waiter, 32 Tyson
Hogan, James, drayman, 97 Moore al
Hogan, James, drayman, 83 French
Hogan, Mary T., Half Moon al
Holden, Celeste, laundress, 7 Bankert al
Hollan, Susan, laundress, 37 Low
Holland, Edward, 110 Harford av
Holley, George, porter, 118 Jasper
Holley, Wm., wagoner, 11 Marion
Holliday, David, waiter, 8 Eutaw ct
Holliday, Harriet, 7 Walnut al
Holliday, James, waiter, 7 State
Holliday, Joshua, hod carrier, 3 Stone al
Holliday, James, hostler, Stone al near Biddle
Holliday, Wm., laborer, 15 Tessier
Holliday, Philemon, drayman, 4 Bradenbaugh alley
Hollin, Henrietta, cook, 12 Reese al
Hollin, Joseph, oyster shucker, 176 Mullikin
Hollingsworth, James, whitewasher, 215 Mullikin
Hollingsworth, John, butcher, 138 n Spring
Hollingsworth, Abraham, butcher, 1 Durham
Hollins, Ellen, laundress, 30 Burgundy al
Hollins, Jonas, wagoner, 39 Hampstead
Hollis, Edward, porter, 158 York
Hollis, Wm., laborer, 101 Spring ct
Hollis, Wm., laborer, 112 Chestnut
Holloway, Aberdeen, waiter, 7 State
Holly, Joseph, porter, 117 St. Paul
Holly, Susan, seamstress, 117 St. Paul
Holmes, Allen, laborer, 323 s Howard
Holmes, Elizabeth, 3 Gillingham al
Holmes, Henry, laborer, 29 Plum al
Holmes, Mrs. Jane, 211 Hamburg
Holmes, Solomon, wagoner, 3 House ct
Honey, John, 104 Stirling
Hooper, Charles, laborer, 66 L. Church
Hooper, George, carter, 202 Hamburg
Hooper, Isaac, cake shop, 52 s Howard
Hooper, Henry, laborer, 137 Low
Hooper, Jacob, laborer, 127 York
Hooper, Rebecca, laundress, 8 Short al, F.H.
Hooper, Selina, laundress, 100 Chestnut
Hopewell, Edward, laborer, 27 Moore al
Hopkins, Charles E., cook, 43 State
Hopkins, Daniel, carter, 23 Chestnut
Hopkins, Henry, porter, 104 n Dallas
Hopkins, H. John, shoemaker, 98 Low
Hopkins, Joseph, sailor, 42 n Dallas
Hopkins, Joseph, rope maker, 320 Harford av
Hopkins, Pricilla, laundress, 84 Chestnut
Hopkins, Solomon, 25 L. McElderry
Hopkina, Violet, laundress, 14 Camden
Horsey, John, grain runner, 247 n Charles
Horsey, Nancy, laundress, 5 Tyson
House, Sophia J., laundress, 38 Orchard
Houston, Henry, hay huckster, 59 L. Monument
Houston, Jacob, carter, 7 Iron al
Howard, Adelaide, laundress, 5 Dawson al
Howard, Ann E., cook, 3 Bell al
Howard, Catharine, cook, 68 Jasper
Howard, Charles, whitewasher, 16 Stockton al
Howard, Charles, waiter, 51 Burgundy al
Howard, Dennis, carter, 251 s Eutaw
Howard, Mrs. Diana, laundress, 81 Elbow la
Howard, Emily J., 55 Raborg
Howard, Elizabeth, laundress, 29 Sharp
Howard, Eli, cook, 67 Sarah Ann
Howard, Grafton, laborer, 44 Canal al
Howard, Greenbury, oysterman, 7 Jasper
Howard, Henry, laborer, 111 Jasper
Howard, Henry, stevedore, 242 Raborg
Howard, Isaiah, waiter, 28 McKim
Howard, Isaiah, waiter, 128 Chestnut
Howard, Jerry, porter, 37 L. Monument
Howard, Jacob, carter. 142 Low
Howard, John, laborer, 164 Raborg
Howard, John, laborer, 7 Dawson
Howard, John, porter, 133 Stirling
Howard, John, laborer, 134 York
Howard, Joshua, carter, 88 Stiles
Howard, Joshua, soldier, 4 Dawson al
Howard, Lloyd, barber, 4 Eutaw ct
Howard, Mary, seamstress, 17 Union
Howard, Moses, sawyer, 48 Park
Howard, Mary, cook, 8 Dallas
Howard, Nicholas G., porter, 91 Chestnut
Howard, Samuel, laborer, 86 L. McElderry
Howard, Samuel, barber, 15 State
Howard, Sarah, Sarah, laundress, 3 Burgundy al
Howard, Samuel, barber, 12 s Liberty, dw State near Mulberry
Howard, Samuel, laborer, 5 Ivy al
Howe, George, laborer, 4 Jordan al
Hoy, Lucinda, 21 Jasper
Hoyt, James S., laborer, 210 s Caroline
Hubbard, Mary, 18 Chatsworth
Hubbard, Mary, laundress, 22 Short
Hubbard, Rebecca, laundress, 138 Chestnut
Hudson, Andres, laborer, 126 Sarah Ann
Hudson, Daniel R, restaurant, 28 and 30 Foundry
Hudson, Levi, barber, 116 n Eutaw, dw 21 Hill
Hudson, Levi, pedler, 201 Mullikin
Hudson, Lemuel T., waiter, 114 Holiday
Hudson, Margaret, laundress, 126 Sarah Ann
Hughes, Arthur, sawyer, 64 Welcome al
Hughes, Benjamin, laborer, 118 n Dallas
Hughes, Edward, drayman, 208 Mullikin
Hughes, George, fruit dealer, 124 s Bethel
Hughes, Hester, 10 Jefferson
Hughes, Hester, laundress, 249 s Charles
Hughes, Israel, laborer, 128 n Dallas
Hughes, John, mariner, 42 Chestnut
Hughes, James, carter, 207 Mullikin
Hughes, Joseph, brickmaker, 55 Williamson alley
Hughes, Laban, boatman, 149 n Dallas
Hughes, Levi, sawyer, 208 Mullikin
Hughes, Robert, drayman, 54 Camel al
Hughes, Sarah, 7 Raborg
Hull, Aaron, laborer, 173 Mullikin
Hunter, Robert, blacksmith, 51 State
Hunter, Wm., preacher, 34 Edward
Hunter, Robert, laborer, 21 Rose
Hurse, John, barber, basement 64 w Fayette
Hurlbut, Lewis, laborer, 108 Dugan's wharf
Hutchins, Alexander, drayman, 50 East
Hutchins, Elizabeth, laundress, 6 Cohen al
Hutchins, Samuel, drayman, 118 Cider al
Hutchins, Sarah, laundress, 40 Jefferson
Hutchison, George, soldier, 13 Leadenhall
Hutton, Henry, sofa spring maker, 49 Moore al
Hutton, Nathan, barber, 74 Burgundy al
Hutty, Elizabeth, milliner, 227 s Bond
Hyatt, Wm., ship scraper, 135 s Dallas
Hyer, Samuel, blockman, 122 s Bethel
Hylon, John, laborer, 3 Bell al
Hyman, Mrs. Sarah, laundress, 56 Burgundy alley
Hyson, Catharine, laundress, 120 St. Mary's
Hynson, Henry, whitewasher, 35 Douglas
Hynson, Peter, whip sawyer, 6 Short al, F.H.
Hynson, Wm., scowman, 34 Edward
Hythe, Henry, waiter, 214 Hanover
Hutty, John, mariner, 227 s Bond
Impy, John, laborer, 52 n Dallas
Iness, Elisha, porter, 2 Hamilton
Innes, Teresa, laundress, 37 Chestnut
Innes, John, laborer, 2 Albert al
Inse, Ellen, cook, 143 Hill
Ireland, John, laborer, 3 Bell al
Ireland, Perry, tavern, 25 Saratoga
Isaacs, Jane, 134 n Howard
Isaacs, Perry, teamster, 9 Jew al
Israel Church, (Colored Methodist Protestant), 211 Chestnut
Jace, Dorsey, laborer, 13 Walnut al
Jack, John, barber, 1 Myer's ct
Jackson, Andrew, waiter, 284 s Howard
Jackson, Arthur, steward, 123 Hill
Jackson, Benjamin, caulker, 208 s Bethel
Jackson, Charles, laborer, 5 Page's al
Jackson, Eliza, 75 Davis
Jackson, Elizabeth, cook, 186 Henrietta
Jackson, George, laborer, 159 s Regester
Jackson, George, sawyer, 77 Leadenhall
Jackson, Harriet, laundress, Necessity al
Jackson, Henry, mariner, 21 Tyson al
Jackson, Henrietta, 16 Marion
Jackson, Henry, shoemaker, 12 Mott
Jackson, Henry, rope maker, 33 Edward
Jackson, Henry, coachman, 53 L. Monuments
Jackson, Henry, laborer, 37 Burgundy al
Jackson, Henry, whitewasher, 71 Cider al
Jackson, Hester, 54 Vine
Jackson, Ignatius, carter, 314 e Fayette
Jackson, Isaacm coachman, 74 Lerew al
Jackson, Jacob, sexton, 3 Bethel row
Jackson, James, porter, 26 Park
Jackson, James, laborer, 166 York
Jackson, James T., porter, 131 Tyson
Jackson, James W., whitewasher, 87 Gravel al
Jackson, James, waiter, 74 Holiday
Jackson, John, caulker, 6 s Dallas
Jackson, John H., whitewasher, 58 Pierce
Jackson, Louisa, whitewasher, 28 Edward
Jackson, Margaret, 18 Short
Jackson, Maria, seamstress, 54 Vine
Jackson, Martha, office tender, 77 Chestnut
Jackson, Martha, washerwoman, 116 s Bethel
Jackson, Martha A., laundress, 40 Lewis
Jackson, Martha, laundress, 54 Williamson al
Jackson, Mary A., washerwoman, 58 s Dallas
Jackson, M., washerwoman, 58 s Dallas
Jackson, Mary Ann, laundress, 169 York
Jackson, Mary A., confectionery, 17 Hamilton
Jackson, Mary A., laundress, 198 York
Jackson, Maulsby, stevedore, 205 Mullikin
Jackson, Maulsby, Jr., waiter, 205 Mullikin
Jackson, Perry, 69 Lerew al
Jackson, Peter, coachman, 1 Ivy al
Jackson, Peter, laborer, 38 East
Jackson, Philip, drayman, 66 Orchard
Jackson, Rachel, 95 s Bethel
Jackson, Rachel Ann, cook, Chestnut al nr Pine
Jackson, Richard, farmer, 17 Raborg
Jackson, Reuben, restaurant, 11 Saratoga
Jackson, Samuel, 12 State
Jackson, Samuel F., laborer, 14 Pierce
Jackson, Samuel, laborer, 152 s Dallas
Jackson, Sarah, laundress, 282 Aisquith
Jackson, Sarah, 8 Welsh al
Jackson, Sophia, 3 Wagon al
Jackson, Stephen, caulker, 205 Mullikin
Jackson, Susan, laundress, 18 Short
Jackson, Thomas, porter, 223 s Eutaw
Jackson, Tilghman, carter, 11 Jordan al
Jackson, Wesley, laborer, 31 Chestnut al
Jackson, Whittington, mariner, 95 s Bethel
Jackson, Wm., coachman, 21 Tyson al
Jackson, Wm., caulker, 165 s Bethel
Jackson, Wm. H., shoemaker, Saratoga near Calvert, dw 12 Mott
Jackson, Wm., brickmaker, rear 78 Watson
Jackson, Wm., coachman, 160 Park
Jackson, Wm., laborer, 45 L. Monument
Johnson, Aaron, 34 Clay
Johnson, Aaron, laborer, 21 Douglass
Johnson, Abraham, sawyer, 110 Cider al
Johnson, Adams, hackman, 76 North
Johnson, Albert, whip sawyer, 81 Welcome al
Johnson, Alexander, boarding, 149 s Caroline
Johnson, Alexander, 24 McKim
Johnson, Alfred, grain measurer, 6 Tripolet alley
Johnson, Andrew, laborer, 34 Carlton
Johnson, Ann M., 1 Union
Johnson, Ann, laundress, 58 Dover
Johnson, Aquilla, coal, 94 Elbow la
Johnson, Archibald, laborer, 2 Pearl al
Johnson, Arthur, laborer, 32 Wayne
Johnson, Benj., whitewasher, 41 Guilford al
Johnson, Bethany, laundress, 8 Edward
Johnson, Betty, 3 Forrest
Johnson, Caroline, 55 L. Pleasant
Johnson, Catharine, laundress, 6 Tyson al
Johnson, Catharine, laundress, 16 Tyson al
Johnson, Chas, 5 Moore al
Johnson, Chas., woodsawyer, 192 s Dallas
Johnson, Chas. A., farmer, 6 Forney al
Johnson, Chas, hostler, 44 L. Monument
Johnson, Chas. H., drayman, 40 Union
Johnson, Charlotte, 53 Raborg
Johnson, Cornelius, carter, 151 n Dallas
Johnson, Cresa, laundress, 150 n Dallas
Johnson, Ellen, laundress, 9 Hagar ct
Johnson, Ely, 10 Elder al
Johnson, Emily, laundress, 46 Douglass
Johnson, John, brickmaker, 56 Orleans
Johnson, Charcilar, laundress, 38 Tyson
Johnson, Cassandra, laundress, 12 Hull's la
Johnson, Charles, laborer, 190 s Dallas
Johnson, Charles, laborer, 116 Sarah Ann
Johnson, Charles, 74 L. McElderry
Johnson, Charles, porter, 269 Montgomery
Johnson, Comfort, cook, 51 State
Johnson, David, brickmaker, 58 Dover
Johnson, David, caulker, 109 s Spring
Johnson, Dennis, coachman, 63 L. McElderry
Johnson, Edward, drayman, 43 Moore al
Johnson, Edward, porter, 40 Park
Johnson, Edward, hackman, 124 Aisquith
Johnson, Elijah, L. S., cook, 47 China al
Johnson, Eliza A., chambermaid, 35 Williamson al
Johnson, Eliza, cook, 59 Jasper
Johnson, Elizabeth, 240 L. Hughes
Johnson, Ellen, laundress, 153 West
Johnson, Ellen, laundress, 26 Raborg
Johnson, Emma, 179 Henrietta
Johnson, Frank, laborer, 89 Dallas
Johnson, Franklin, drayman, 25 China
Johnson, Garrett, sawyer, 77 Elbow la
Johnson, George, carter, 88 L. Church
Johnson, George, laborer, 299 s Eutaw
Johnson, George, carter, 54 Burgundy al
Johnson, George, laborer, 4 Jew al
Johnson, George, drayman, 287 Raborg
Johnson, George, waiter, 53 Short
Johnson, George, waiter, 345 n Howard
Johnson, George H., sawyer, Shad alley near Greene
Johnson, George, laborer, 32 Hill
Johnson, George, porter, 85 L. Church
Johnson, George T., barber, 7 Raborg
Johnson, Georgeanna, cook, 197 s Sharp
Johnson, Hannah, laundress, 18 Cider al
Johnson, Harriet, teacher, 36 Tyson
Johnson, Harriet, laundress, 21 Douglass
Johnson, Harriet, 45 Raborg
Johnson, Henrietta, 109 Orchard
Johnson, Henry, hod carrier, 19 Harmony la
Johnson, Henry, whitewasher, 37 Chestnut
Johnson, Henry, 179 s Dallas
Johnson, Henry, porter, 160 Sarah Ann
Johnson, Hester, 56 Burgundy al
Johnson, Horace, porter, 71 Sarah Ann
Johnson, Horace, whitewasher, 51 Dover
Johnson, Isaac, laborer, 186 West
Johnson, Isaac, laborer, 117 Sarah Ann
Johnson, Isaiah, hostler, 18 Stockton al
Johnson, Jacob, whitewasher, 31 State
Johnson, Jacob, porter, 218 L. Hughes
Johnson, James, waiter, 60 Vine
Johnson, James, mariner, 64 Elbow la
Johnson, James, porter, 26 L. Monument
Johnson, James, laborer, 155 Low
Johnson, James, laborer, 22 Tessier
Johnson, James, carter, 88 L. Church
Johnson, James, mariner, 31 Guilford al
Johnson, James, laborer, 44 Dover
Johnson, James, laborer, 268 s Howard
Johnson, James, brickmaker, 212 Hamburg
Johnson, James, drayman, 13 Tyson al
Johnson, James, 111 Moore al
Johnson, James, carter, 44 Greenwillow
Johnson, James, shoemaker, 6551 w Fayette, dw East near
Johnson, James, carter, 79 Chestnut
Johnson, James, Jr., carter, 226 Hanover
Johnson, James, H.A., barber, 27 1/2 German, dw Howard near
Johnson, Mrs. Jane, cook, 56 Burgundy al
Johnson, Jarrett, hay dealer, 75 Moore al
Johnson, Jeff., whitewasher, 71 L. McElderry
Johnson, Jeremiah, drayman, 33 Jew al
Johnson, Jeremiah, soldier, 131 Sarah Ann
Johnson, John, hostler, 39 Forrest
Johnson, John F., laborer, 5 Painter's ct
Johnson, John W., photographer, 26 Jasper
Johnson, John, brickmaker, 269 Montgomery
Johnson, John, 247 Orleans
Johnson, John, woodsawyer, 12 Wagon al
Johnson, John, laborer, 161 s Bethel
Johnson, John, sawyer, 141 s Durham
Johnson, John, brickmaker, 72 n Spring
Johnson, Joseph, grain measurer, 2 Harden's court
Johnson, Joseph, drayman, 305 s Howard
Johnson, Joseph, porter, 240 L. Hughes
Johnson, Joseph, 45 Carlton
Johnson, Joshua, waiter, 52 Sarah Ann
Johnson, Joshua, eating saloon, basement 11 Mercer, dw 14 State
Johnson, Joshua, whitewasher, 14 State
Johnson, Julia, laundress, 72 L. Church
Johnson, Julia, 188 s Bethel
Johnson, Julia, 27 Jordan al
Johnson, Julia A., hair picker, 196 s Sharp
Johnson, Leah, 33 Short
Johnson, Lewis, laborer, 14 State
Johnson, Littleton, cook, 69 Sarah Ann
Johnson, Louisa, 84 Stiles
Johnson, Lucy, doctress, 54 L. McElderry
Johnson, Lucy, washerwoman, 15 Wayne
Johnson, Natilda, laundress, 140 York
Johnson, Maria, cook, 80 Welcome al
Johnson, Mary C., 1 Short al
Johnson, Mary, 32 Burgundy al
Johnson, Mary, 5 Hagar's ct
John Wesley (African) M.E. Chapel, cor Hughes and Sharp
Johnson, Mary, washerwoman, Fayette near Ann
Johnson, Mary A., cook, 2 Dallas
Johnson, Mary, 175 Mullikin
Johnson, Mary Ann, laundressm 194 n Exeter
Johnson, Mary E., laundress, 8 Edward
Johnson, Maurice, laborer, 30 Perry
Johnson, Nancy, cook, 31 Tyson al
Johnson, Nathanie, oyster shucker, 81 Watson
Johnson, Paul, laborer, 2 Shad al
Johnson, Nicholas, laborer, 47 s Howard
Johnson, Perry, grain measurer, 211 Hamburg
Johnson, Philip, sawyer, 220 Hanover
Johnson, Phillis, laumdress, 34 Burgundy al
Johnson, Pleas, drayman, 131 Stirling
Johnson, Mrs. Priscilla, 23 Elbow la
Johnson, Rebecca, laundress, 2 Half Moon al
Johnson, Rebecca, laundress, 13 Arch
Johnson, Richard, brickmaker, 2 L. May
Johnson, Richard M., whitewasher, 1 Bell al
Johnson, Richard, waiter, 73 Dover
Johnson, Robert, laborer, 59 Carlton
Johnson, Robert, huckster, 29 Stirling
Johnson, Robert, waiter, 19 Jasper
Johnson, Rose A., laundressa, 53 Raborg
Johnson, Samuel, oyster shucker, 49 L. Pleasant
Johnson, Samuel, porter, 53 Short
Johnson, Samuel, laborer, 18 L. Monument
Johnson, Samuel, laborer, Ridgaway ct near Howard
Johnson, Samuel, sawyer, 217 L. Hughes
Johnson, Samuel, laborer, rear of 193 e Lombard
Johnson, Samuel, drayman, 245 s Eutaw
Johnson, Samuel, porter, 64 Dover
Johnson, Samuel, porter, 143 Hill
Johnson, Samuel, fireman, 22 s Dallas
Johnson, Sarah, 214 Raborg
Johnson, Sarah, nurse, Shad al near Greene
Johnson, Sarah, 41 n Sharp
Johnson, Stanley, waiter, 102 Lexington
Johnson, Stephen, butcher, 129 n Caroline
Johnson, Stephen, 4 s Dallas
Johnson, Stephen, 107 Chestnut
Johnson, Stephen, coachman, 90 Raborg
Johnson, Stephen, 32 Dover
Johnson, Stephen, porter, 107 Chestnut
Johnson, Susan, washerwoman, 41 China
Johnson, Susan, 96 Chestnut
Johnson, Theodore, sawyer, 141 s Durham
Johnson, Thomas, huckster, 7 Raborg
Johnson, Thomas, brickmaker, 53 Raborg
Johnson, Thomas, stevedore, 4 Salisbury al
Johnson, Thomas, laborer, 46 Moore al
Johnson, Thomas, laborer, 13 Arch
Johnson, Thomas, soldier, 15 Tyson al
Johnson, Thomas, laborer, 402 s Charles
Johnson, Thomas, huckster, 69 L. McElderry
Johnson, Thmas C., waiter, 36 Raborg
Johnson, Titus, deck hand, 1 Bethel row
Johnson, Triphenia, 41 Tyson
Johnson, Walter L., barber, 4 n Gay, dw 29 Stirling
Johnson, Walter, barber, 4 n Gay
Johnson, Wesley, waiter, 47 L. Monument
Johnson, Wesley, hostler, 124 Tyson
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 112 Sarah Ann
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 214 Dover
Johnson, Wm., carter, 30 Chestnut
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 107 n Dallas
Johnson, Wm. H., waiter, 26 Tessier
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 15 Eutaw ct
Johnson, Wm., saw sharpener, 34 Jefferson
Johnson, Wm., laborer, Harford av near city limits
Johnson, Wm., expressman, 54 Burgundt al
Johnson, Wm., oyster shucker, 107 Welcome al
Johnson, Wm., brickmaker, 55 Johnson
Johnson, Wm., carter, 39 Burgundy al
Johnson, Wm., 108 s Dallas
Johnson, Wm. D., waiter, Shad al nr. Greene
Johnson, Wm. E., drayman, 104 Welcome al
Johnson, Wm., laborer, 13 Arch
Johnson, Wm., laborer, rear of 47 King
Johnson, Wm., 55 Davis
Johnson, Wm. H. T., porter, 68 Davis
Johnson, Wm., carter, 122 s Bethel
Johnson, Wm., sawyer, 5 Guilford al
Johnson, Wm., cook shop, 126 w Lombard, dw 48 Pine
Johnson, Wm., brickmaker, 261 Raborg
Jolly, Henry, laborer, 2 Clarkson al
Jolly, Isaac, butcher, 12 Edward
Jones, Aaron, laborer, 205 Raborg
Jones, Abraham, mariner, 72 Burgundy al
Jones, Alfred, brickmaker, 5 Spring Garden av
Jones, Alfred, laborer, 40 Carlton
Jones, Amelia, 35 Raborg
Jones, Amos, laborer, 15 Booth
Jones, Andrew D., bottler, 26 Douglass
Jones, Anna, cook, 1 Bethel ct
Jones, Anne, cook, 87 Hill
Jones, Arance S.,. laborer, 24 Haw
Jones, Arthur, oyster dealer, 28 Jew al
Jones, Arthur, oyster shucker, 8 Cecil
Jones, Asbury, cook, 319 n Howard
Jones, Asbury, waiter, 115 Chestnut
Jones, Betsey, laundress, 71 Chestnut
Jones, Chas. P., waiter, 100 Raborg
Jones, Charlotte, laundress, 79 L. Church
Jones, Clinton, laborer, 41 Guilford al
Jones, Collins, barber, 23 Edward
Jones, Daniel, laborer, 36 n Sharp
Jones, David, porter, 7 Jew al
Jones, David P., waiter, 100 Raborg
Jones, Edward, mariner, 92 Henrietta
Jones, Edward, driver, 169 s Dallas
Jones, Eli, caulker, 64 s Bethel
Jones, Eli, painter, 121 s Bethel
Jones, Elijah H., hod carrier, 37 Edward
Jones, Eliza, 12 Chestnut al
Jones, Eliza, 72 Gravel al
Jones, Elizabeth, 18 Jasper
Jones, Emanuel, fruiterer, 263 Montgomery
Jones, Emily, laundress, 242 Raborg
Jones, Geo., laborer, 220 L. Hughes
Jones, Gracey, seamstress, 263 Montgomery
Jones, Grason A., 42 Forrest
Jones, Hambleton, laborer, 56 Williamson al
Jones, Hannah, 24 Eutaw ct
Jones, Henry, hostler, 109 St. Paul
Jones, Henry, groom, 24 Wayne
Jones, Henry, mariner, 83 L. Church
Jones, Henry, sawyer, 104 Elbow la
Jones, Henry, hod carrier, 79 L. Church
Jones, Henry, laborer, 89 Stirling
Jones, Hester A., laundress, 62 Williamson al
Jones, Horace, laborer, 49 s Howard
Jones, Hugh, porter, 206 Henrietta
Jones, Isaac, brickmaker, 12 Boyd
Jones, Isaac, laborer, 252 Raborg
Jones, Isaac, laborer, 57 Tyson
Jones, Isaiah, porter, 32 WEayne
Jones, Israel, caulker, 183 Mullikin
Jones, Jacob, laborer, 120 Jasper
Jones, James, coachman, 128 Chestnut
Jones, James, porter, 10 Mott
Jones, Jas. D., laborer, 4 Peach al
Jones, James, waiter, 72 Orchard
Jones, James, brickmaker, 86 L. Church
Jones, James, coachman, 4 Hamilton
Jones, James, coachman, 40 Tyson
Jones, Jenkins, porter, 225 s Howard
Jones, John, porter, 4 Vine
Jones, John, carter, 47 Tyson
Jones, John, cook, 212 s Castle al
Jones, John, caulker, 137 n Dallas
Jones, John, waiter, 31 State
Jones, John, coachman, 4 Vine
Jones, John W., whip sawyer, 6 Inloes al
Jones, John W., laborer, 222 Hanover
Jones, John, drayman, 63 Orchard
Jones, John, hod carrier, 157 Tyson
Jones, John A., hair perfumer and manuf of hair dye, 23 e
Jones, Joshua, whip sawyer, 7 High al
Jones, Kenzey, mariner, 142 Hill
Jones, Leah, laundress, 10 Mott
Jones, Littleton, laborer, 89 Hill
Jones, Louisa, laundress, 44 King
Jones, Margaret, laundress, 96 Henrietta
Jones, Mary E., laundress, 246 L. Hughes
Jones, Milly, 187 Henrietta
Jones, Noah, steward, 231 s Durham
Jones, Peter M., whitewasher, 9 Douglass
Jones, Prince, waiter, 94 Tyson
Jones, Richard, caulker, 45 Mullikin
Jones, Robert, carter, 9 Iron al
Jones, Robert, laborer, 210 s Caroline
Jones, Robert, waiter, 22 n Greene
Jones, Robert, drayman, 21 Stockton al
Jones, Royston, laborer, 26 Forrest
Jones, Samuel, laborer, 347 n Howard
Jones, Samuel, laborer, 12 Chestnut al
Jones, Samuel, porter, 3 Gillingham al
Jones, Sarah, cook, 100 Henrietta
Jones, Selina, 188 s Durham
Jones, Sophia, 165 s Spring
Jones, Thomas, stevedore, 113 s Bethel
Jones, Thomas, wood sawyer, 1 Lewis
Jones, Thomas, waiter, 44 King
Jones, Thomas A., shoemaker, 76 s Bond, dw 94 s Dallas
Jones, Thomas, laborer, 287 s Eutaw
Jones, Thomas, barkeeper, 43 Jefferson
Jones, Thomas, waiter, 25 Edward
Jones, Wm., fireman, 182 West
Jones, Wm., sawyer, 41 Hampstead
Jones, Wm., oysterman, 135 n Dallas
Jones, Wm., cooper, 10 Mott
Jones, Wm. H., waiter, 47 s Howard
Jordan, Antoinette, 103 Orchard
Jordan, James H., cabinet maker and undertaker, 74 Holiday, dw 131 Chestnut
Jordan, Ferdinand, huckster, 129 n Spring
Jordan, John C, undertaker, 93 Mulberry
Jordan, John, cabinet maker and undertaker, 129 Chestnut
Jordan, Joshua, cabinet maker, 129 Chestnut
Joyce, Phillis, laundress, 82 Elbow la
Kager, John, wood sawyer, 104 Central av
Kane, Charlotte, laundress, 36 s Dallas
Kane, Dripple, laborer, 45 s Bethel
Kane, John, mariner, 249 s Charles
Kane, Keziah, laundress, 115 s Dallas
Kane, Lydia, 75 s Spring
Kane, Richard, whitewasher, 101 Hill
Kane, Samuel, laborer, 200 Hamburg
Kane, Thomas, laborer, 9 Cecil
Kane, Wm., laborer, 20 Leadenhall
Karney, Ralph, laborer, 73 s Bethel
Keith, Charles, caulker, 184 s Dallas
Keith, Daniel, caulker, 42 s Caroline
Kelso, Allen, laborer, 147 s Dallas
Kelson, Henry, laborer, 149 n Dallas
Kell, James, brickmaker, 74 Burgundy al
Kellum, Geo., steamboatman, 90 Welcome al
Kelly, Dandridge (Mason & K) 27 Hamilton
Kelly, George M., barber, 8 n Eutaw, dw 74 Cider al
Kelly, John, laborer, 2 X al
Kelly, Joseph, 93 n Dallas
Kelly, Washington, laborer, 1 Aisquith ct
Kemp, Henrietta, laundress, 20 Cider al
Kemp, Joseph, brickmaker, 20 Cider al
Kemp, Sarah, laundress, 16 Marion
Kemp, Sarah, washerwoman, 106 Jasper
Kennard, James, waiter, 34 Clay
Kennedy, Alexander, drayman, 83 Hamburg
Kenner, Thomas, brickmaker, 332 Aliceanna
Kennerd. Isaac, hostler, 47 n Sharp
Kent, Ann, chambermaid, 267 L. Hughes
Kent, Wm., whitewasher, 6 Mechanics' ct
Keer, Richard, laborer, Necessity al
Kesety, Nancy, laundress, 15 China
Key, Lucy, 49 China
Keyer, Frank, laborer, 137 York
Keys, James, cake shop, 87 n Spring
Keys, Jeremiah, wagoner, 47 Chestnut al
Keys, John, laborer, 3 Arch
Keys, Wm., brickmaker, 140 s Durham
Keys, Wm., oysterman, 68 Josephine
King, Charles, hod carrier, 42 Hill
King, Samuel, coachman, 8 Forney al
Kirkly, Lewis, laborer, 57 Elbow la
Knight, Mary, tavern, 19 Marion
Knight, Sarah A., 186 s Durham
King, George, laborer, 14 Leandenhall
Knotts, Eliza., laundress, 196 s Howard
Konig, Hane, washerwoman, 43 n Sharp
Konish, John, driver, 49 Carlton
Kyne, Edward, wagoner, 212 Hamburg
Lafontaine, Jane, huckstess, 103 Orchard
Landley, Thomas, mariner, 87 Jefferson
Lane, Abraham, coachman, 40 L. Pleasant
Lanes, Jane, laundress, 64 Short
Lanes, Mary, laundress, 64 Short
Lanes, Sophia, laundress, 64 Short
Lankford, George, 33 Short
Lankford, John H., laborer, 203 Hamburg
Lamar, Mary, rear of 64 Mulberry
Landsell, Wm., waiter, 55 L. Pleasant
Lanman, George, mariner, 1 Gillingham al
Lanman, Wm., laborer, 2 Spring Garden av
Lapratt, Lewis, barber, 42 Moore al
Laprade, Lewis, barber, under Howard Bank, dw 47 Moore al
Larkins, Henrietta, laundress, 65 Union
Larkins, James, drayman, 74 Jasper
Latty, John H., fireman, 32 Elbow la
Laurel Cemetery, (colored) office 18 Courtland
Laurens, Chas., laborer, 37 Williamson al
Lavat, Charles, porter, 143 Low
Lawrence, Harkness, laborer, 200 Bethel
Lawrence, Harriet, chambermaid, 37 Park
Lawrence, Henry, laborer, 14 Jew al
Lawrence, Jesse, huckster, 304 Raborg
Lawrence, Susan, laundress, 113 Sarah Ann
Lawrence, Wm., laborer, 28 Wagon al
Lawrence, Wm., laborer, 12 Warren, F.P.
Laws, Beverly D., barber, 41 1/2 Centre Market space, dw 37
n Sharp
Lawson, Aaron, brickmaker, 241 L. Hughes
Lawson, Anna, laundress, 6 Short
Lawson, Joseph, laborer, 241 L. Hughes
Leatherberry, Charity, laundress, 6 Leadenhall
Lebark, Charles, barber, 217 e Baltimore
LeBurn, Frances, chambermaid, 7 Bethel row
Lecompt, Witzen, stevedore, 123 s Spring
Lee, Alexander, brickmaker, 61 Welcome al
Lee, Andrew, whitewasher, 2 Short st ct
Lee, Ann, laundress, 15 Hull la
Lee, Catherine, laundress, 49 Chestnut
Lee, Charles, L.J., porter, 188 Park
Lee, Charles, porter, 188 Park
Lee, Clem, 72 s Dallas
Lee, Cornelius, woodsawyer, 34 Morris al
Lee, Deborah, laundress, 47 Tyson
Lee, Denard, drayman, 8 Hull la
Lee, Elijah, coachman, 47 Tyson
Lee, George, steward, 15 Hull la
Lee, Harriet, cook, 6 Bethel row
Lee, Henry W., barber, 124 Forresy
Lee, Henrietta, laundress, 14 Short
Lee, Hester, laundress, 71 s Dallas
Lee, Isaiah R., caulker, 30 Short
Lee, James H., drayman, 11 Haw
Lee, Jesse, porter, 51 China
Lee, Jacob, whitewasher, 78 n Exeter
Lee, John H., drayman, 10 Vine
Lee, Joseph, caulker, 31 Short
Lee, Levi, laborer, 34 Morris al
Lee, Levin, laborer, 9 Salisbury al
Lee, Maria, chambermain, 306 s Howard
Lee, Mary J., cook, 6 Bethel row
Lee, Nancy, laundress, 1 Douglass
Lee, Nathaniel, laborer, 118 Holiday
Lee, Rebecca, 6 Temple
Lee, Robert, 46 s Dallas
Lee, Wm., caulker, 121 n Dallas
Leiper, Robert, waiter, 34 L. Monument
Leisure, Lewis, cigar maker, 90 Jasper
Lemar, Amos, laborer, 50 Moore al
Lemmon, Catherine, huckstress, rear of 98 Chestnut
Lemmon, Hetty, laundress, 41 Douglass
Lemmon, James, drayman, 96 Stiles
Lemmon, Richard, stevedore, 106 s Bethel
Lemmon, Wm., 292 e Fayette
Leonard, Lewis, laborer, 57 Mulberry
Leonard, Robert, whitewasher, 171 York
Lester, George W., huckster, 137 Hill
Levy, Charles, drayman, 7 House ct
Levy, Jerome, barber, 114 Holiday
Lewey, John, caulker, 164 s Dallas
Lewis, Agnes, 115 s Durham
Lewis, Andrew, coachsmith, 54 Pierce
Lewis, Amanda, laundress, 153 Sarah Ann
Lewis, Cassandra, 141 n Caroline
Lewis, Edward, porter, 155 n Exeter
Lewis, Elijah, plasterer, 43 Jefferson
Lewis, Elizabeth, laundress, 28 State
Lewis, Francis, porter, 16 Biddle al
Lewis, Francis, porter, 37 Davis
Lewis, George W., porter, 40 Orchard
Lewis, Jesse F., laborer, 6 n Poppleton
Lewis, John, oyster shucker, 1 Dawson al
Lewis, John M., drayman, 69 Jasper
Lewis, Laura J., tailoress, rear of 265 L. Hughes
Lewis, Lydia Ann, laundress, 33 Park
Lewis, Malvina, confectionery, 33 Park
Lewis, Margaret, 165 s Dallas
Lewis, Mary, laundress, 9 Biddle ct
Lewis, Peter, caulker, 132 s Durham
Lewis, Thomas, laborer, 211 Dover
Lilly, Elizabeth, laundress, 9 Biddle ct
Lilly, Mary, laundress, 134 n Spring
Limberry, Wash., porter, 186 Park
Lindsey, Benjamin, laborer, 3 Tyson ct
Lindenberger, Maria, 40 Wayne
Lindsey, John, brickmaker, 238 Raborg
Linn, Caleb, brickmaker, rear of 3 Cider al
Linn, David, blacksmith, 35 Chestnut al
Linn, Wm. H., brickmaker, 35 Wayne
Linthicum, Francis J., laborer, Williamson al
Lisles, Richard, grain runner, 126 Cider al
Little, Apolonia, 106 North
Lively, James, waiter, 104 Chestnut
Lively, S., tinner, 34 Davis
Lloyd, Eliza, seamstress, 94 Henrietta
Lloyd, Joshia, fireman, 92 Henrietta
Lloyd, Rosa, 11 Bounty la
Lloyd, Wm., caulker, 180 s Bethel
Lockerman, Benjamin F., stevedore, 135 Hill
Lockerman, John H., stevedore, 432 Mullikin
Lockerman, John, brickmaker, 108 Welcome al
Lockerman, Henry, 70 Chestnut
Lockerman, Levin, stevedore, 8 s Dallas
Lockett, Wm., helper, 120 McElderry
Locks, Elsha, laborer, 319 s Howard
Locks, John, caulker, 319 s Howard
Locks, Stephen, mariner, 1 Swan al
Lodge, Eta, 16 Warren, F.P.
Logan, Hanson, hod carrier, Vine al rear of 31 Amity
Logan, Mary, 34 Jordan al
Logan, Wm., laborer, 14 Water row
Loggins, Peter, porter, 190 Tyson
Lomack, Lomack, stewardess, 74 Stiles
Lomack, Thomas, huckster, 84 Orchard
Lomas, Maria, whitewasher, 57 L. Pleasant
Lometz, Lometz, 11 Iron al
Long, Charles, laborer, 88 Orchard
Long, Mary A., cook, 94 Henrietta
Loudon, Levi, caulker, 104 s Bethel
Louse, Simon, waiter, 20 Morris al
Love, Dinah, 9 Jasper
Loveday, Perry, laborer, 125 Welcome al
Lovely, Henry, cigar maker, 87 East
Low, Maria, chambermaid, 70 East
Lowbar, Arminta, 46 King
Lowry, John, porter, 110 Jasper
Lowry, John, laborer, 90 Raborg
Lox, Vincent, caulker, 109 s Spring
Lozier, Alexander, hod carrier, 8 Sarah Ann
Lucas, Charlotte, laundress, 114 Welcome al
Lucas, Joshua, brickmaker, 35 Harmony la
Lucas, Robert, drayman, 46 Haw
Lucas, Thomas G., fireman, 15 Cider al
Lucatt, Louis, whitewasher, 37 Low
Luckett, Wm., blacksmith, 82 L. McElderry
Lyle, John, whitewasher, 85 Jefferson
Lyles, Jesse, post and rail builder, 109 Jasper
Lyles, Thomas, barber, 185 Henrietta
Lyles, Josephine, seamstress, rear of 12 State
Lymberry, George W., porter, Park near Richmond
Lynch, Abraham, whitewasher, 24 Boyd
Lynch, John, laborer, 51 L. Monument
Lynch, Lewis, laborer, 57 Carlton
Lynn, Perry, blacksmith, 223 Dover
Lurton, Isaac, hod carrier, 107 Jasper
Lurton, Mary, laundress, 107 Jasper
Mack, John, laborer, 53 East
Mack, Mary, laundress, 85 Hill
Mack, Thomas, mariner, 87 Hill
Mackberry, Samuel, mariner, 69 s Bethel
Macpherson, Alexander, varnisher, 32 Park
Maccubbin, Jerry, sawyer, 14 Boyd
Madison, Henry, grain runner, 270 s Howard
Madden, Anna, cook, 50 Tyson
Madden, Elizabeth, laundress, 2 Shad al
Madden, French, cabinet maker, 38 Davis
Madden, Lydia, 46 Vine
Madden, Wm, H., whitewasher, 3 Hampstead
Maddox, Caleb, boatman, 89 Chestnut
Maddox, Charles, saw sharpener, 14 Camden, dw 220 s Howard
Maddox, George, laborer, 173 York
Maddox, Hannah, laundress, 6 Raborg
Maddox, Henry, porter, 10 Jasper
Maddox, Henry, grain runner, 270 s Howard
Maddox, Hester, cook, rear of 265 L. Hughes
Maddox, Joseph, porter, rear of 261 L. Hughes
Maddox, Levin, mariner, 7 Guilford al
Maddox, Louis, whitewasher, 121 Welcome al
Maddox, Mary Ann, laundress, 89 Chestnut
Maddox, Mary, house cleaner, 39 Park
Maddox, Robert, drayman, 142 York
Maddox, Robert, brickmaker, 122 Hill
Maddox, Sarah, laundress, 134 Hill
Maddox, Spencer, laborer, 216 Dover
Maddox, Wm., sawyer, Perry nr Howard
Magruder, Aquilla, laborer, 77 Arch
Mahamich, Jerry, waiter, 45 L. Monument
Mahand, Nancy, 105 Hill
Mahoney, George, brickmaker, 17 Haw
Mahoney, John, waiter, 237 Dover
Mahoney, John E., brickmaker, 17 Haw
Mahoner, Sophia, washerwoman, 17 Haw
Maker, Fanny, laundress, rear of 211 L. Hughes
Maker, Sarah A., laundress, rear of 211 L. Hughes
Maker, Sarah E., laundress, rear of 211 L. Hughes
Malone, Benj, 4 X al
Malone, Henrietta, cook, 10 Richmond
Maloney, Nathaniel, carpenter, 213 w Biddle
Mallory, Fenton, waiter, 36 Richmond
Mann, James, laborer, 81 East
Mann, James, barber, 103 n Howard
Marberry, Rachel, 24 Marion
Marbury, Charles, drayman, 49 Biddle
Marshall, Edward, porter, 29 King
Marshall, James, brickmaker, 186 Dover
Marshall, John, whitewasher, 5 College al
Marshall, John, waiter, 35 Moore al
Marshall, Wm. E., coffee roaster, 187 York
Martin, Ada, laundress, 76 Chestnut
Martin, Alexander H., clerk, 28 Park
Martin, David F., steward, 45 Clay
Martin, Greenbury, oyuster shucker, 25 L. McElderry
Martin, Henry W., clerk, 28 Park
Martin, Jane, 45 Clay
Martin, Luther, 3 Painters' ct
Martin, Mehaley, seamstress, 219 s Howard
Martin, Sally, cook, 130 York
Martin, Susan, laundress, 108 Dugan's whf
Martin, Wm., scowman, 5 n Spring
Martin, Wm., drayman, 315 s Howard
Mason, Annie, washerwoman, 96 L. Church
Mason, Barton S., mariner, 1 House ct
Mason, Caleb, drasyman, 56 Orchard
Mason, Cassius, shoemaker, 23 Albemarle
Mason, Ellen, laundress, 35 L. Monument
Mason, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 14 Marion
Mason, George (M. & Kelly) 38 German
Mason, Harrison, cook, 78 North
Mason, John, boatman, 270 Montgomery
Mason, & Kelly, confectioners, 10 s Sharpe
Mason, Marianna, 48 s Dallas
Mason, Richard, shoemaker, 6 North, dw 23 Albemarle
Mason, Samuel. laborer, 49 China
Mason, Sarah, cook, 20 s Bond
Mason, Susan A., 78 Stiles
Mason, Thomas W., sawyer, 14 Marion
Mason, Wm., laborer, 34 Hill
Mason, Wm., brickmaker, 132 s Durham
Massey, Caroline, laundress, 4 Patapsco av
Massey, Emeline, laundress, 35 William
Massey, Isaac, laborer, 41 Elbow la
Mattee, Thomas F., stevedore, 210 s Caroline
Matthews, Alonzo, waiter, 112 Orchard
Matthews, Augustus, brickmaker, 88 Elbow la
Matthews, Charles R., brickmaker, 343 n Howard
Matthews, Dennis, laborer, 3 Chapel al
Matthews, Edward, hod carrier, 67 Chestnut al
Matthews, Ellen, laundress, 29 Wayne
Matthews, Elizabeth, 53 Burgundy al
Matthews, Frances, cook, 49 State
Matthews, Geo. A., drayman, 64 Cider al
Matthews, Hemrietta, 5 Walnut al
Matthews, Henry, laborer, 98 Henrietta
Matthews, Henry, laborer, 278 s Howard
Matthews, Henry, whitewasher, 120 Cider al
Matthews, James W., laborer, 86 Elbow la
Matthews, James, porter, 10 Low
Matthews, James H., porter, 18 Union
Matthews, John, laborer, 64 Union
Matthews, John, oyster shucker, 31 Walnut al
Matthews, John W., laborer, 134 York
Matthews, John, soldier, 164 Sarah Ann
Matthews, Levi, waiter, 33 King
Matthews, Levi, grain measurer, 46 King
Matthews, Lewis, boatman, McKim nr Eager
Matthews, Mari, 24 Pierce
Matthews, May, laundress, 217 Hamburg
Matthews, Mary J., laundress, 193 Saratoga
Matthews, Moses, laborer, 102 Chestnut al
Matthews, Perry H., teacher, 23 Wayne
Matthews, Rezin, laborer, 217 Vine
Matthews, Rebecca, laundress, 193 Saratoga
Matthews, Samuel W., bricklayer, 43 China
Matthews, Samuel, waiter, 52 Pierce
Matthews, Sarah, cook, 1 Marion
Matthews, Sarah, seamstress, 111 Welcome al
Matthews, Mrs. Susan, seamstress, 5 Stockton al
Matthews, Thos., wagoner, rear of 98 Chestnut
Matthews, Thos. H., hostler, 126 Cider al
Matthews, Thos., waiter, 10 Hull's la
Matthews, Wm., whitewasher, 2 Cross al
Maubrey, Elizabeth, nurse, 118 Welcome al
Maury, Mary, laundress, 4 Butler al
Maybury, Mark, brickmaker, 109 Cider al
Maynard, Henry, porter, Cross nr Russell
Maynard, Sampson, express driver, 9 Vine
Maynerd, John W., drayman, 1 Cross al
Mays, Alexina, 182 s Bethel
McCabe, Solomon, barber, 178 w Pratt, dw 125 St. Paul
McClearing, Matilda, laundress, rear of 215 L. Hughes
McComas, Joseph, drayman, 6 Shad al
McComas, Milky, 251 Orleans
McCoy, James, laborer, 171 s Spring
McCoy, John, mariner, 5 Herring ct
McDaniel, Mary A., seamstressm 6 Kimmel al
McFarland, Andrew, drayman, 130 s Durham
McGill, Mrs. Harriett, laundress, 4 Elbow la
McGill, Josiah, laborer, 4 Elbow la
McGill, Josiah, laborer, 19 Haw
McGlaughlin, Isaiah, 85 Spring ct
McGlaughlin, _____pressman, 146 Chestnut
McGee, Mary, 119 High
McKenney, Caroline, boarding, 136 s Caroline
McKenney, Dennis, waiter, 5 House ct
McKenney, George, sawyer, 38 Vine
McLane, Alfred, express wagon, 16 Tessier
McLean, Joseph, stevedore, 46 Union
McLaughlin, Levin, mariner, 38 East
McPherson, Alex, cabinet maker, 32 Park.
Meads, Ann, victualler, 42 Dover
Meads, Geo. W., stevedore, 3 Hawk
Meads, Julia, seamstress, 1 Water's row
Meads, Samuel, wagoner, 42 Dover
Meads, Samuel, laborer, 65 Dover
Meads, Zachariah, drayman, 1 Water's row
Meredith, Lafrazier, 37 Tyson al
Meredith, Richard, grain measurer, 286 s Howard
Merritt, Geo., sawyer, 31 East
Merrican, Wesley, confectioner, 166 n Front
Meyers, Elizabeth, laundress, 116 Jasper
Methodist (African) Church, Orchard nr Ross
Meekins, Cornelius, waiter, 133 Aisquith
Meetens, John, brickmaker, 12 s Bethel
Milburn, Geo, W., drayman, 307 s Eutaw
Milburn, Wm., hostler, 144 Sarah Ann
Miles, David, whitewasher, 2 Jefferson
Miles, Daniel, whitewasher, 134 Cider al
Miller, Anna, cook, 210 Hamburg
Miller, Alexander, waiter, 48 King
Miller, Asbury, caulker, 171 s Durham
Miller, Cora, laundress, 117 York
Miller, Henry, waiter, 19 Forrest
Miller, Harriet, cook, 16 s Liberty
Miller, James, hackman, 205 Hamburg
Miller, James, caulker, 150 Regester
Miller, Jacob, steward, 8 Jefferson
Miller, John, waiter, Edward near Aisquith
Miller, John, teamster, 34 Haw
Miller, Joseph, laborer, 109 North
Miller, Matilda, cook, 30 Tyson
Miller, Rhoda, 208 s Caroline
Miller, Sarah, cook, rear of 265 L. Hughes
Miller, William, drayman, 12 Tyson al
Miller, William, waiter, 12 Tyson al
Milligan, Henry, 82 Burgundy al
Milligan, Malvina, 125 n Spring
Milligan, Moses, laborer, 22 Watson
Milligan, Sarah, cook, 98 Henrietta
Millis, Mary Jane, 14 Waters row
Mills, Catharine, seamstress, 9 Etna la
Mills, Jarrett, huckster, 219 s Howard
Mills, John, stevedore, 67 s Dallas
Mills, Thomas, laborer, 214 s Durham
Miner, Edward, laborer, 97 Jasper
Miner, Fanny, laundress, 91 Plum al
Mingo, James, caulker, 47 s Dallas
Mitchell, Alfred, butcher, 203 Raborg
Mitchell, Cyrus, drayman, 218 Hanover
Mitchell, Charles, huckster, 6 Bethel ct
Mitchell, David, brickmaker, 203 Raborg
Mitchell, Emanuel, boots and shoes, 54 s Howard, dw 29 Dover
Mitchell, Elisha, 86 Lancaster
Mitchell, Eliza, 7 High al
Mitchell, James, waiter, 51 State
Mitchell, James, caulker, 169 s Wolfe
Mitchell, Jacob, caulker, 169 s Wolfe
Mitchell, John M., brickmaker, 233 Dover
Mitchell, Josiah, laborer, 274 Hamburg
Mitchell, Joseph, brickmaker, 203 Raborg
Mitchell, Mrs. Maria, seamstress, 86 Little Church
Mitchell, Perry, drayman, 20 Cider al
Mitchell, Rebecca, laundress, 203 Raborg
Mitchell, Richard, grain runner, 203 Raborg
Mitchell, Samuel, coffee roaster, 24 Wayne
Mitchell, Thomas, drayman, 238 L. Hughes
Mitchell, William, drayman, 111 King
Mitchell, William, caulker, 192 s Durham
Mold, James, laborer, rear of 98 Chestnut
Mole, Frederick, waiter, 34 Tyson
Molison, Francis A, carter, 12 L. Plaza
Molison, Henry, waiter, 12 L. Plaza
Mouk, Sarah, 4 Durham
Montgomery, Charles, waiter, 66 Lerew al
Montgomery, James, laborer, 124 Sarah Ann
Montgomery, Josephine, 23 Tyson al
Montgomery (colored) Institute, cor Montgomery and Plum al
Montgomery, William, sawyer, 194 s Spring
Montpensier, Fanny, 161 n Eutaw
Moody, Benjamin, laborer, 67 Welcome al
Moody, John B., laborer, 12 Wayne
Mooney, Wm., driver, 133 Low
Moore, Benjamin, laborer, 170 York
Moore, Charles J., porter, 12 Pearl al
Moore, Daniel, caulker, 282 e Fayette
Moore, Charles F., carman, 52 Vine
Moore, Joseph, caulker, 282 e Fayette
Moore, Rev. Daniel W., 321 s Howard
Moore, Daniel, laborer, 187 Henrietta
Moore, David, waiter, 18 Jew al
Moore, Ellen, laundress, 114 German
Moore, Henry C., laborer, 100 Jasper
Moore, James, carter, 70 Pierce
Moore, Jane, washerwoman, 15 Jordan al
Moore, John, whitewasher, 18 Jordan al
Moore, John C., drayman, 57 Ross
Moore, John, tavern, 21 Tessier
Moore, Joseph, laborer, 147 s Regester
Moore, Matthew, caulker, 282 e Fayette
Moore, Lloyd, coachman, 41 n Sharp
Moore, Levi, drayman, 155 n Dallas
Moore, Rachel, seamstress, 45 Burgundy al
Moore, Richard, drayman, 33 L. Monument
Moore, Samuel, caulker, 141 n Dallas
Moore, Sarah, 282 e Fayette
Moore, Sarah E., laundress, 34 Wayne
Moore, Thomas, coachman, 34 Peirce
Moore, Wm. T., soldier, 114 German
Morgan, Edward, laborer, 51 East
Morgan, Francis, laundress, 13 Biddle ct
Morgan, Henry, laborer, 210 s Caroline
Morgan, Henrietta, laundress, 90 Tyson
Morgan, Henrietta, 8 Ivy al
Morgan, James, stevedore, 110 Chestnut
Morgan, James, fireman. 220 L. Hughes
Morgan, John, waiter, 84 St. Mary
Morgan, Mary A., laundress, 42 King
Morgan, Samuel, waiter, 41 Tyson
Morgan, Thomas, laborer, 90 Tyson
Morgan, Samuel, waiter, 41 Tyson
Morgan, Samuel, waiter, Tyson al nr Madison
Morquette, Mary E., laundress, 12 Jasper
Morris, Charles, hostler, 113 Chestnut
Morris, Geo. J., waiter, 25 State
Morris, Henry, brickmaker, 22 Wayne
Morris, James, ship carpenter, 145 Dallas
Morris, James, laborer, 113 Chestnut
Morris, Samuel, waiter, 75 Josephine
Morris, Wm., brickmaker, 16 Leadenhall
Morris, Wm., laborer, 6 Temple.
Moxley, C.H., barber, 12 North, dw Elbow la e of Warner
Mulex, John, 197 s Spring
Mullin, Mrs. Rachel, laundress, 8 X al
Mundowney, Henry, stevedore, 208 s Dallas
Mundowney, Edward, caulker, 206 s Dallas
Munroe, James, laborer, 276 s Howard
Murray, Ann M., laundress, 108 n Dallas
Murphy, Benj., whitewasher, 4 Forney al
Murray, David, 17 Jefferson
Murphy, Dennis, whitewasher, 2 Forney al
Murphy, Samuel, drayman, 111 Moore al
Murray, Eliza, 27 Forrest
Murray, Ellen, laundress, 44 Haw
Murray, Frank, waiter, 6 Central av
Murray, Harrison, drayman, 190 Henrietta
Murray, Jacob, barber, 82 w Centre
Murray, James, blacksmith, 176 Tyson
Murray, Levin, drayman, 190 Henrietta
Murray, Rebecca, huckstress, 1 Bradenbaugh alley
Murray, Robert, musician, 12 Mechanics ct
Murray, Robert, laborer, 44 L. Church
Murray, Samuel, laborer, 12 Chestnut
Murray, Samuel, laborer, 62 Chestnut
Murray, Sophia, laundress, 132 Camden
Murray, Spencer, waiter, 9 Marion
Murray, Stephen, brickmaker, 246 Raborg
Murray, Stanley, laborer, 84 North
Murray, Susan A,m over 15 St. Paul
Murray, Susanna, 212 s Caroline
Murray, Wm. G., brickmaker, 24 s Bethel
Murray, Wm., barber, 4 McClelland al
Murray, Wm. H., drayman, 32 Easyt
Mursell, Henry, laborer, rear of 215 L. Hughes
Myers, Alex, laborer, 107 s Chapel
Myers, Charles W., laborer, 54 Stone al
Myers, Comfort, laundress, 14 Raborg
Myers, Capt. Daniel, 66 Bank
Myers, Edward, mariner, 222 s Castle al
Myers, Frederick, waiter, 25 Clay
Myers, Geo., hod carrier, 42 Welcome al
Myers, George, caulker, 53 s Vine
Myers, Harriet, 2 Vine
Myers, Henrietta, fruit & c., 12 Temple
Myers, Isaac, porter, 140 s Dallas
Myers, Jacob, caulker, 104 s Bethel
Myers, Joseph, brickmaker, 73 s Dallas
Myers, John, carter, 101 Chestnut
Myers, Lorenzo, carter, 28 Sarah Ann
Myers, Philip, porter, 33 N Sharpe
Myers, Rebecca, nurse, 132 Tyson
Myers, Sarah, washerwoman, 57 Forrest
Myers, Stephen, coachman, 42 Jordan al
Myers, Wm., soldier, 145 Sarah Ann
Nash, William, waiter, 30 Tyson
Neal, Abraham, carter, 20 Jordan al
Neal, Elizabeth, 72 Short
Neal, James, butcher, 61 Union
Neal, Lewis, brickmaker, 175 Dover
Neal, Margaret, 100 s Bethel
Neal, Thomas, laborer, 13 Jordan al
Neal, Trueman, laborer, Francis nr Madison la
Neal, Wm., drayman, Windsor Mill road
Nelson, David, coachman, 45 Clay
Nelson, Henry, waiter, 44 Davis
Nelson, James, laborer, 8 X al
Nelson, Juliana, 112 Pierce
Nelson, Wm., hay dealer, 33 Jordan al
Nelson, Wm., laborer, 36 Haw
Nelson, Peter, blacksmith, 192 Henrietta
Nero, _____, laborer, 156 York
Netta, Anne, laundress, 137 Hill
Netter, Mrs. Ellen, laundress, 62 Burgundy al
Netter, Henry, laborer, 62 Burgundy al
Netter, Job, eating saloon, 57 Mulberry
Netter, Joseph, waiter, 13 Inloes al
Netter, Simon, laborer, 120 Welcome al
Nettles, John, brickmaker, 262 Hamburg
New, Ann, 130 s Bethel
Newman, Charles, drayman, 111 Moore al
Newman, Jacob, laborer, 16 Biddle
Newman, John, mariner, 153 West
Newman, Moses, stevedore, 48 Hampstead
Newman, Robert, porter, 27 Rose
Newman, Wm., carter, 25 Ross
Newworks, James, laborer, 154 York
Newworks, Leander, laborer, 154 York
Nicholas, John, wagoner, 27 Jefferson
Nicholas, Wm., 16 Short al
Nicholls, Hemsley, fireman, 289 s Howard
Nichols, Austin, waiter, 78 n Spring
Nichols, Charles, bricklayer, 195 s Howard
Nichols, Chas., porter, 36 Short
Nichols, Cornelius, porter, 36 Short
Nichols, Henry, sawyer, 165 Watson
Nichols, Isaac, stevedore, 74 s Dallas
Nichols, John, laborer, 2 Hagar's ct
Nichols, John W., hair dresser, 61 e Baltimore
Nichols, L., fireman, 74 s Dallas
Nichols, Samuel, porter, 115 Low
Nichols, Joseph, waiter, 26 Eutaw ct
Nichols, Philip, whitewasher, 201 Vine
Nicholson, Alexander, farmer, 8 L. Church
Nicholson, Archibald, hod carrier, 87 n Dallas
Nicholson, Benj., 7 George al
Nicholson, Chas., waiter, 6 Ivy al
Nicholson, Chas., sailor, 98 Low
Nicholson, Jesse, hostler, 14 Jasper
Nicholson, Joseph, butcher, McKim near Eager
Nicholson, Lambert, 339 n Howard
Nicholson, Letty, laundress, 98 Jasper
Nicholson, Nicholas, sawyer, 35 Burgundy al
Nicholson, Susan, washerwoman, 25 Rose
Nicholson, Susan, washerwoman, 176 York
Nicholson, Titus, laborer, 8 Low
Nicols, John W., shampooing and hair dressing, and dyeing saloon, 61 e Baltimore
Nick, Hannah, 144 s Durham
Nickerson, Chas., laborer, 128 Sarah Ann
Nobel, John H., sailor, 43 Edward
Norris, Adam, grain measurer, 153 West
Norris, Eliza, 163 Sarah Ann
Norris, John, Jr., grain measurer, 153 West
Norris, Joseph, laborer, 90 Raborg
Norris, Joseph, laborer, 19 s Regester
Norris, Nimrod, laborer, 150 n Spring
Norris, Wm., grain measurer, 90 Leadenhall
Norris, Wm., whitewasher, 89 Arch
Norton, Francis, laborer, 61 Williamson al
Norval, Chas., waiter, 59 Raborg
Noyel, Dabnet, grain measurer, rear of 135 Hill
Ockerme, Thomas, waiter, 86 St. Paul
Ockmay, James, drayman, 303 s Eutaw
Ockmey, Aaron, whitewasher, 8 Vine
Offerd, Frederick, hostler, 36 Pierce
Offerd, Richard, coachman, 36 Pierce
Oldham, Wm., barber, 96 n Gay
Oliver, Allen, sawyer, 1 Division al
Oliver, August, musician, 6 Chestnut
Oliver, Elizabeth, chambermaid, 158 n Front
Oliver, Elisha, driver, 30 Wagon al
Oliver, Emily, laundress, 21 Hull's la
Oliver, Francis, laborer, 73 Moore al
Oliver, John, laborer, 79 State
Oliver, Lewis, wagoner, 132 Orchard
Oliver, Lydia, laundress, 231 s Eutaw
Oliver, Thomas J., shoemaker, 215 Vine
Olmstead, Joseph, porter, 39 Dover
O'Neale, Martha, dressmaker, 178 s Howard
O'Neale, Orne, 178 s Howard
O'Neil, Arkansas, seamstress, 12 Leadenhall
O'Neil, James, waiter, 12 Leadenhall
Onion, Alonzo, 70 Short
Orchard st (Meth. Epis) Church, Orchard nr Ross
Orem, Ellen, 7 White al
Orrick, Isaiah, laborer, 1 South la
Orrick, Lydia, laundress, 62 Union
Osborn, Jesse, mariner, 124 n Dallas
Osborn, Josiah, laborer, 40 China
Osborn, Sallie, cook, 84 Raborg
Oter, Samuel, whitewasher, 39 Ross
Other, Charles, caulker, 13 Iron al
Owens, Helen, 52 Lerew al
Owens, Jacob, drayman, 17 Vine
Owens, Jesse, oyster shucker, 3 Peach al
Owens, _____, huckster, 271 Montgomery
Owens, John, laborer, 95 n Dallas
Owens, John, mariner, 120 Welcome al
Owings, Richard C., porter, Sharp bet Lexington and Fayette
Page, Mary, dressmaker, over 71 Second
Paine, Amelia, laundress, 53 Johnson
Paine, James, cook, 14 Camden
Paine, Washington, oyster shucker, 102 Henrietta
Pane, George, deck hand, 157 West
Pane, James, laborer, 94 n Spring
Parker, Charles, laborer, 120 Bethel
Parker, Charlotte, laundress, 289 s Eutaw
Parker, Daniel, laborer, 249 s Eutaw
Parker, George, 43 s Bethel
Parker, Isaiah, laborer, 69 Sarah Ann
Parker, Julia, laundress, 17 Jenkins al
Parker, Margaret, washerwoman, 16 Wayne
Parker, Mary, 102 St. Mary
Parker, Sarah, cook, 31 n Sharp
Parker, Sarah, 258 Raborg
Parker, Simeon, laborer, 1 Myer's ct
Parker, Thomas, laborer, 220 Dover
Parker, Thomas, laborer, 31 Plum al
Parker, Wm., laborer, 84 Raborg
Parker, Wm., hackman, 20 Sarah Ann
Parker, Wm., laborer, 86 Dover
Parks, Emanuel, hod carrier, 37 Biddle al
Parks, Isaac, laborer, 2 Walnut al
Parks, Jane, laundress, 127 Low
Parraway, Wm. E., barber, 78 s Eutaw
Parraway, Wm., drayman, 11 Stockton al
Parrish, James, laborer, Windsor Mill road
Parsons, John, laborer, 45 Guilford al
Patterson, Hannah, 14 Marion
Patterson, Henrietta, cook, 64 Mulberry
Patterson, Isaiah, caulker, 46 Douglas
Patterson, John, laborer, 18 Forrest
Patterson, Robert, barber, 181 Henrietta
Patterson, Wm., caulker, 190 Mullikin
Patterson, Wm., caulker, 159 s Durham
Patton, Anderson, barber, Dallas nr Lombard
Pauls, Wallace, teamster, 42 Orchard
Payne, Eliza, cook, 252 L. Hughes
Payne, Hester, laundress, 250 L. Hughes
Payne, ______, sawyer, 94 n Spring
Payne, Watson, cook, 80 Elbow la
Peach, Adam, drayman, 16 Boyd
Peach, Charles, waiter, 646 Penna av
Peach, Joseph, carter, 111 Elbow la
Pearce, Alexander, farmer, 190 Raborg
Pearce, Butler, hod carrier, 190 Raborg
Pearce, Daniel, farmer, 190 Raborg
Pearce, Harrison, laborer, 190 Raborg
Peck, Caroline, dressmaker, 61 Davis
Peck, Edward W., 7 Foundry
Peck, Rev. Frances J., 87 North
Peck, Nathaniel, Jr., whitewasher, 61 Davis
Peck, Henry, wagoner, 28 Raborg
Peck, Rev. Nathaniel, whitewasher, 7 Foundry
Peck, Otho, waiter, 332 w Baltimore
Peed, John, mariner, 8 Wayne
Peker, John, porter, 4 Jew al
Pelton, Owen, laborer, 70 Orchard
Pelton, Rezin, laborer, 74 Burgundy al
Pemberton, Nancy, laundress, 201 Ensor
Penkett, Charles, stevedore, 302 s Howard
Penn, Edward, hackman, 69 Vine
Pennington, Margaret, washerwoman, 83 Chestnut
Penn, Theodore, coachman, 92 Sarah Ann
Pennington, Richard, brickmaker, 81 s Wolfe
Perkins, Catherine, laundress, 116 Hill
Perkins, Charles H., waiter, 39 Mulberry
Perkins, Mary M., cook, 116 York
Perkins, Washington, grain measurer, 66 Henrietta
Perry, Charles D., bootblack, 150 York
Perry, Christopher, porter, 19 Rose
Perry, Major, brickmaker, 41 s Dallas
Perry, Mary, washerwoman, 61 Hargove al
Pervine,Joseph, drayman, 78 Holland
Peterkin, Susan, rear of 18 Clay
Peters, Lee, mariner, 36 s Dallas
Peters, Elizabeth, seamstress, 67 L. McElderry
Peters, Isaac, coachman, 10 Jordan al
Peters, James, laborer, 67 L. McElderry
Peters, Rosetta, washerwoman, 67 L. McElderry
Peters, Simon, driver, 50 n Sharp
Peters, Solomon, whitewasher, Chestnut al near Ogston
Peters, Tobias, laborer, 32 Carlton
Peterson, James, barber, 45 Clas
Phillips, Charles, mariner, 52 Vine
Phillips, Charlotte, tailoress, 89 East
Phillips, James, carter, 80 n Spring
Phillips, Josephine, mantua maker, 46 Tyson
Phillips, John, drayman, 86 St. Mary
Phillips, Levin, 59 e Bethel
Phillips, Lewis, hackman, rear of 40 Hill
Phillips, Lloyd, laborer, 196 s Dallas
Phillips, Martha, laundress, 86 St. Mary
Phillips, Peter, hod carrier, 62 Josephine
Phillips, Rachel, 35 Short
Phillips, Rebecca, 113 s Durham
Phillips, Richard, carter, 70 n Spring
Phillips, Thomas, porter, 102 Cider al
Phillips, T., 305 Canton av
Phillips, Timothy, drayman, 76 Cider al
Pickens, Wm., waiter, 7 State
Pie, Rosetta, 84 Jasper
Pier, Daniel,. laborer, 56 Lewis
Pierce, James, butcher, 12 Biddle al
Pierce, James J., carter, 306 e Fayette
Pierce, John, barber, 205 Eastern av
Pierce, John, drayman, 26 Tessier
Pierce, John H., whitewasher, 28 East
Pierce, John, waiter, 25 Ross
Pierce, Perry, hod carrier, Russell near Ross
Pierce, Lemuel T., stevedore, 130 Dover
Pierce, Wesley, waiter, 42 Welcome al
Pierce, Wm., waiter, 43 Arch
Pierce, Wm, H., mariner, 64 Elbow la
Pierman, Wm., hod carrier, 32 Booth
Pindar, James, laborer, 14 Elbow la
Pindar, J. Washington, porter, 1 Gillingham al
Pindell, Agnes, laundress, 15 Chestnut al
Pindell, Elijah, stevedore, 139 s Dallas
Pindell, Thomas A., barber, 15 Chestnut al
Pinder, John, porter, 184 s Howard
Pinder, Robert, brickmaker, 8 Herring's ct
Pinder, James, laborer, 1 Gillingham al
Pinion, Margaret, laundress, 71 Union
Pinkett, Gabriel, mariner, 42 Chestnut
Pinkett, Mary G., laundress, 40 Lewis
Pinkney, Daniel,. laborer, 243 s Eutaw
Pinkney, James W., porter, 12 n Spring
Pinkney, Lewis, waiter, 320 Harford av
Pinkney, Maria, cook, 23 State
Pinkney, Susan, laundress, 420 s Charles
Pipes, Valeria, laundress, 244 Raborg
Pitts, Frederick, whitewasher, 63 Burgundy al
Planter, Wm., laborer, 7 Waters' row
Plater, Charles, laborer, 118 Hill
Plater, Eliza, cook, 3 Spring Garden av
Plater, Mrs. Jane, laundress, 207 Hamburg
Plater, John, laborer, 248 L. Hughes
Plater, Joseph,. whitewasher, 62 Josephine
Plyman, John, barber, 48 Camden
Pointer, Ann Maria, laundress, 85 Orchard
Pokety, John, laborer, 156 York
Polk, Joseph, fireman, 144 York
Porter, Handy, hod carrier, 1 Forrest
Porter, Harriet, 103 s Spring
Porter, Joshua, mariner, 77 Leadenhall
Porter, Lemuel, laborer, 74 East
Potter, Anna, cook, 76 L. McElderry
Potter, Cornelius, waiter, rear of 47 King
Potts, Jane, laundress, 10 Haw
Potts, Richard, grain measurer, 138 s Bethel
Poole, Catherine, cook, 6 Bethel row
Poole, Joseph, soldier, 101 North
Poulson, Joseph, cooper, 1 Kimmel al
Poulson, Margaret, laundress, 1 Kimmel al
Poulson, Richard, hostler, 1 Kimmel al
Poulson, Wm., cooper, State st extended
Powell, Amos, waiter, 107 Jasper
Powell, Charles, laborer, 49 Raborg
Powell, Charles Jr., brickmaker, 49 Raborg
Powell, Frances, 10 Herring's ct
Powell, James, porter, 60 St. Mary
Powell, John C., barber, 127 North, dw 5 Bath
Powell, John D., barber, 123 s Bond
Powell, Perry, brickmaker, 105 s Spring
Powell, Thomas, brickmaker, 51 Raborg
Powell, Washington, porter, 6 Boyd
Powers, Joshua, wagoner, 132 Hill
Powers, Zechariah, laborer, 132 Hill
Prater, Jasper, porter, 24 Biddle
Pratt, Charles, musician, 146 Chestnut
Pratt, David, caulker, 58 East
Pratt, James H., caulker, 130 n Dallas
Pratt, Frances, hostler, 12 Tyson al
Pratt, John, caulker, 18 Hull la
Pratt, Kinsey, caulker, 58 East
Pratt, Mary G., laundress, 12 Tyson al
Pratt, Samuel, 91 Stirling
Preston, Anna, chambermaid, 40 Orchard
Preston, James, oyster shucker, 123 n Dallas
Preston, Jonas, hay shucker, 105 Low
Preston, Rose H., cook, 40 Orchard
Prichard, Charlotte, laundress, 81 s Wolfe
Price, Alfred, waiter, 13 Hamilton
Price, Jacob, grain measurer, 77 Welcome al
Price, John, laborer, 10 Chestnut
Price, Lewis, drayman, 13 Tessier
Price, Nancy J., nurse, 25 Williamson al
Price, Ruth A., nurse, 304 s Howard
Price, Wm., sailor, 4 Jordan al
Price, Wm., wagoner, Leadenhall nr Hamburg
Primbrook, John, drayman, 193 s Sharpe
Primbrook, Mary, laundress, 100 Henrietta
Primrose, John W., hostler, 14 State
Primrose, Greenbuty, laborer, 47 Burgundy al
Pritchet, Samuel, oysters, 6 s Dallas
Pritchett, Thomas, drayman, 1 Philpot al
Prindell, Basil, brickmaker, Welcome al
Proctor, Edward J., fireman, 5 House ct
Proctor, Mary J., laundress, 36 Welcome al
Prout, Israel, porter, 221 s Howard
Prout, Mary A., laundress, 5 Raborg
Prout, Mary A, confectionary, 27 Raborg
Pulley, James, laborer, 76 East
Pullip, Amelia, 7 Gillingham al
Pumphrey, David, brickmaker, 61 Plum
Pumpfrey, Josh, blacksmith and horse shoer, 320 Montgomery, dw 192 Henrietta
Pumphrey, John, brickmaker, 11 Herrings ct
Pumphrey, John, laborer, 1 Tripolet al
Pumphrey, Nathan, laborer, 2 Dawson al
Purdy, Louisa, laundress, 36 Walnut al
Purnel, John, coachman, 33 Jordan al
Purnell, Charles, mariner, 227 s Bond
Purnell, Daniel, drayman, 14 Pierce
Purnell, Henrietta, barber, 122 n High
Purnell, James, waiter, 13 Jenkins al
Purnell, Rebecca, 28 Slemmer al
Purviance, Joseph, drayman, 78 Holland
Pynes, Charles, waiter, 316 Montgomery
Pynes, Mrs. Jane, 316 Montgomery
Quebec, James H., waiter, 66 Sarah Ann
Queen, Daniel, oyster shucker, 6 Leadenhall
Queen, Edward, brickmaker, 46 Burgundy al
Queen, Edward, brickmaker, 48 China
Queen, Eliza, laundress, 57 China
Queen, Emanuel, carter, 3 n Spring
Queen, Isaac, stevedore, 247 s Eutaw
Queen, James H., oyster seller, 133 Camden
Queen, John, laborer, 65 China
Queen, Mary, washerwoman, 29 Arch
Queen, Matilda, laundress, 40 King
Queen, Mrs. Nancy, 247 s Eutaw
Queen, Noah, grain runner, 243 s Eutaw
Queen, Robert, laborer, 40 Wayne
Queen, Sophia, washerwoman, 154 s Eutaw
Queen, Walter, wagoner, 20 Wagon al
Queen, William, laborer, 3 Lewis
Queen, Wm., brickmaker, 40 Hill
Queen, Wm., huckster, 247 s Eutaw
Queen, Wm., laborer, 140 Sarah Ann
Queen, Zachariah, laborer, 58 Burgundy al
Quill, Stephen, mariner, 181 York
Railey, Jane, washerwoman, 16 Tyson al
Raisin, Nathaniel, grain measurer, 42 York
Rakes, Anna A., laundress, 2 Salisbury al
Randall, Agnes, cook, 37 State
Randolph, Columbus, waiter, 3 Cross al
Rashinet, George, waiter, 1 Marion ct
Ray, Joseph, deck hand, 104 n Spring
Rayner, Henry, oysterer, 374 Cross
Read, Elizabeth, laundress, 36 Wayne
Reddick, G.W., hod carrier, 143 York
Redding, Rhoda, laundress, 112 Welcome al
Redman, John, laborer, 104 Hamilton
Redmond, Annie, laundress, 49 n Sharp
Redmond, Henry, waiter, 49 n Sharp
Redoff, George, brickmaker, 3 Wagon al
Reed, Amilia, laundress, 120 Hill
Reed, Charles, laborer, 6 Plum al
Reed, Henrietta, huckster, 3 Douglass
Reed, George T., drayman, 31 State
Reed, George, fireman, 133 n Dallas
Reed, George, laborer, 131 n Dallas
Reed, Joshua, drayman, 120 Hill
Reed, Martha T., laundress, 120 Hill
Reed, Martha, laundress, 114 Orchard
Reed, Perry, wagoner, 10 X al
Reed, Peter, waiter, 102 Jasper
Reed, Richard, waiter, 35 Raborg
Reed, Samuel, waiter, 102 Jasper
Reed, Sarah, laundress, 41 China
Reese, Mary A., seamstress, 58 Dover
Reese, Thomas, oyster shucker, 78 East
Reester, Henry, hostler, Windsor Mill road, near Fremont
Remond, Charles, hod carrier, 465 Saratoga
Revel, James, mariner, 78 North
Revels, Rev. Hiram, Y.R., 41 Tyson
Reynolds, Alfred, oyster shucker, 44 Camel al
Reynolds, Elizabeth, laundress, 168 Sarah Ann
Reynolds, Jacob, farmer, rear 26 Raborg
Reynolds, James, mariner, 257 Montgomery
Reynolds, Joseph, hod carrier, 73 Plum
Reynolds, Sarah F., laundress, 38 Greenwillow
Rezin, Josiah, steward, 90 Welcome al
Rice, Cato, laborer, 136 Tyson
Rice, Richard, laborer, 46 Forrest
Rice, Wm., mariner, 10 Mechanics' ct
Rich, Delia, laundress, 10 Tripolet al
Rich, Henry, mariner, 16 Leadenhall
Rich, Miranda, laundress, 6 Patapsco av
Richards, Alexander, blacksmith, 126 York
Richards, Benjamin, hostler, 54 Carlton
Richards, Frisby, coachman, 56 St. Mary
Richards, Joshua, fisherman, 177 s Dallas
Richards, Thomas, laborer, 28 Biddle al
Richardson, Albert, 25 Jordan al
Richardson, Dennis, soldier, 13 Cecil
Richardson, Eliza, laundress, 25 Bankert al
Richardson, Geo. W., brickmaker, 9 Salisbury al
Richardson, Henry, mariner, 248 L. Hughes
Richardson, Henry, 6 Short
Ridgely, Sarah, laundress, 17 Union
Richardson, Jacob, 1 Short
Richardson, James, porter, 108 Jasper
Richardson, John H., waiter, 124 w Baltimore
Richardson, Margaret, laundress, 3 Bethel
Richardson, Milly, laundress, 5 Bethel row
Richardson, Saml, whitewasher, 42 Tyson al
Richardson, Susan, laundress, 13 Cider al
Richardson, Wm. H., drayman, 62 Mulberry
Richardson, Wm., grain measurer, 25 Plum al
Richfield, Frisby J., caulker, 13 Bounty la
Richfield, Rich O., barber, 227 Conway
Richfield, Wm., soldier, 41 Hill
Ridcouff, Geo., laborer, 16 Vine
Ridgaway, Henry, laborer, 46 East
Ridgaway, Henry, speculator, 1 South la
Ridgaway, Jas. G., carter, 8 Plum al
Ridgaway, Martha, laundress, 77 Chestnut
Ridgaway, Mary, laundress, 3 Short
Ridgaway, Matilda, laundress, 77 Chestnut
Ridgley, Caroline, cook, 1 Eutaw ct
Ridgley, Geo, farmer, 82 Chestnut ct
Ridgley, John, farmer, 55 Carlton
Ridgley, Lucy, laundress, 132 Tyson
Ridgley, Robt., 3 Tyson al
Ridgley, Sarah, laundress, 98 St. Mary
Ridley, Robt., whipsawyer, 7 Guilford al
Ridout, Laura, cook, 78 Richmond
Rigby, John, sawyer, 71 Chestnut
Riggs, Geo., laborer, Chappell al betw Saratoga and Mulberry
Riggs, John, bootblack, 12 s Liberty
Riley, Emanuel, laborer, 100 St. Mary
Riley, Geo., wheelwright, 320 Montgomery, dw 301 s Eutaw
Riley, John, fireman, 124 w Baltimore
Riley, stephen, laborer, 96 Elbow la
Riley, Wm., laborer, 43 Guilford al
Ringgold, Abraham, laborer, 51 Elbow la
Ringgold, Vhas., whitewasher, 98 Orchard
Ringgold, Danl., waiter, 13 Neighbor
Ringgold, Danl T., waiter, 33 State
Ringgold, Edward, wheelsman, 80 Orchard
Ringgold, Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress, 169 Dover
Ringgold, Emily, laundress, 96 Orchard
Ringgold, Henry P., drayman, 31 Union
Ringgold, Henry, mariner, 60 Chestnut
Ringgold, Hezekiah, drayman, 94 Stirling
Ringgold, Jacob H., grain measurer, 36 Forrest
Ringgold, Jacob H., laborer, 39 n Sharp
Ringgold, Mary, laundress, 41 n Sharp
Ringgold, Perry, grain measurer, 47 L. Church
Ringgold, Philip, fruit dealer, n w cor Holiday and Pleasant
Ringgold, Rachel, cook, 13 Haw
Ringgold, Wm., brickmaker, 30 Vine
Ringgold, Wm., laborer, 8 Mince al
Rivers, John C. J., waiter, 62 Richmond
Roach, Geo., whitewasher, 41 Burgundy al
Roadman, Lavinia, cook, 77 Elbow la
Robbins, Jas. P., laborer, 143 Low
Robbins, J., huckster, 2 Short al
Robbins, Milber, laborer, 62 Welcome al
Roberts, Anthony, oyster shucker, 61 Union
Roberts, Augustus, barber, 4 Light
Roberts, Bradley, laborer, 129 Tyson
Roberts, Chas., mariner, 52 Chine
Roberts, Edward, porter, 37 L. Monument
Roberts, Francis, soldier, 53 Tyson al
Roberts, Jacob, brickmaker, 236 L. Hughes
Roberts, Jane, 72 Morris al
Roberts, Jos., brickmaker, 52 China
Roberts, Lloyd, waiter, 96 St. Mary
Roberts, Louisa, 5 Grove
Roberts, Priscilla, laundress, 158 s Spring
Roberts, Phillip A., barber, 4 Light
Roberts, Thos. D., laborer, 114 n Dallas
Roberts, Thos., mariner, 9 s Bethel
Roberts, Wm., laborer, 53 Johnson
Roberts, Wm., laborer, 73 Leadenhall
Roberts, Wm. C., laborer, 114 n Dallas
Robertson, Harriet, 26 s Bethel
Robertson, Robt., porter, 63 Elder al
Robertson, Wm., barber, 12 Jasper
Robertson, Mary E., 11 State
Robinson, Alex, waiter, 5 Raborg
Robinson, Aloysius, cigar maker, 19 Waters' row
Robinson, Basil, coachman, 144 Tyson
Robinson, Caleb, laborer, 186 Elbow la
Robinson, Caroline, cook, 205 Hamburg
Robinson, Charles, teamster, 70 Morris al
Robinson, Emeline, laundress, 27 Plum al
Robinson, Francis, blacksmith, 19 Waters' row
Robinson, George, coach driver, 132 Chestnut
Robinson, George, laborer, 3 Gillingham al
Robinson, Harriet, 12 George al
Robinson, Henry, drayman, 844 w Baltimore
Robinson, John, brickmaker, 280 s Durham
Robinson, John H., hostler, 92 Cider al
Robinson, John, laborer, 92 Cider al
Robinson, Peter, porter, 13 Booth al
Robinson, Perry, coachman, 12 Morris al
Robinson, Richard, laborer, 96 n Spring
Robinson, Samuel, drayman, 49 L. Monument
Robinson, Stephen, huckster, 5 Jasper
Robinson, Thos., 62 Orchard
Robinson, Wm., porter, 27 Plum al
Rock, Harriet, laundress, 133 Aisquith
Roden, Charles, mariner, 30 Raborg
Rogers, Andrew, carter, 122 s Bethel
Roles, Charles, 70 Burgundy al
Roles, James, grain runner, 29 Tyson al
Roles, Levin, oyster shucker, 132 s Durham
Rollins, Caroline, 128 Hill
Rollins, Edward, carter, 89 East
Rollins, Henry, laborer, 215 Hamburg
Rollins, James, laborer, 29 Biddle
Rollins, Jesse, laborer, 39 East
Rollins, Margaret, huckstress, 75 Union
Rollins, Mary 98 St Mary
Rollins, Mary, seamstress, 215 Hamburg
Rolph, George, boarding, 178 s Caroline
Rose, Isaac, furniture wagoner, 150 s Washington, F.P.
Rose, James, grain runner, 22 Edward
Rose, James, drayman, 195 s Durham
Rose, Wm., brickmaker, 195 s Durham
Ross, Mrs. Elemline, laundress, 35 Wayne
Ross, John H., soldier, 38 Moore al
Ross, John H., farmer, rear of 26 Raborg
Ross, Lewis, sexton African Baptist Church, 4 Tyson al
Ross, Lloyd, drayman, 130 cider al
Ross, Mary, laundress, 42 East
Ross, Robert, whitewasher, 51 Holiday
Ross, Robert, trader, 99 Eastern av
Ross, Susan, laundress, Chestnut al near Pine
Ross, Thomas A., laborer, 58 L. Monument
Ross, Wm., laborer, 19 Jenkins al
Rounds, Wm., mariner, 221 s Durham
Royal, Samuel, laborer, Penn av extended
Ruff, Benjamin W., drayman, 166 Tyson
Ruff, Henry, waiter, 49 Tyson
Ruff, John, porter, 92 Tyson
Ruff, Samuel, coachman, 41 Chestnut
Ruke, Joel, laborer, 50 Haw
Russell, Aaron, waiter, 14 Jew al
Russell, Abner, coachman, 3 Kimmel al
Russell, Clem, coachman, 20 State
Russell, Frederick, huckster, 103 Schroeder
Russell, George W., hay, 842 w Baltimore
Russell, Ruth, laundress, 3 Kimmel al
Russell, Wm., hostler, 3 Kimmel al
Ryan, Thomas, coachman, 74 Pierce
Ryder, Elizabeth H., laundress, 342 Light
Ryder, Morris, pilot, 342 Light
Sadler, James H., drayman, 18 Cider al
Sales, Henrietta, cook, 37 Tyson al
Sales, Henry, laborer, 49 Short
Sales, Rebecca, cook, 13 Haw
Sales, Susan, laundress, 221 e Monument
Salsbury, Wm., 9 Aisquith ct
Salter, Wm., drayman, 40 Union
Sample, Emerson, mariner, 66 Elbow la
Sampson, Ann, laundress, 73 L. Church
Sampson, Colonel, woodsawyer, 85 n Spring
Sampson, General, stevedore, 101 s Spring
Sampson, Jackson, oyster shucker, 11 Marion
Sampson, Joseph, laborer, 139 n Dallas
Sampson, Keeny, deckhand, 104 n Spring
Sampson, Richard, carter, 189 Henrietta
Sampson, S., mariner, 14 Hull la
Sampson, Wm., drayman, 24 L. Monument
Sams, Edward, laborer, 187 s Eutaw
Sambles, Isaac, mariner, 88 Leadenhall
Saddlefield, Julia, servant, 2 Jefferson
Sanders, John, drayman, 20 Douglass
Sanders, Louisa, laundress, 13 Park
Sanders, Wm., drayman, 101 n Dallas
Sank, Spencer, drayman, 160 York
Sanks, David, waiter, 54 Lerew al
Sanks, Eliza, laundress, 3 Spring Garden av
Sanks, John B., waiter, 72 Cider al
Sanks, John, brickmaker, 202 Hamburg
Sanks, John, Sr., laborer, 196 s Eutaw
Sanks, Wm., laborer, 158 s Eutaw
Sanks, Winder, porter, 88 Burgundy al
Sarls, Faulkner, stevedore, 380 Cross
Saul, Wm, S., porter, 92 Cider al
Savage, George, hod carrier, 136 Sarah Ann
Savage, Isaac, mariner, 70 L. Church
Savage, Joseph, waiter, 57 L. Pleasant
Savage, Mrs., laundress, 257 L. Hughes
Savage, Tobias, waiter, 51 L. Pleasant
Saville, Charles, laborer, 6 Webster
Savington, John, waiter, 27 Foundry
Savoy, Alfred, waiter, 25 King
Savoy, Augustus, waiter, 10 Jew al
Savoy, Bazil, brickmaker, 300 s Howard
Savoy, Daniel, laborer, 207 Dover
Sawyer, Richard, boatman, 74 L. Church
Schley, George, drayman, 1 Tyson
Scoggins, Eliza, 9 Mechanics ct
Scott, Aaron, brickmaker, 212 Hamburg
Scott, Ann M., dressmaker, 191 s Sharp
Scott, Benjamin, laborer, 10 Boyd
Scott, Charles, waiter, 9 Madison al
Scott, Charles, laborer, 46 Moore al
Scott, Charles, brickmaker, 215 Dover
Scott, Ellen, laundress, 128 s Dallas
Scott, George, laborer, 191 s Sharp
Scott, Mary, 6 Morris al
Scott, Horace, sawyer, 44 Short
Scott, Isaac, shaving and hair dressing saloon, rear of s e
cor Camden and Paca
Scott, Isaac, laborer, 296 s Howard
Scott, James, waiter, 9 Madison al
Scott, James, oyster shucker, 172 Dover
Scott, James, grain runner, 26 Vine
Scott, John, laborer, 298 e Fayette
Scott, John, laborer, 141 n Dallas
Scott, John, 51 East
Scott, John, oysters, 39 s Dallas
Scott, John, laborer, 113 Elbow la
Scott, John, stevedore, 149 Hill
Scott, Joseph, waiter, 92 Dover
Scott, Julia, laundress, 246 L. Hughes
Scott, Lewis, hod carrier, 45 L. McElderry
Scott, Margaret, 89 Chestnut al
Scott, Maria, whitewasher, 34 Hill
Scott, Mary A., 9 Madison al
Scott, Mary, cook, rear of 12 State
Scott, Mary A, laundress, 93 Vine
Scott, Mary A., laundress, 13 Cecil
Scott, Moses, whitewasher, 40 Low
Scott, Mrs. Nancy, laundress, 245 s Eutaw
Scott, Nathan, mariner, 51 Chine
Scott, Perry, mariner, 198 Hamburg
Scott, Philip O., laborer, 93 Chestnut
Scott, Priscilla, laundress, 13 Raborg
Scott, Rezin, victualler, 138 n Caroline
Scott, Rezin, cook shop, 33 Commerce
Scott, Robt., porter, 182 Millikin
Scott, Rosanna, 73 s Dallas
Scott, Saml., waiter, 33 Chestnut al
Scott, Saml., laborer, 80 Chestnut al
Scott, Sarah, laundress, 272 Montgomery
Scott, Sarah, laundress, 19 Chestnut
Scott, Stephen, grain runner, 84 Chestnut
Scott, Wm., laborer, 221 Dover
Scott, Wilton, laborer, 61 Josephine
Scribner, Walter, laborer, 265 Raborg
Scrivner, Wm., whitewasher, 240 Raborg
Scrivener, David, laborer, 34 Hill
Seaney, Moses, mariner, 24 Leadenhall
Sebtt, Annie, laundress, 242 L. Hughes
Sedgwick, John T., brickmaker, 85 Burgundy al
Sedgwick, Kesiah, laundress, 18 Elder al
Sedgwick, Matilda, 103 St. Mary
Seeney, John, waiter, 120 Tyson
Sefuss, Jos., laborer, 5 Bankert al
Selvey, Chas, laborer, 13 Jasper
Semmes, Jas., drayman, 186 Tyson
Sephus, Henry, coachman, 6 Raborg
Sevoy, Danl., laborer, 11 Cecil
Sevoy, Ransom, waiter, 1 Inloes al
Sevoy, Solomon, hod carrier, 13 Inloes al
Sewell, Henry, brickmaker, 61 s Dallas
Sewell, Isaac, laborer, 272 Hamburg
Sewell, John, furn. wagoner, 45 Tyson
Sewell, Mary, laaundress, 8 Lloyd
Sewell, Perry, 36 L. Monument
Sewell, Pollard, drayman, 35 Guilford al
Sewell, Sarah, laundress, 36 Vine
Sewell, Wm., scowman, 23 s Dallas
Shanklin, Alice, cook, 28 Tyson
Shanklin, Milly, 28 Tyson
Sharp, Geo., waiter, 197 Eastern
Sharp, Henry, caulker, 197 Eastern
Sharp, Joshua, caulker, 30 Burgundy al
Sharp, Laura, cook, 57 Tyson
Sharp, Mary J., laundress, 53 Johnson
Sharp, Mary, cook, 57 Tyson
Sharp, Wm., caulker, 30 Holland
Sharper, Lloyd, upholsterer, 2 Mechanics ct
Sharper, Zach, barber, 185 Tyson
Shawder, Thos., butcher, 58 St. Mary
Sheaf, Jos., grain measurer, 30 Short
Sheaf, Perry, grain measurer, 33 Commerce
Shelly, Levin, 27 Chestnut
Sheppard, Benj., driver, 10 Morris al
Sheppard, Emily, cook, 55 Ross
Sheppard, John D., drayman, 9 Chestnut al
Sheppard, John, drayman, 9 Chestnut al
Sheppard, Mary, laundress, Beale ct
Sheppard, Peter, coachman, 9 Stockton
Sheppard, Prince, carpenter, rear of 12 State
Sheppard, Stephen, laborer, 103 n Dallas
Sheppard, Wm., waiter, 45 n Sharp
Sherdan, Jas., laborer, 120 Jasper
Sherdan, Jas., waiter, 54 L. Monument
Sherwood, Jacob, laborer, 24 Wagon al
Sherwood, Jos., hod carrier, 148 s Dallas
Shields, Danl., porter, 41 Guilford
Shields, Gabriel, waiter, 124 w Baltimore
Shields, Jas., waiter, 124 w Baltimore
Shields, John, drayman, 81 Jefferson
Shields, Josephine, laundress, 106 Jasper
Shields, Thos., cook, 16 Forrest
Shipley, John, woodsawyer, 114 St. Mary
Shipley, Hezekiah, poprter, 20 Elbow la
Shurder, Jane, laundress, 142 n Caroline
Siddons, Henrietta, laundress, 93 Chestnut
Sides, Zachariah, laborer, 40 Clay
Simmons, John, fireman, 62 Dover
Simms, Edward, oyster packer, 73 Chestnut
Simms, Elizabeth, laundress, 123 Low
Simms, Ellen, laundress, 77 Union
Simms, Francis, drayman, 103 Bethel
Simms, Geo., M.C., waiter, 18 Boyd
Simms, Geo., waiter, 49 n Sharp
Simms, Henry, waiter, 59 Raborg
Simms, Henry, porter, 36 Greenwillow
Simms, John, drayman, 45 Tyson al
Simms, P., laundress, 77 Union
Simms, Thos., laborer, 272 Hamburg
Simms, Wm., laborer, 11 Arch
Simpson, Ann, laundress, 47 Tyson al
Simpson, James, brickmaker, 223 s Howard
Simpson, John S., brickmaker, 223 s Howard
Simpson, Wm., brickmaker, 72 Holland
Simpson, Wm., laborer, 70 n Dallas
Sinclair, Polly, laundress, 10 Edward
Singer, Daniel, drayman, 57 L. Monument
Single, Joseph, grain carrier, 82 Morris al
Sisters of Providence (Catholic) Peter Claver School, 10 Wayne
Sitz, Rachek, 62 s Dallas
Skinner, Ellen, laundress, 187 York
Skinner, Edward, mariner, 199 Ensor
Skinner, Francis, brickmaker, 89 n Spring
Skinner, James, blacksmith, Montgomery near Howard, dw 108 Henrietta
Skinner, Wm., stevedore, 218 L. Hughes
Skinner, Wm., laborer, 4 Union al
Skinner, Wm., brickmaker, 223 Mullikin
Slater, Harriet, nurse, 10 Richmond
Slater, Joseph H., laborer, 267 Montgomery
Slater, Rob., ship carpenter, 267 Montgomery
Slaughter, Daniel, teamster, 4 Fulton al
Slaughter, James, laborer, 150 York
Slaughter, James L., mariner, 10 Lester ct
Small, Caroline R., laundress, 13 Vine
Small, Ellen, laundress, 295 n Eutaw
Small, Hannah, 48 Vine
Small, George, coachman, 11 Short
Small, Julia, 128 Stirling
Small, John, laborer, 26 n Sharp
Smallwood, Casimir, 22 s Dallas
Smallwood, David, drayman, 110 Orchard
Smallwood, Henry, 93 Bethel
Smallwood, Henrietta, 22 s Dallas
Smallwood, John, drayman, 110 Orchard
Smallwood, Jane, laundress, 21 Forrest
Smallwood, Mary J., cook, 11 Inloes al
Smallwood, Nicholas, whitewasher, 259 Montgomery
Smallwood, Wm., 22 s Dallas
Smathers, Thomas, laborewr, 18 Orchard
Smith, Alexander, porter, 25 Ross
Smith, Arthur, oyster shucker, 308 s Howard
Smith, Anna, M.G., dressmaker, 51 Conway
Smith, Amanda, 133 n Spring
Smith, Ann, laundress, 27 Arch
Smith, Amanda, laundress, 3 Marion ct
Smith, Ann, cook, 45 Tyson al
Smith, Augustus, carter, 23 Garden
Smith, Aaron, laborer, 95 Gravel al
Smith, Benjamin, waiter, 10 Jew al
Smith, Benjamin, laborer, 110 Welcome al
Smith, Benjamin, laborer, 27 Arch
Smith, Caroline, cook, 7 Tripolet al
Smith, Charles, oyster shucker, 126 s Dallas
Smith, Charles, mariner, 53 Hampstead
Smith, Charles, laborewr, 53 s Dallas
Smith, Charles, brickmaker, 36 Greenwillow
Smith, Cornelius, drayman, 300 e Fayette
Smith, David, brickmaker, 51 s Bethel
Smith, Daniel, whitewasher, 4 Temple
Smith, Daniel, measurer, 11 Morris al
Smith, Dinah, cook, 2 Inloes al
Smith, Elizabeth, whitewasher, 79 East
Smith, Eliza, laundress, 91 Moore al
Smith, Elijah, laborer, 121 s Bethel
Smith, Eliza, E.V., laundress, 256 L. Hughes
Smith, Emily, laundress, 10 L. Montgomery
Smith, Elijah, laborer, 44 L. McElderry
Smith, Eliza, 118 n Spring
Smith, Ellen, cook, 121 Hill
Smith, Eliza, laundress, 25 Short
Smith, Elizabeth, laundress, 45 Johnson
Smith, Edward, stevedore, 26 Slemmer al
Smith, Eliza Jane, laundress, 7 St. James
Smith, Emily, laundress, 42 Lewis
Smith, Frank, laborer, 79 Elbow la
Smith, George, drayman, 72 Vine
Smith, Frances, laundress, 103 Tyson
Smith, George, ropemaker, 119 York
Smith, George W., laborer, 79 Elbow la
Smith, George, laborer, 4 Hagar's ct
Smith, Harriet, dressmaker, 16 Mechanic's ct
Smith, Henry, drayman, 14 Jordan al
Smith, Henry, laborer, 167 s Spring
Smith, Harriet, 45 Raborg
Smith, Hezekiah, drayman, 15 Union al
Smith, Henry, waiter, 5 Cross al
Smith, Henry, waiter, s e cor Harrison and Fayette
Smith, Hetty, 167 Sarah Ann
Smith, Henry, waiter, 4 Peirce
Smith, Horace S., waiter, 64 Dover
Smith, Henry, coachman, 12 L. Monument
Smith, Isaac, laborer, 1 Beal ct
Smith, Israel, laborer, 79 Elbow la
Smith, Isabella, 43 Clay
Smith, James, porter, 6 s Front
Smith, James, laborer, 41 Williamson al
Smith, James S., porter, 31 Conway
Smith, James, laborer, Hull's lane
Smith, James, laborer, 214 s Dallas
Smith, James, porter, 3 Jasper
Smith, James S., porter, 51 Conway
Smith, James, laborer, Gillingham al rear of Starp-st. Church
Smith, James, barber, 4 Bank la
Smith, James, laborer, 38 Carlton
Smith, James, coachman, 58 Orchard
Smith, Jesse, porter, 149 Hill
Smith, Jesse, laborewr, 44 Dover
Smith, John H., sawyer, 68 s Dallas
Smith, John, waiter, 45 Raborg
Smith, John H., coachman, 19 Temple
Smith, John H., soldier, 27 King
Smith, John H., coachman, 123 St. Paul
Smith, John, farmer, 40 King
Smith, John, laborer, 26 Vine
Smith, John H., drayman, 82 St. Mary
Smith, John, laborer, w Pratt extended
Smith, John, 171 s Spring
Smith, John, drayman, 16 L. Monument
Smith, John W., whitewasher, 229 s Eutaw
Smith, John, whip sawyer, 185 s Dallas
Smith, John, 49 s Dallas
Smith, Joseph, porter, 72 East
Smith, Joseph, grain runner, 48 Union
Smith, Leed, waiter, 12 Eutaw ct
Smith, Levin, brickmaker, 45 Johnson
Smith, Lydia A., laundress, 51 L. Church
Smith, Major, drayman, 38 Greenwillow
Smith, Moses, laborer, 91 Gravel al
Smith, Maria, 219 Cathedral
Smith, Mrs. Maria G., 51 Conway
Smith, Margaret, seamstress, 194 n Exeter
Smith, Matilda, laundress, 259 Montgomery
Smith, Mary, 314 Raborg
Smith, Mary, washerwoman, 23 Harmony la
Smith, Mary J., laundress, 3 Cider al
Smith, Mary, 8 Jordan al
Smith, Mary, laundress, 10 L. Monument
Smith, Mrs. Mary, laundress, 185 Dover
Smith, Mary E., laundress, 103 Tyson
Smith, Mary A., cookm 2 Albert al
Smith, Nathaniel,. laborer, 124 s Dallas
Smith, Nathaniel, drayman, 6 Forrest
Smith, Nathaniel, laborer, 210 s Caroline
Smith, Nancy, laundress, 118 n Spring
Smith, Owen, waiter, 21 Rose
Smith, Peter M., Jr., barber, 51 Conway
Smith, Peter, oyster shucker, 285 Cross
Smith, Perry, whitewasher, 138 Low
Smith, Philip H., porter, 40 China al
Smith, Robert, waiter, 8 Jordan al
Smith, Robert, laborer, 110 Welcome al
Smith, Robert, mariner, 45 L. Church
Smith, Robert, waiter, 28 Tyson
Smith, Samuel, coachman, 33 Dover
Smith, Samuel, laborer, 74 Welcome al
Smith, Samuel R., cooper, 198 s Howard
Smith, Sarah, 161 s Dallas
Smith, Sarah, 3 Swan al
Smith, Sarah, laundress, 140 York
Smith, Simon, carter, 71 Orchard
Smith, Susan J., laundress, 46 Williamson al
Smith, Simon, carter, 71 Orchard
Smith, Thomas H., caulker, rear of 74 Holiday
Smith, Thomas, laborer, 68 L. Church
Smith, Thomas, brickmaker, 45 Johnson
Smith, Thomas, fireman, 24 Forrest
Smith, Thomas, brickmaker, 86 s Dallas
Smith, Thomas, laborer, 1 Stockton al
Smith, Thomas, laborer, 95 n Bethel
Smith, Thomas, cook, 140 s Durham
Smith, Teresa, 29 Slemmer al
Smith, Tilghman, stevedore, 13 Marion
Smith, Wm., porter, 46 L. Monument
Smith, Wm, H., coachman, 6 Forrest
Smith, Wm, restaurant, 112 And 114 Jasper
Smith, Wm, H., mariner, 51 L. Church
Smith, Wm., hostler, 159 Sarah Ann
Smith, Wm., laborer, 347 n Howard
Smith, Wm, H., 50 St. Mary
Smith, Wm, L., barber, Sharp nr Lexington
Smith, Wm., farmer, 163 York
Smith, Wm., laborer, 37 Douglass
Smith, Wm, H., waiter, 32 Pleasant
Smith, Washington, waiter, 42 Union
Smith, Wilson, wheelsman, 153 Henrietta
Smothers, Edwd, brickmaker, 76 Welcome al
Smothers, G., porter, 76 Welcome al
Smothers, Henrietta, 76 Welcome al
Smothers, Jesse, porter, 30 Dover
Smothers, Sarah, laundress, 33 Raborg
Smothers, Thomas, rail splitter, 33 Raborg
Snead, Anne G., laundress, 2 Plum al
Snead, Wm., whitewasher, 193 Raborg
Sneed, Mrs. Diana, seamstress, 58 Dover
Snell, Charles, laborer, 21 Arch
Snell, James, teamster, 21 Arch
Snell, Moses, grain measurer, 37 Williamson alley
Snowden, Caleb, driver, 2 Jordan al
Snowden, Harriet A., laundress, 56 L. Monument
Snowden, Hezekiah, waiter, 9 State
Snowden, Lucy, laundress, 2 Dawsonal
Snowden, Rezin, 243 Dover
Snowden, Samuel, mariner, 102 Chestnut
Snowden, Thomas, laborer, 119 Sarah Ann
Snowden, Wm., drayman, 5 Hull's la
Soden, Charles, brickmaker, 331 s Howard
Soden, Wm., laborer, 331 s Howard
Soil, Frances A., nurse, rear of 135 Hill
Soil, Rebecca, launbdress, rear of 135 Hill
Soil, Robert, wagoner, rear of 135 Hill
Solman, Joseph, laborer, 78 Chestnut
Sollers, Mary, laundress, 42 Tyson al
Sommerville, Isaac, caulker, 15 Iron al
Sommerville, Martha, laundress, 80 Welcome al
Sorden, Ann, laundress, 79 Jasper
Sorrell, Darius, stevedore, 34 Tyson
Sorrell, Henry, laborer, 31 China
Sorrell, Henderson, porter, 66 Peirce
Sorrell, John, porter, 7 X al
Sorrell, McCountry, 51 China al
Sorrell, Sarah, seamstress, 103 Hill
Sorrell, Stehpen, porter, 45 China
Sorrell, Walter, mariner, 103 Hill
Sorrell, Washington, mariner, 194 Henrietta
Sorrell, Winder, porter, 183 Henrietta
Sorrell, Wm., porter, Cider al nr Penn
Southcomb, Henrietta, 81 Jasper
Southcomb, Joseph, laborer, 81 Jasper
Southwood, John, laborer, 48 Elbow la
Sparrow, Anthony, steward, 99 East
Sparrow, Mary, laundress, 131 Welcome al
Sparrow, Susanna, laundress, 17 Hull's la
Sparrow, Wm., porter, 17 Hull's la
Spawder, Emeline, cook, 85 Moore al
Sparks, Nicholas, barber, 11 Hamilton
Spence, Benj., hod carrier, 81 East
Spence, Frisby, grain measurer, 73 Plum
Spence, Isaac, brickmaker, 306 s Howard
Spence, Thomas, waiter, 47 Elbow la
Spencer, Betsy, laundress, 3 Grove
Spencer, Joseph, grain runner, 144 Low
Spradley, Samuel, mariner, 9 Bounty la
Spriddle, Jesse, drayman, 175 Henrietta
Spriddle, Martin, drayman, 187 Henrietta
Spriddle, Mary A., washerwoman, 45 Biddle al
Spriddle, Robert, laborer, 65 Plum
Spriddle, Mrs. Temperance, seamstress, 45 Leadenhall
Spriddle, Thomas, drayman, 5 Cecil
Sprigg, George, waiter, 96 St. Mary
Sprigg, James, drayman, 227 s Eutaw
Sprigg, John H., porter, 78 Sarah Ann
Sprigg, J. Henry, porter, 24 s Bethel
Spriggs, Charles, 76 n Exeter
Spriggs, Wm. H., waiter, 116 Holiday
Spriggs, James, coachman, 26 Forrest
Spriggs, Henrietta, 76 n Exeter
Spriggs, Thomas, grain measurer, 125 Stirling
Spriggs, James F., barber, 123 s Fremont, dw 227 s Eutaw
Sprouse, Henry, mariner, 198 n Exeter
Squirrel, Robert, carter, 21 State
Squirrel, Wesley, 26 State
Stafford, David, carpenter, 188 West
Stanford, John, grain measurer, 13 Jew al
Stanley, Charles, oyster shucker, 1 Gillingham al
Stanley, Harriet, 30 s Bethel
Stanley, Harriet, washerwoman, rear 120 Welcome al
Stanley, James, waiter, 72 Morris al
Stanley, Samuel, laborer, 33 Wayne
Stanley, Eben, stevedore, 56 s Dallas
Stanley, Rebecca, 102 s Spring
Stanley, Smart, stevedore, 81 n Spring
Stanley, Wm., whitewasher, 92 Stiles
Stansbury, Daniel, laborer, Pleasant, 1 door from North
Stansbury, George, brickmaker, 67 Dover.
Stansbury, Isaac, laborer, 3 Herring's ct
Stansbury, James, sawyer, 141 York
St. James (African) Church, s e cor Saratoga and North
Stansbury, Moses, laborer, 3 Bankert al
Stansbury, Mrs. Maria, 135 Stirling
Stansbury, Nancy, laundress, 118 Welcome al
Starr, Henry, 6 Morris al
Stateman, James, farmer, 254 Raborg
Stayton, Wm., boatman, 270 Montgomery
Steadham, Philip, cooper, 87 Burgundy al
Stephens, Alexander, caulker, 201 Eastern av
Stevens, Ann, rag picker, rear of 218 s Caroline
Stevens, Benjamin, hostler, 182 Tyson
Stevens, Jacob, laborer, 187 s Bethel
Stevens, John, laborer, 6 Wagonal
Stevens, John, laborer, 216 Raborg
Stevens, James, waiter, 38 Haw
Stevens, Perry, steward, 15 Philpot al
Stevenson, Mary, cook, 222 L. Hughes
Stevenson, Solomon, miller, 140 Spring
Stewart, Anna, laundress, Albert al
Stewart, Mrs. Ann, 6 Clarkston al
Stewart, Benjamin, shoemaker, 108 Orchard
Stewart, David, drayman, 16 Hull's la
Stewart, Daniel, hostler, Penna. av
Stewart, Ellen, laundress, 9 State
Stewart, Enoch, grocer, 221 Hamburg, dw 213
Stewart, Eliza, laundress, 39 s Dallas
Stewart, Ellis, laborer, 59 n Dallas
Stewart, Frederick, porter, 35 Tyson
Stewart, George, porter, 194 York
Stewart, Hannah, laundress, 23 Union
Stewart, Henry, waiter, 107 Chestnut
Stewart, Isaac, 120 Holiday
Stewart, John, wood sawyer, 7 Water's row
Stewart, Joseph J., steward, 47 Raborg
Stewart, Julia, laundress, 194 York
Stewart, Louis, wagoner, 82 Morris al
Stewart, Louisa, laundress, 80 Welcome al
Stewart, Louisa, laundress, 37 Chestnut al
Stewart, Lizzie, laundress, 37 Chestnut al
Stewart, Lewis, hay suckster, 53 Union
Stewart, Margaret, 115 Harford av
Stewart, Maria, 166 n Front
Stewart, Mary Ann, 295 Hamburg
Stewart, Philip, porter, 170 Millikin
Stewart, Robert, laborer, 30 Biddle al
Stewart, Sarah, laundress, 117 York
Stewart, Sarah, laundress, 56 Williamson al
Stewart, Thomas, porter, 47 St. Paul
Stewart, Violetta, 206 Raborg
Stewart, Wm., teamster, 201 Vine
Stewart, Wm., carter, 55 Williamson al
Stewart, Wm., woodsawyer, Pearl al
St. Benedict;s Catholic School, 83 Bank
St. Francis (colored) School, Richmond, opposite park
St. James (Episcopal colored church) s e cor North and Saratoga
St. Thomas Protestant Methodist Church, Chestnut betw Hillen and French
Stricker, Peter, drayman, 77 Josephine
Stricker, Samuel, laborer, 89 Hill
Strickland, Samuel, mariner, 30 Burgundy al
Stiner, Henry, blacksmith, 20 Greenwillow
Stocks, Henry, laborer, 2 Half Moon al
Stokes, Henry,m woodsawyer, 81 French
Stout, Emory, blacksmith, 66 East
Stubbs, Ellen, laundress, 42 n Sharp
Stump, Margaret, 48 Lewis
Stoyer, Louis, laborer, 7 Hagar's ct
Sudgicks, Daniel, carter, 243 L. Hughes
Sue, Edward, laborer, 31 Douglas
Sugar, Benjamin, laborer, 60 Carlton
Sullivan, Elizabeth, tailoress, 147 Low
Sullivan, Henry, 107 s Spring
Sullivan, Joshua, laborer, 75 Elbow la
Sullivan, John, drayman, 45 East
Summer, Isaac, caulker, 15 Iron al
Summerville, Margaret, laundress, 15 Wayne
Summerville, Robert, bartender, 25 Elbow la
Suter, Benjamin, teamster, 14 s Liberty
Suter, Eliza, laundress, 14 s Liberty
Suter, Washington, mariner, 14 s Liberty
Sutton, Gabriel, grain runner, rear of 135 Hill
Sutton, John, brickmaker, Chestnut
Sutton, Mary A., laundress, 13 Raborg
Sutton, Richard, whitewasher, 4 Fulton al
Swann, Amelia, laundress, 136 n Spring
Sye, Charles, grain runner, 84 Burgundy al
Sye, James, drayman, Welcome al nr Sharp
Syer, James, drayman, 107 Welcome al
Sythe, Edward, waiter, 98 St. Paul
Taylor, Mary, laundress, 32 L. Monument
Taylor, Milly A., laundress, 24 Haw
Taylor, Moses, laborer, 15 Biddle ct
Taylor, Rachel, 158 s Bethel
Taylor, Rachel, 135 s Bethel
Taylor, Richard, hod carrier, 5 Dawson al
Taylor, Robert, mariner, 32 Wayne
Taylor, Samuel, laborer, 110 Sarah Ann
Taylor, Thomas, laborer, 112 n Dallas
Taylor, Wm, bricklayer, 46 Peirce
Taylor, Wm, A., mariner, 31 Rose
Taylor, Wm, F., caulker, 53 s Dallas
Teakle, Henry, waiter, 106 Tyson
Teakle, Geo., drayman, 62 Welcome al
Tender, Eliza, laundress, 44 Douglass
Tellman, Nathan, whitewasher, 119 n Spring
Tenney, Geo., cook, 5 Salisbury al
Test, Harriet, laundress, 52 Lewis
Thomas, Abraham, 161 Sarah Ann
Thomas, Adam, caulker, 109 s Bethel
Thomas, Anne, seamstress, 2 Leadenhall
Thomas, Benj., sawyer, 64 L. Church
Thomas, Benj., waiter, 321 n Howard
Thomas, Caroline, washerwoman, 12 Tyson
Thomas, Charles, whip sawyer, 26 s Dallas
Thomas, Chas, M., waiter, 47 State
Thomas, Chloe, cook, 61 Cross
Thomas, David, caulker, 15 Herring's ct
Thomas, David, porter, 82 L. Church
Thomas, David, Wilmore al
Thomas, Deborah, laundress, 37 Tyson al
Thomas, Edward, drayman, 23 China
Thomas, Eliza, washerwoman, 38 Haw
Thomas, Elizabeth, chambermaid, 167 York
Thomas, Emily, 215 Hamburg
Thomas, Ephraim, laborer, 64 s Dallas
Thomas, Francis, cook, 2 Leadenhall
Thomas, Frederick, grain measurer, 31 Booth
Thomas, Gariah, carter, 58 Sarah Ann
Thomas, Garrison, grain measurer, 261 Montgomery
Thomas, Geo., teamster, 62 Sarah Ann
Thomas, Hazel, drayman, 31 Raborg
Thomas, Henry, laborer, 52 Park
Thomas, Henrietta, laundress, 1 Ulrick
Thomas, Hezekiah, barber, 5 Ross
Thomas, Isaac, hostler, 85 French
Thomas, James, caulker, 11 s Dallas
Thomas, James H., laborer, 64 L. Church
Thomas, James, brickmaker, 333 s Howard
Thomas, John, laborer, 81 s Dallas
Thomas, John, brickmaker, 18 Wagon al
Thomas, John, brickmaker, rear of 81 Watson
Thomas, John, grain measurer, 142 York
Thomas, John, drayman, 70 Elbow la
Thomas, John, drayman, 32 Peach al
Thomas, John, fireman, 65 Plum
Thomas, John, drayman, 32 China
Thomas, John, sawyer, 5 Ross
Thomas, Joseph, feed, 209 s Howard
Thomas, Joseph, laborer, 72 Burgundy al
Thomas, Julia, laundress, 111 n Dallas
Thomas, Leah, 45 n Sharp
Thomas, Levin, wagoner, Park nr., Lexington
Thomas, Margaret, 204 s Durham
Thomas, Mary, 111 Low
Thomas, Mary, 25 State
Thomas, Mary, cook, 130 York
Thomas, Paul, waiter, 25 State
Thomas, Perry, porter, 36 Chestnut
Thomas, Perry, mariner, 33 State
Thomas, Rachel, 15 Park
Thomas, Richard, brickmaker, 75 Leadenhall
Thomas, Sarah, laundress, 168 Tyson
Thomas, Seth, 233 Orleans
Thomas, Shadrach, teamster, 6 Cecil
Thomas, Solomon, laborer, 210 s Caroline
Thomas, Stephen, laborer, 12 Greenwillow
Thomas, Thomas, laborer, 5 George al
Thomas, Walter, fireman, 22 Wayne
Thomas, Thomas, mariner, 212 s Durham
Thomas, Thomas, laborer, 20 s Dallas
Thomas, Wesley, laborer, 78 Burgundy al
Thomas, Wm., caulker, 160 s Dallas
Thomas, Wm. H., stevedore, 38 Lewis
Thomas, Wm., laborer, 10 Stockton al
Thomas, Wm., drayman, 43 n Sharp
Thomas, Wm., drayman, 6 Temple
Thomas, Wm, G., drayman, 106 St. Mary
Thomas, Wm., caulker, 109 s Bethel
Thompson, Amarilla, herbalist, 20 Short
Thompson, Alexander, hod carrier, Patterson's la
Thompson, Amelia, laundress, 47 s Howard
Thompson, Andrew, caulker, 252 s Dallas
Thompson, Anna, huckstress, 209 Dover
Thompson, Catherine, laundress, 209 Dover
Thompson, Charles Alex, mariner, 84 Marion
Thompson, Charles, press feeder, 91 North
Thompson, Daniel, cooper, 120 Stirling
Thompson, Diana, huckstress, Patapsco alley near Charles
Thompson, Elizabeth, laundress, 243 L. Hughes
Thompson, George, sawyer, 63 Jasper
Thompson, Henry, laborer, 224 Chestnut al
Thompson, Henry, laborer, 215 Hamburg
Thompson, Isaac, grain runner, 42 L. Pleasant
Thompson, Isaiah, hostler, 15 Mechanic's ct
Thompson, James, porter, 91 Chestnut
Thompson, James, engineer, 91 North
Thompson, James, waiter, 231 s Eutaw
Thompson, John, porter, 321 n Howard
Thompson, John, porter, 68 Welcome al
Thompson, John, blacksmith, 103 King
Thompson, John H., laborer, 64 Welcome al
Thompson, John, W.H., waiter, 63 Jasper
Thompson, John, sailor, 97 s Bethel
Thompson, Joseph, brick moulder, 243 Little Hughes
Thompson, Joshua, drayman, 39 Douglas
Thompson, Joshua, waiter, rear of 47 King
Thompson, Lewis, 27 Harmony la
Thompson, Lucy, 120 s Spring
Thompson, Margaret, seamstress, 7 Hammond al
Thompson, Mary A., 13 Herring ct
Thompson, Mary A., huckstress, Patapsco al, near Charles
Thompson, Melinda, 44 Marion
Thompson, M., chambermaid, 121 Hill
Thompson, Nicholas, tavern, 34 w Lombard, dw 127 Baltimore
Thompson, R., laborer, 230 Hanover
Thompson, Rosina, 91 North
Thompson, Wesley, laborer, 44 Haw
Thompson, Wm., laborer, 13 Jordan al
Thompson, Wm., grain runner, 103 King
Thompson, Willis, steward, 32 Forrest
Thompson, Wm., mariner, 44 Marion
Thompson, Wm, H., barber, 63 Chatsworth
Thornton, Mary A., 59 Davis
Tidens, Elizabeth, seamstress, 189 Henrietta
Tidings, Wm., porter, 41 Arch
Tiernan, Patrick H., barber, 66 Chatsworth
Tiernan, Patrick, clothing repairer, 66 Chatsworth
Tilbert, Francis, laborer, 101 Low
Tilghman, Arthur, laborer, 57 s Dallas
Tilghman, David, oyster shucker, 210 Hamburg
Tilghman, Eliza, dressmaker, 186 Harford av
Tilghman, Henry, drayman, 17 Short
Tilghman, James H., laborer, 38 n Sharp
Tilghman, James H., laborer, Spruce al
Tilghman, John, laborer, 14 Lewis
Tilghman, John, grain measurer, 210 Hamburg
Tilghman, John, laborer, rear of 147 York
Tilghman, Joseph, coachman, 187 Chatsworth
Tilghman, Michael, laborer, 64 East
Tilghman, Wm., grain measurer, 207 Hamburg
Tilghman, Wm., laborer, 12 Lester
Tilghman, Wm., grain measurer, 142 York
Tilghman, Wm., boatman, 22 Forrest
Tilson, Theodore, oyster shucker, 211 Hamburg
Tilman, Nathaniel, whiyewasher, 8 Short
Timmons, Thomas, boatman, 31 Jew al
Tightman, Otto, laborer, 57 n Dallas
Tittle, Mary J., chambermaid, 194 Henrietta
Todefield, Wm., 5 Short
Tolson, Eliza, cook, 9 X al
Tolson, Betsey, laundress, 9 X al
Tolson, Daniel, grain measurer, 30Peach al
Tolson, Daniel, porter, Hamburg near Leadenhall
Tolson, Emory, carter, 182 s Howard
Tolson, James, carter, 73 L. Church
Tolson, James H., grain measurer, 225 Dover
Tolson, John, grain runner, 182 s Howard
Tolson, Perry, waiter, 243 Dover
Tolson, Wm., grain runner, 182 s Howard
Tompkins, Eliza, cook, 83 Moore's al
Tona, Nathan, laborer, 4 s Dallas
Toodles, Simon, porter, 10 Cecil
Toogood, Edward, huckster, 110 n Central av
Toogood, Henry, laborer, 114 Elbow la
Toogood, Mrs. Julia, laundress, 86 Dover
Toogood, Mary, huckstress, 73 Welcome al
Toogood, Philip, laborer, 124 Cider al
Toogood, Priscilla, laundress, 50 Haw
Toomey, Joshiah , H.G., barber, 13 s Calvert, dw 70 Vine
Topman, Charles, drayman, 50 Union
Topping, Rebecca, 223 w Biddle
Trader, Henry, whitewasher, Beale's ct
Travers, Edward, sexton, 243 s Howard
Travers, Ephraim, laborer, 206 Hamburg
Travers, Francis, caulker, 89 Leadenhall
Travers, Isabella, 15 Wayne ct
Travers, James, fruit dealer, 132 Central av
Travers, John, laborer, 165 York
Travers, Joseph, cutler, 16 Short
Travers, Joseph, brass finisher, 13 Short
Travers, Levi, coachman, 46 East
Travers, Robert, mariner, 202 s Dallas
Travers, Samuel, 156 s Spring
Travers, Wm., oyster shucker, 142 York
Travis, Frank, drayman, 253 Montgomery
Travis, Hester, laundress, 289 s Eutaw
Travis, Mary J., cook, 8 Short al., F.H.
Travis, Rececca, seamstress, 253 Montgomery
Tripp, Chas. D., grainmeasurer, 112 Henrietta
Tripp, Harrison, porter, 115 Sarah Ann
Tripp, Richard, drayman, 83 Union
Tripp, Samuel, grain measurer, 152 York
Truitt, Ambrose, drayman, 347 n Howard
Truitt, Elizabeth, cook, 13 Cecil
Truly, Levi, 14 Morris al
Trusty, Henry, whitewasher, 46 Jefferson
Trusty, John T., whitewasher, 130 Stirling
Trusty, Jonathan, stevedore, 190 s Bethel
Trusty, Saml., sexton, Sharp st. burial ground, colorel, 134 Stirling
Tubman, Evan, stevedore, 12 Salisbury al
Tubman, George, hod carrier, 34 s Dallas
Tubman, Hannah, 17 Herring's ct
Tubman, Jerry, whip sawyer, 38 Hill
Tubman, John T., stevedore, 76 Stiles
Tucker, James, sawyer, 91 Sarah Ann
Tucker, Jas. H., laborer, 38 L. Monument
Tucker, Wm. H., laborer, 91 Sarah Ann
Tunis, Wm., brickmaker, 89 Sarah Ann
Toomey, Harrick, 78 Orchard
Turner, Chas., oyster shucker, 59 Burgundy al
Turner, Elizabeth, 49 Burgundy al
Turner, Ellison, laborer, 64 L. Church
Turner, Frances,laundress, 7 Aisquith
Turner, Francis M., waiter, Eldon Hall
Turner, James, laborer, 74 Holiday
Turner, James H., drayman, 123 Low
Turner, Nancy, 630 Penna av
Turner, Thomas, grain measurer, 18 Short al
Turner, Thomas, mariner, 196 s Howard
Turner, Wm., oysterman, 47 Jefferson
Turner, Wm., laborer, 115 Elbow la
Turner, Wm., sawyer, 20 Herring's ct
Turpin, Eliza, laundress, 231 L. Hughes
Tydings, John, watchmaker, 113 Orchard
Tyler, Alice, house cleaner, Mechanic's ct
Tyler, Chas., brickmaker, 2 Dawson al
Tyler, Thomas, laborer, 41 Williamson al
Tyler, Wm., steward, Leandenhall nr. Hamburg
Typen, Morris, laborer, 195 King
Tyson, Wm. T., waterman, 140 Hill
Uell, Thomas, waiter, 110 Henrietta
Umphries, Mary A., laundress, 24 Leadenhall
Uncles, Isaac H., blacksmith, 9 Gillimngham al
Union Baptist Church, Lewis near Orleans
Valentine, John, drayman, 10 Salisbury al
Valentine, Henry, waiter, 185 Henrietta
Vandiford, Deborah, laundress, 18 Tyson
Vanochey, Joseph, 104 Tyson
Vincent, Isaac, grain measurer, 67 Johnson
Vincent, Sarah J., laundress, 67 Johnson
Vodery, Nathaniel, seaman, 211 s Bethel
Waddy. Addison S., porter, 102 Light
Waddy, Addison, drayman, 59 China
Walker, Benj., carpenter, 7 Reese al
Walker, Mrs. Elizabeth, 203 Hamburg
Walker, Henry, grain measurer, 6 Leadenhall
Walker, James, waiter, 106 North
Walker, John H., mariner, 21 Sarah Ann
Walker, John, mariner, 165 n Dallas
Walker, John, mariner, 5 Philpot
Walker, Joseph, carter, 63 Sarah Ann
Walker, Mary J., laundress, 17 State
Walker, Richard, laborer, 201 Hamburg
Walker, Robert, drayman, 46 Lewis
Walker, Teresa, washer and ironer, 17 Marion
Walker, Wm., soldier, 101 s Bethel
Wallace, Ann, 200 s Bethel
Wallace, David, carter, 635 Penna av
Wallace, David, carter, 76 Chestnut
Wallace, Garrison, brickmaker, 3 Dawson al
Wallace, Greenbury, brickmaker, 8 Haw
Wallace, Henry A., huckster, 35 Plum al
Wallace, Henrietta, laundress, Jefferson-st ct
Wallace, Isabella, laundress, 186 Henrietta
Wallace, Jacob, drayman, 88 Cider al
Wallace, James H., scourer, 20 Jefferson ct
Wallace, John W., brickmaker, 71 Leadenhall
Wallace, John, laborer, 2 Fulton al
Wallace, Kate, 14 Short al
Wallace, Lemuel, fisherman, 177 s Dallas
Wallace, Richard, laborer, 251 s Eutaw
Wallis, Stephen, brickmaker, 78 Watson
Wally, Richard, grain runner, 2 Walnut al
Walters, Gilbert, mariner, 1 Douglas
Walters, Israel, laborer, rear of 47 King
Walters, Mary, 144 s Durham
Walters, Mary L., 176 s Dallas
Walton, Caroline, laundress, 22 Union
Walton, Hester A., laundress, 17 Walnut al
Walton, Mary J., confectionery, 78 East
Walton, John H., drayman, 78 East
Walton, Lucy, laundress, 30 Vine
Wangers, H. Jenkins, porter, 287 Hamburg
Ward, Alexander, sawyer, 92 Chestnut
Ward. Charles, waiter, 41 State
Ward. Charles, oyster shucker, 1 Marion
Ward. Daniel, oysterman, 59 Carlton
Ward, Harriet, laundress, 89 Gravel al
Ward. Perry, wagoner, 92 Chestnut
Ward, Sophia, laundress, 41 State
Ward, Wm. W., steward, 7 Painter's ct
Ware, John, drayman, 109 Welcome al
Warfield, Ann, laundress, 23 Douglas
Warfield, Adam, stevedore, 204 s Dallas
Warren, Adam, whitewasher, 94 Dover
Warren, Joseph, whitewasher, 64 Moore al
Warren, Milly, 46 L. Church
Warren, Washington, laborer, 62 Welcome al
Warfield, Wm, H., laborer, 19 Chestnut al
Warrick, James, drayman, 84 Moore al
Warner, Isaac, farmer, Jefferson nr Van Buren, Homestead
Warner, Jacob, waiter, 160 East
Warner, Robert, whitewasher, 303 s Howard
Warner, Elijah, drayman, 13 Eutaw ct
Warrington, John, mariner, 7 L. Church
Warwick, Harriet, cook, 27 Jordan al
Washington, Chas. H., drayman, 100 St. Mary
Washington, Felix. brickmaker, Leadenhall nr Hamburg
Washington, Frederick, drayman, 42 n Dallas
Washington, George, laborer, 21 Arch
Washington, George, laborer, 11 Chestnut
Washington, George, wagoner, 128 Dover
Washington, George, mariner, 31 Guilford al
Washington, George, soldier, 65 Sarah Ann
Washington, Joshua, porter, 69 Union
Washington, Lewis, drayman, 81 n Spring
Washington, Richard, porter, 100 St. Mary
Water, Benjamin, waiter, 31 n Howard
Water, Jerry H., porter, 30 Elbow
Waters Chapel (colored) Spring bet Jefferson and McElderry
Waters, Edward, coahcman, 51 L. Monument
Waters, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 14 n Dallas
Waters, Elizabeth, seamstress, 107 Tyson
Waters, Elisha, drayman, 16 s Dallas
Waters, Eliza, 24 s Dallas
Waters, George, brickmaker, rear 64 Mulberry
Waters, George, mariner, 212 L. Hughes
Waters, Hannah, 196 Raborg
Waters, Henry, boatman, 131 s Spring
Waters, Isaac, waiter, 8 State
Waters, James, waiter, 173 Tyson
Waters, Lavinia, 51 n Dallas
Waters, Major, huckster, 133 York
Waters, Philip, carter, 28 Booth
Waters, Preston, grain runner, 49 L. Pleasant
Waters, Spencer, hod carrier, 11 Cecil
Waters, Wm, drayman, 108 Harford av
Waters, Wm, waiter, 8 State
Waters, Wm, H., laborer, 340 n Howard
Watkins, Andrew, soldier, 5 Spring Garden av
Watkins, Daniel, hod carrier, 10 Cecil
Watkins, Edward, steward, 15 Haw
Watkins, Emanuel, 2 Bethel ct
Watkins, George, teacher, 24 Tessier
Watkins, George, drayman, 108 North
Watkins, Isaac B., laborer, 10 Richmond
Watkins, James, laborer, 3 Spring Garden av
Watkins, John D., laborer, 5 Moore al
Watkins, John, laborer, 288 Raborg
Watkins, Joseph, 108 Jasper
Watkins, Joseph, drayman, 3 St. James
Watkins, Mary, laundress, 9 Harmony la
Watkins, Samuel, whitewasher, 27 Union
Watkins, Thomas, porter, 86 Stiles
Watkins, Wesley, 108 Jasper
Watson, John, butcher, 36 Walnut al
Watts, Alexander, brickmaker, 208 Hamburg
Watts, Ann, nurse, 100 Henrietta
Watts, David, farmer, 163 York
Watts, Harriet, laundress, 32 Haw
Watts, Henry, wagoner, 41 Park
Watts, Ignatius, laborer, 103 Jasper
Watts, James, porter, 4 Ivy al
Watts, Jeremiah, porter, 317 s Howard
Watts, John, cook, 178 s Bethel
Watts, Nelson, sawyer, 79 L. Church
Wayman, Rev. Alexander, 95 North
Wayman, Rev. Robert F., 133 s Dallas
Wealthy, John, sawyer, 4 s Eden
Weary, Jeremiah, drayman, 317 s Howard
Weaver, Harriet, 56 Davis
Weaver, John, barber, 70 Vine
Weaver, Thomas, porter, 291 Hamburg
Weaver, Wm., stevedore, 221 s Howard
Webb, Brisco, mariner, 17 Philpot
Webb, Catilla, washerwoman, 11 Hagar's ct
Webb, George, waiter, 75 Arch
Webb, Harrison, school teacher, 21 Neighbor
Webb, Rev. Harrison, 10 Low
Webb, Margaret, laundress, 40 Low
Webb, Mary, seamstress, 40 Low
Webb, Peter, coachman, 15 Harrison
Webb, Rachel A., 51 Carlton
Webb, Wm., stevedore, 221 s Howard
Webster, Aquilla, cigar maker, 71 Saratoga
Webster, David, waiter, 48 St. Mary
Webster, Georgianna, laundress, 35 Burgundy al
Webster, Isaac, porter, 239 s Howard
Webster, Joseph, laborer, 307 s Howard
Webster, Martha A., cook, 3 Cider al
Webster, Sophia, laundress, 183 Dover
Webster, Wm., mariner, 205 Hamburg
Webster, Rosana, laundress, Stump alley nr Conway
Weeden, Ellen, 250 L. Hughes
Weeden, John H., soldier, 250 L. Hughes
Weeks, Benj, F., waiter, 70 Burgundy al
Weeks, Burton, grain measurer, 272 s Howard
Weeks, Caleb, laborer, 146 n Dallas
Weeks, Celia, cook, 2 Arcade al
Weeks, Eleanora, laundress, rear of 26 Raborg
Weeks, John H., drayman, 30 Vine
Weeks, Mary V., 70 Burgundy al
Weeks, Patience, 29 Jew al
Weil, Henrietta, huckstress, 90 L. Church
Weil, James, cook and steward, 12 Douglas
Weiser, Theodore, laborer, 2 Hagar's ct
Welch, Elizabeth, 73 Burgundy al
Welch, Joseph, caulker, 30 s Dallas
Welch, Joseph, grain measurer, 50 Sarah Ann
Wells, Elizabeth, laundress, 6 Boyd
Wells, George, carter, 38 n Spring
Wells, George M., laborer, 279 s Eutaw
Wells, George P., steward, 75 Dover
Wells, Henrietta, 61 Orchard
Wesley, John, carter, 71 Leadenhall
Wesley, John, waiter, 25 Clay
Wesley, Thomas W., herb doctor, 48 Moore al
Wesley, Wm., brickmaker, 47 Burgundy al
Wesley, Wm., laborer, 2 Albert al
West, Anthony, whitewasher, 138 Sarah Ann
West, George, laborer, 69 Sarah Ann
West, Hanson, laborer, 98 St. Mary
West, James L., 2 X al
Western Chapel, Division near Baltimore
Weston, Peter, coachman, 53 State
Wever, Warner, laborer, 322 Hamburg
Wey, Thomas, laborer, 21 Jenkins la
Wheatley, Edward, mariner, 303 Eastern av
Wheatley, Levin, mariner, 138 s Caroline
Wheatley, Fanny, 3 Edward
Wheatley, Henry, whitewasher, 45 L. Pleasant
Wheeler, Andrew, drayman, 160 s Eutaw
Wheeler, Charles, farm laborer, 29 Jew a;
Wheeler, David, brickmaker, 157 York
Wheeler, Isaiah, laborer, 28 Short
Wheeler, James, laborer, 86 Leadenhall
Wheeler, James, whitewasher, 68 Orchard
Wheeler, Joseph, confectioner, 10 Short
Wheeler, Mary Ann, 40 Jordan al
Wheeler, Mary, laundress, 10 Short
Wheeler, Richard, brickmaker, 217 s Durham
Wheeler, Rosetta, laundress, 25 Walnut al
Wheeler, Susan, 36 Jefferson
Whetta, Nancy, 11 China
Whitaker, James, laborer, 22 s Dallas
White, Asbury, caulker, Granby nr s Exeter
White, Caroline, dressmaker, Granby near s Exeter
White, Charles, porter, 7 Saratoga ct
White, Charles W., drayman, 313 s Eutaw
White, Daniel, caulker, 115 s Bethel
White, Galen, carter, 208 Dover
White, Harriet, laundress, rear of 40 Hill
White, Henry, drayman, 181 s Dallas
White, Isaac, 63 n Dallas
White, James, porter, 6 Vine
White, James W., 288 s Howard
White, John, hod carrier, 110 Sarah Ann
White, John, caulker, 78 s Spring
White, John, oysterman, 3 Philpot al
White, Joseph, caulker, 4 s Durham
White, Levi, huckster, 43 Guilford al
White, Mary, 394 n Gay
White, Mary, 15 Douglass
White, Richard, caulker, 4 Chestnut
White, Robert, laborer, 10 Lester ct
White, Samuel,laborer, laborer, 107 King
White, Susan, laundress, 32 L. Monument
White, Thomas, barber, Tyson, dw 106 Jasper
White, Wm, caulker, 172 s Dallas
White, Wm, laborer, rear of 96 Chestnut
White, Wm, laborer, 219 Vine
White, Wm, H., coachman, 92 Dover
White, Ruth, 67 Davis
White, Wm, V,m laborer, 92 Holiday
Whittington, Ellen, 108 s Vhapel
Whittington, George, 50 Williamson al
Whittington, Gracey, 93 North
Whitting, Stephen, 50 Williamson al
Whittington, Wm, carter, 45 Moore al
Wicks, Abraham, porter, 17 Plover al
Wicks, Augusta, laundress, 27 Ross
Wicks, Elizabeth, laundress, 27 Ross
Wilkins, Geo. W., laborer, 32 Burgunudy al
Wilkins, John, porter, 8 Low
Wilkinson, John, mariner, 106 s Bethel
Wilkinson, Wm, porter, 79 Welcome al
Wilks, Edmund, porter, 15 Jew al
Wilks, Mary, cook, 210 Hamburg
Wilks, Wm, porter, 123 Welcome al
Wilks, Wm. E., cooper, 7 Saratoga
Williams, Abraham, 177 Mullikin
Williams, Alexander, cook, 33 Forrest
Williams, Alex, laborer, 80 Burgundy al
Williams, Alex, waiter, 33 Forrest
Williams, Alfred, 4 McElderry's ct
Williams, Amelia, 596 Saratoga
Williams, Amelia, huckster, 44 Forrest
Williams, Andrew, cook, 81 Burgundy al
Williams, Ann M., cook, 120 Jasper
Williams, Ann, seamstress, 181 Henrietta
Williams, Annie, 169 s Durham
Williams, Anthony, pedler, 14 Leadenhall
Williams, Archibald, hay, 19 Tessier
Williams, Arnold, fireman, 12 Dawson al
Williams, Benj, fisherman, 12 Dawson al
Williams, Caroline, 23 L. Monument
Williams, Charles, coachman, 23 L. Monument
Williams, Charles, waiter, 8 Patapsco av
Williams, Charles E., laborer, 17 Cider al
Williams, Charles, laborer, 31 Guilford al
Williams, David, waiter, 5 Eutaw ct
Williams, David, laborer, 129 Tyson
Williams, Elias, whitewasher, 60 s Dallas
Williams, Eliza, washerwoman, 45 s Sharp
Williams, Eliza, laundress, Chestnut al near Pine
Williams, Elizabeth, laundress, 27 Biddle al
Williams, Eliza, 15 Tyson al
Williams, Edward, coachman, 101 Jasper
Williams, Edward, carter, 41 Burgundy al
Williams, Elizabeth, washerwoman, 82 Gravel al
Williams, George, shoemaker, 8 Cohen al
Williams, George E., waiter, 23 L. Monument
Williams, George H., laborer, 4 X al
Williams, George, drayman, 12 Elbow la
Williams, George, drayman, 62 St. Mary
Williams, George, 48 Elbow la
Williams, George, 26 Raborg
Williams, George, laborer, 10 Temple
Williams, Harriet, laundress, 55 Walnut al
Williams, Harriet, washerwoman, 5 Eutaw ct
Williams, Harriet, 46 Tyson
Williams, Harriet, laundress, 241 s Howard
Williams, Henry, hackman, 14 Low
Williams, Henry, laborer, 32 Shakpear
Williams, Henry, laborer, 1 Penna av
Williams, Henry, soldier, 72 Josephine
Williams, Hannah, 2 Jordan al
Williams, Henry, steward, 54 Short
Williams, Henry, laborer, 71 East
Williams, Henry, carter, 127 n Spring
Williams, Hester, laundress, Stone alley near Biddle
Williams, Hope, porter, 241 s Howard
Williams, Horace, mariner, 36 Davis
Williams, Jacob, laborer, 96 Elbow la
Williams, James, brickmaker, 28 Booth
Williams, James, waiter, 18 Jasper
Williams, James, drayman, 108 Scott
Williams, James, drayman, 14 Sarah Ann
Williams, James A., whitewasher, 58 Perry
Williams, James, porter, 116 Hill
Williams, James, carter, 381 Harford av extended
Williams, Jesse, drayman, 221 Dover
Williams, John, 20 Biddle al
Williams, John G., barber, 179 York
Williams, John B., waiter, 64 Dover
Williams, John, driver, Dewberry al nr Baltimore
Williams, John W., mariner, 54 s Dallas
Williams, John, l aborer, 90 Central av
Williams, John W., stevedore, 26 Slemmer al
Williams, John J., barber, 247 Light
Williams, John, wagoner, 78 Forrest
Williams, John, laborer, 19 Marion
Williams, Joseph, 28 Edward
Williams, Joshua, grain runner, 34 Vine
Williams, Josiah, fireman, 137 York
Williams, Julia, cook, 12 Chestnut al
Williams, Julia Ann, 9 Patapsco av
Williams, Kesiah, laundress, 3 Arbor av
Williams, Kitty, 35 L. Monument
Williams, Leah, washerwoman, 4 Jew al
Williams, Leah, laundress, 11 Eutaw ct
Williams, Lewis, woodsawyer, 4 Bethel ct
Williams, Lloyd, oyster shucker, 60 Vine
Williams, Louis, laborer, 70 Chestnut
Williams, Louisa, laundress, 5 Bankert al
Williams, Louisa, washerwoman, 136 n Spring
Williams, Lydia, laundress, 46 Orchard
Williams, Louisa, laundress, 133 s Spring
Williams, Margaret, laundress, 55 Biddle al
Williams, Martha, Necessity al
Williams, Mary, confectionery, 134 n Caroline
Williams, Mary, laundress, 190 Stirling
Williams, Mary Jane, chambermaid, 138 York
Williams, Mary, laundress, 15 Cecil
Williams, Matilda, laundress, 224 Hanover
Williams, Monemia, 46 Tyson
Williams, Mrs. Nancy, cook, 48 Elbow la
Williams, Noah, tool sharpener, 30 Dover
Williams, Priscilla, nurse, 13 Jasper
Williams, Richard H., laborer, 14 Lester
Williams, Richard H., waiter, 40 Davis
Williams, Richard, porter, 23 L. Monument
Williams, Robert, laborer, 210 Dover
Williams, Robert, drayman, 21 Wayne
Williams, Rodney, coachman, 138 Orchard
Williams, Rosetta, 96 East
Williams, Samuel, brickmaker, 55 Wayne
Williams, Sarah, laundress, 52 Wayne
Williams, Sebastian B., barber, 136 Chestnut
Williams, Solomon, laborer, 210 s Caroline
Williams, Susan, laundress, 480 Harford av
Williams, Thos. , coachman, 55 L. Monument
Williams, Walter, mariner, 54 Forrest
Williams, Wm., mariner, 96 East
Williams, Wm., blacksmith, 207 s Howard
Williams, Rev. Wm., 162 East
Williams, Wm., carter, 86 Burgundy al
Willis, John, wagoner, 4 Lester ct
Wilmer, Mary J., 143 Chestnut
Wilmer, Mary, seamstress, 48 Tyson
Wilmore, Daniel, laborer, 52 L. Monument
Wilmore, Edward, waiter, 171 Sarah Ann
Wilmore, Henry, 28 s Bethel
Wilmore, John, drayman, 46 Orchard
Wilmore, John, laborer, 87 North
Wilmore, Amey, 47 Tyson al
Wilmot, Randall, mariner, 213 Mullikin
Wilmore, Rebecca, 54 Davis
Wilson, Anna, 80 East
Wilson, Anna, 192 s Dallas
Wilson, Anthony, 86 East
Wilson, Ada, laundress, 141 York
Wilson, Arthur, drayman, 131 Hanover
Wilson, Benj., porter, 49 French
Wilson, Benj., laborer, 101 Harford av
Wilson, Charles, porter, 49 Frence
Wilson, B. Samuel, steward, 249s Charles
Wilson, Charles, restaurant, 50 Dallas
Wilson, Charles, mariner, 16 s Dallas
Wilson, Charles, laborer, 1 Union
Wilson, Charles, laborer, 5 Chestnut
Wilson, Charles, laborer, 5 Forrest
Wilson, Charles, grain measurer, rear of 47 King
Wilson, Charles, whitewasher, 50 Vine
Wilson, Charlotte, laundress, 158 s Durham
Wilson, Charity, 33 Ross
Wilson, Cassy, cook, 36 Tyson
Wilson, Casdsandra, 6 Lester ct
Wilson, Daniel, stevedore, 51 Jefferson
Wilson, Eliza, laundress, 3 Tyson
Wilson, Elizabeth, teacher, 33 Ross
Wilson, Fredk, rags, 75 East
Wilson, George, laborer, 13 Short
Wilson, Hannah, cook, 86 Cider al
Wilson, Mrs. Hannah, laundress, 62 Dover
Wilson, Harriet, 90 n Dallas
Wilson, Henry, furn. wagon, 92 n Spring
Wilson, Henry, caulker, 27 Regester
Wilson, Henry, oyster shucker, 172 Mullikin
Wilson, Hester, 73 s Chapel
Wilson, Hezekiah, waiter, 83 Welcome al
Wilson, Jacob, waiter, 272 s Howard
Wilson, Jacob, mariner, 181 York
Wilson, James, laborer, 34 Albert al
Wilson, James S., barber, Douglas 2d door w of Aisquith
Wilson, James, 16 Tyson al
Wilson, James, hackman, 16 Elbow la
Wilson, James, 67 n Dallas
Wilson, Jane, laundress, 13 Park
Wilson, Jane, laundress, 76 Burgundy al
Wilson, Jefferson, laborer, 59 Williamson
Wilson, Jeremiah, grain measurer, 112 Henrietta
Wilson, Jeremiah, mariner, 135 n Caroline
Wilson, Jesse, laborer, 316 Montgomery
Wilson, John, 194 s Chapel
Wilson, John, mariner, 141 York
Wilson, John, teamster, 15 Marion
Wilson, John W., laborer, 272 s Howard
Wilson, John, laborer, 4 Bath
Wilson, Levi, 75 Sarah Ann
Wilson, Lizzie, laundress, 217 Hamburg
Wilson, Lucy A, laundress, 34 Forrest
Wilson, Margaret, washerwoman, 116 n Dallas
Wilson, Mary, washerwoman, 2 Braddock al
Wilson, Mary, 32 Short
Wilson, Nancy, 28 Holland
Wilson, Rachel, laundress, 103 Tyson
Wilson, Robert, rear of 55 Lee
Wilson, Samuel, waiter, 13 Haw
Wilson, Samuel J., carter, 44 Vine
Wilson, Samuel, laborer, 52 Williamson al
Wilson, Sarah, 51 Short
Wilson, Shadrach, waiter, 86 Jasper
Wilson, Thomas, huckster, 39 Commerce, dw 210 Mullikin
Wilson, Wm., laborer, 190 s Dallas
Wilson, Wm. A, barber, 331 n Howard
Wilson, Wm, carter, 44 Vine
Wilson, Wm, clerk, 115 s Spring
Wilson, Wm. H., fireman, 62 Dover
Wilson, Wm, scowman, 91 n Dallas
Wilson, Wm, brickmaker, 57 s Bethel
Winder, Lucy, 14 Wayne
Winfield, Joseph, mariner, 79 L. Church
Wing, John, laborer, 209 Hamburg
Winsey, Wm. H., brickmaker, 116 e Fayette
Winson, James, laborer, 209 Hamburg
Winson, Perry, porter, 12 Raborg
Winters, Samuel, waiter, 284 s Howard
Wise, A.B., n e cor High and Watson
Wise, Mrs. Susan, 22 Wayne
Wisher, Charlotte, cook, 4 Harden's ct
Wisher, Isaac, brickmaker, 410 s Charles
Wolford, John, laborer, 9 Cecil
Wood, Alex, sr., waiter, 39 State
Wood, Alex, jr., waiter, 39 State
Wood, Joseph, waiter, 39 State
Wood, Wm. H., mariner, 39 State
Woodin, Edward, laborer, 141 York
Woodley, John J., grain measurer, 211 Hamburg
Woodland, Priscilla, cook, 37 Park
Woods, Benj, laborer, 2 Lester ct
Woods, Ellen, teacher, 27 East
Woods, Hiram, drayman, 233 Henrietta
Woods, Lizzie, laundress, 87 Hill
Woods, Stephen, porter, 108 Chestnut
Woods, Wm. H., laborer, 108 Chestnut
Woods, Wm., laborer, 5 Cecil
Woods, Zephaniah, drayman, 98 Stirling
Woodyard, Charles, hackman, 13 Jasper
Woodyard, Daniel, cooper, 11 Tyson al, dw 38 Park
Woodyard, Daniel, cooper, 38 Park
Woodyard, Sarah Ann, 118 Welcome al
Woolford, Bartholomew, carter, 182 Henrietta
Woolford, Emory, brickmaker, 182 Henrietta
Wordan, Jordan, sailor, 142 n Dallas
Worthington, Ann, 10 Jasper
Wright, Ann, 5 Gillingham al
Wright, Mrs. Ann M., cook, 62 Dover
Wright, Alfred, oyster shucker, 8 Cohen al
Wright, Benj, laborer, 631 Penna av
Wright, Caroline, laundress, 14 Raborg
Wright, Charles, mariner, 4 Short al
Wright, Charles,barber, 22 e Baltimore
Wright, George S., laborer, 10 Richmond
Wright, George, laborer, 31 McElderry ct
Wright, Harrison, stevedore, 110 n Dallas
Wright, Henrietta, 15 Water row
Wright, Isaac H., grain runner, 44 Union
Wright, Isaac, sawyer, 183 Dover
Wright, Julia, 9 Eutaw ct
Wright, Louisa, laundress, 5 Biddle al
Wright, Margaretm laundress, 12 Myer's ct
Wright, Richard, laborer, 7 Herring ct
Wright, Robert, barkeeper, 5 Gillingham al
Wright, Robert H., huckster, 85 s Sharp
Wright, Robt, whip sawyer, 8 Warren F.P.
Wright, Samuel, whitewasher, 108 St. Mary
Wright, Stephen, grain measurer, 44 Union
Wright, Thomas whip sawyer, 173 s Bethel
Wright, Wesley, 15 Short
Wright, Wm., brickmaker, 127 Dover
Wright, Wm., whip sawyer, 42 Jefferson
Wye, Philip, lumber wagoner, 188 s Bethel
Yeates, Arnold, porter, Tripolet al
Yock, John, 10 n Dallas
Young, Anna M., 17 Herring ct
Young, Benj, laborer, 56 East
Young, Cecelia, laundress, 8 Booth
Young, Elizabeth, 14 s Bethel
Young, Elizabeth, laundress, 27 East
Young, George, porter, 217 s Charles
Young, Harrison, laborer, 30 Hill
Young, Henry, laborer, 153 Low
Young, Ibby, 22 n Dallas
Young, Isaac, waiter, 145 n Caroline
Young, Jacob J., laborer, 25 East
Young, James, mariner, 38 Forrest
Young, James, laborer, 152 n Eden
Young, Jenkins, waiter, 72 Burgundy al
Young, John, brickmaker, 75 Leadenhall
Young, John S., mariner, 9 Stirling
Young, John S., laborer, 4 Dawson al
Young, John, waiter, 5 Salisbury al
Young, Joseph, laborer, 45 East
Young, Joseph, blacksmith, 27 Wayne
Young, Leonard, farmer, Winsor Mill road nr Fremont
Young, Louisa, 75 Leadenhall
Young, Mary, laundress, 9 Stirling
Young, Mary E., 64 Henrietta
Young, Michael, waiter, 94 St. Paul
Young, Nora S., washerwoman, 30 n Eden
Young, Robert, soldier, 217 s Charles
Young, Samuel, steward, 81 Hillen
Young, Somerset,laborer, 8 Booth
Young, Spencer, laborer, 295 s Eutaw
Young, Thomas, whitewasher, 199 Millikin
Young, Tilghman, drayman, 29 Wayne
Young, Wm. H., laborer, 166 Henrietta
Young, Wm. S., porter, 8 Booth
Zion (Meth. Epis.) African Church, s e cor Montgomery and Howard

Transcribed by Louis S. Diggs, 1998